Sunday, April 16, 2017

America killing me...Japanese

Last night, an acquaintance became angry at me because of my poor situation in Hawaii. However, from my view, it is the fault of the USAF for assisting my father to bring my mother to the USA. Its not my fault the hospital workers deliberately killed my sister 4 years before my birth. Its not my fault my father had anti-Japanese friends whom my mother could not tolerate being around since she is from a political Japanese family.  My fathers friends have been extremely disrespectful to us all. They were always emotionally abusive to my mother despite her good demeanor outward. They took the money I needed to survive because my parents had to buy temporary compliments from my racist teachers. Then again  its also not my fault my father's more wealthy friends encouraged if not executed killing my brother and leaving his mangled carnage in our backyard. They tried to kill me after his death in 2005.
It also isn't my fault that I was in elementary school when  economy of Japan improved and the USA stocks went up in the 80's...before internet and day trading.
Americans are irrational. They think that because an overseas family has money--that Americans have zero responsibility to hire people like me. The fact is that there is a Foreign Agents Act that makes it illegal for me to receive money in America from my Japanese family. Thus, I am below poverty without welfare currently in Hawaii, USA.

In Hawaii:-- The fact is that many of  the local Hawaii citizens from China, Philipines, Hawaii, Vietnam, Korea to name a few are worse to me because they follow American Business style. That is their fault, not mine. because they knew I was here for a Vacation and they ruined my vacation. They ruined it and don't get a second chance at this point. They think running candy companies is everything, and don't know real other legitimate business requirements.

It was up to the USA to stay peaceable and allow me to live. Instead, they planned outright murder of my siblings and I. That defeats every security  agreement with USA  since WW2.

I have no home. No internationally respectable employment. And am forced to survive in the quagmire of Hawaii's most distasteful men. It is not enjoyable and I don't have any viable independent options  financially.

The USA has been horrible to me and then became worse over the past 12 years.

It it too tiresome to try to continue to survive on the USA side.