Monday, April 17, 2017

Gentleman's clubs & Hostess Bars

The Honolulu night scene is scarce of low drama, city style clubs. However, the influx of foreign tourists and military still seek some respite and getaway from daily life.
I lost my job or simultaneously quit amidst the rising tension at one Honolulu night club. Despite the slew of laws, that generally go unenforced (even with regular L.C. inspections), the night & hostess club scene still sells drinks at a $20, $40, $80 and up to champagne VIP prices. The clubs take approximately 50% of the drink price.
Back in Fall 2016, several dozens of Japanese Navy sailors & some private Japanese citizens visited the club where I worked. They fulfilled the cover purchase and/or 2 drink minimum. However, the club owner had growing animosity as the group's of Japanese Navy sailors warded off the server asking them to "buy a drink for the lady." Many of the sailors said "no", and when repeatedly asked told the servers further that they were instructed not to buy drinks for women. In part, the local rules say it is an illegitimate practice when clubs sell drinks at high prices and keep a portion of the sale for themselves and pay the lady the other portion. So, over a period of several months, the Navy sailors who seemed to "check up on me" followed this rule. And, so did many Japanese tourist groups. This angered the club owner until their hostility about the perceived lost revenue  was directed at me in anger. It became so hostile I had to quit.