Saturday, April 08, 2017

Me & EXIM - 5 points

1. In 1986, Japan changed its nationality requirements and I was a born citizen of Japan (jus sanguis, by blood). My biological mother was still a citizen of Japan until the late 1980's. And despite her naturalization to the usa, I retained Japanese citizenship rights beyond her becoming a citizen of the USA.
2. My biological Japanese grandfather, Kikuchi, Hirokatsu was a Japanese politician with a position that does not translate to an equivalent English title. As his granddaughter, I should have had some protection under the Vienna Convention.
        A. This is in addition to my training as a classical pianist and piano teacher from the European tradition Of Classical art music. The USA is no longer providing safe and secure enough platdorm for me to continue my art form. Something that was decided in order to forgo the foreign agents act due to my blood relation in Japan.
3.  Ill intentions of United States of America towards Japan and my position in life when I was still in elementary school. At age 7, my USA biological father (prior Usaf OSI 4th district) repeatedly told me I would grow up and have to be a thief or a terrorist in order to survive in the USA.
4. In 2001, the Patriot Act was passed. It adversely affected my 1st generation USA status and made me unemployable. In part due to the fact that I was given an English name and am a woman of mixed Asian and European ethnicities. In addition to normal racism, USA employers refused to hire me due to enforced racism and nationalism and decided to label me as a terrorist on their own terms for simply not being white.
5. In 2011 I attended APEC as a representative of the USA for a shipping meeting. This was due to international EXIM contacts held by my Japanese relatives who also support the Japanese government through their work.

From 2001-present The internal USA racism towards me and forced separation from my decent and respectable living affected many international perceptions within the EXIM connected business world. I did everything I could to support my life in the USA to this point considering the multiple attempts made by USA military, CIA,  & independent citizens to kill me. Since my USA father was USAF OSI he told me in 2006 that he could not protect me any longer since those who directly threatened my life were in CIA and did not agree with peaceable EXIM efforts. Additionally, USA racists and white supremacists as well as European and Rowse crucians made several attempts to murder me from 2005-2009 in Pennsylvania and New York.
I made every effort to preserve my life and spent all my available resources in order to do so.

I made it to Hawaii in 2009 and Japan in 2010. I stayed in Hawaii with intention of returning to the east coast of USA by 2012 after attending APEC Honolulu. I have remained in Hawaii for 5 years since APEC to see the finalizatio of the TPP. Everything in my life on hold taking a great amount of patience and frustration.

Currently with the New President, it seems the last 12 years of my life in the USA has been a futile effort. I currently have no income that provides safety and security as a private individual.

Most USA citizens seem to think that I and my EXIM role and relation to my grandfather, aunt, and uncles is something they can be substitute for. And that the immense danger that input myself in to work even a basic retail job or other common work is what I should do. The USA also seems to think that I am to behave and act as a typical USA status quo female and have admonished the safety and security that I require in order to live.

I am exhausted from the lack of valuable business colleagues. That is aside from the modern day American public acting as terrorists in relation to my Japanese heritage, with or without knowledge. That is also I addition to others of Japanese or Asian descent actively misinforming others in order to deliberately cause harm to my life.