Friday, April 21, 2017

Lesson at a Waikiki Steakhouse

Last night my friend I've known a few years and I went to a Waikiki steak house (I vegan/shojinryori had a salad & baked fries & wine) The friend was the only Caucasian customer in a room full of foreigners Chinese, Japanese, Korean tourists. The friend and I got in an argument because of their discomfort and didn't speak much to the server until meal was almost finished. Also over the service and alleged butterfly cut of their filet mignon. Total bill @$183 with tip = $200. The friend said the service was low and the Asians were being ripped off and they should go to Trump's BLT steakhouse where he would be more comfortable.
Today, I feel more lonely...way more lonely than before. Aside from continually gaining perspectives...this kind of life is depressing. Thing is, the friend happened to see me through the worst depression when I was forced to stay at the dojo on the mat.