Saturday, April 08, 2017

EXIM @Hawaii April 2017

EXIM complete transparency

Recently, in March;- I went through great upheaval in living situation and financial support.
1. Local Japanese asked me to stay away from other particularly South-east Asian, Vietnamese, Korean, Philippine, and Chinese residents of Hawaii (who have green card, visa, or temporary residence or tourist status)
2. Personally, I cannot contend with the intense unwelcome sexual harassment that plagues the Hawaiian islands. For prior security, I tolerated it. Currently, I cannot trust the physical approaches and advances made in public. It is exhausting my healthy emotional state. Pushing me to have a nervous breakdown.
3. I feel that in have been coerced so that my life is again at risk. I already had 2009-2013 in court due to lethal attempts made on my life that Honolulu Police Department masked as less serious charges.
4. Due to Trump, many Caucasian men have become vocally angry and threatening at the predominantly Asian FOB establishment where I was employed since &January 2017.

September - December 2016
More than a dozen members of the Japanese Navy  found me where I had been able to make some income to pay basic bills & a small rental fee. They were scolding me, as if I have a suitable option here in the USA State of Hawaii. They were angry that the USA pushed me to this point of derogatory existence. One informed me that it was angering others in Japan.
They abided by the laws and chose not to witness me being disgraced publically. They left the establishment during that time (appx 15-20min). This behavior angered the owner of the establishment, my pay declined and was infrequent, and I was forced to seek employment in even worse conditions.