Sunday, April 09, 2017

EXIM Perspective:- USA parents abuse Japanese girl at public schools & churches

Being made to stay in the USA was forced on me as a child. However, as a 1st generation American and USA citizen, there was no buffer or punishment from the brutality of other minor children and their teachers at the public schools I attended.
Protection of Foreign Children:-
To me, what it matters is that USA nationals who encourage their children to beat, bully, physically and emotionally abuse children of foreign descent should be held accountable. I think the parents should be held accountable for abuse of a "minority" child
Personal story:-
When I grew up in Quakertown Pennsylvania I attended Elementary School. My mother who is Japanese born and blood taught in my classroom at elementary school for a day of Japanese culture. The kids in my class had the opportunity to have their names written in hiragana Japanese writing by my mother. At the end of the day my classmates went home with their pieces of paper with their names written in Japanese. The following week was an onslaught of bullying being beaten on the playground taunted and completely ostracized from the rest of my school. The other students my classmates said it was because their parents said they didn't want any derogatory Japanese term person teaching their kids on so I was beaten period I was beaten with the teachers aides at recess turning their eyes or watching right in front of them within about ten or twelve feet of several kids more than half a dozen beat me up at recess period this became a regular bullying. There was nothing my mom or father could do in the community since they had no understanding of my father's American family. Now in hindsight as an adult I realize how entrapped I was in my own school district and community. It was impossible to make any type of report or even statement about this type of national discrimination and racial intolerance and corporal punishment within a Pennsylvania school public school. I realize in hindsight that they're also no human rights commissions and especially no Human Rights Commission that caters to anyone of international dual nationality status. That was back in the eighties when I was still pretween a dual citizen of Japan and the United States.