Saturday, April 22, 2017


When USA said that my siblings and I would have to "work our way up from the bottom" they meant the bottom as our graves.
The united states never intended to respect any Japanese based Asian interest. Despite my lengthy blog over the past 15 years and various posts that have since vanished from the old site. The United States of America and its democratic bodies and individuals have not provided a respectable and sufficient line of employment. Rather, the United States and its constituents have attempted to manipulate things further by:- 1.  forcing undesirable sexual employment on both my deceased brother and I. Both of us have in different timeline found the forced sex industry and its participants unsuitable to us.
2.  Not providing any business connection to more intellectual and business work, especially with higher IQ even in the state of Pennsylvania, as well as admonishing us to manual labor and least desirable employment. Also known as "working poor."
3.  They in Hawaii, including various masons and related groups have attempted to murder and harm me through direct and indirect persons.
4.  They have not offered what I consider to be a safe opportunity for employment. One where I am not tossing my personal information to the wind for less than suitable paying position that is not guaranteed. And, one where I can remain relatively independent.