Saturday, April 08, 2017

My EXIM life demolished by the USA

You don't realize how sensitive things have been for the past 1/2 century.
Hawaii and its corrupt people and govt. added a new dimension of security issues to my life. I did do everything that I could within reasonable legal limits to maintain peaceable relations.
I hope to make a short video soon. just to unpack the amount of damage that has been done by Hawaii as well as the East coast USA. It may take some time to sift through the international legalities that most Americans are oblivious to. Regardless, its no longer a childish game of the American bully hurting our international families and business connections. They have done so much damage, its time to have a zero tolerance policy across the globe.

I literally am pushed to my limit. And need some option In order to continue my life here in the States. American Blacks & whites as well as their arse kissing Asians and Latinos think Japan is there to be robbed financially and spiritually. and, they may be correct that Japan does it have the backbone to defend Japan's own people in front of an international audience.

The slander and ridicule from Hawaii govt. And its property owners and inhabitants is beyond facing a tsunami of diversified racism and sophomoric behaviors directed at an international platform of people. Even terrorists are more predictable and adept at international political negotiations.