Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Japan on High Red alert

Just a note: with the events of past 7 days on island, as well as most recent NoKo missle scored at Japan.  I no longer have a place to live- I vacated the residence on Feb 28.
Starting March 1st 2017:-My car- lock compromised Monday, tire was compromised Tuesday, and engine compromised Tuesday night.

Trying not to post due to ground situation in States around the international Japanese related events. Some of my relatives in Japan working through war negotiations with China in the past decade. Personal NoKo issue was from when I was abducted @ Philadelphia area. In December 2002. My Japanese cousin abducted by NOKo from a Japanese beach in the 90's. The issues emerged due to the Patriot act and foul play by anti-Japanese employees of CIA.
My father ex-OSI told me he could not protect me any longer in 2006. 
Life in America/USA is nearly finished as there are few viable options to live.
Members ofJapanese Navy fleet have made it clear to me that the type of work that is available to me in Hawaii is disrespectful to Japan and angers Japan. however, they offer no money or way for me to live in the States. I understand & acknowledge instructions are as Agent of my Imperial Family.

Oahu &Honolulu- landownership by Korean, Filipino, Chinese, and Hawaiians has added to the issue of safe housing. That is Inaddition to environmental sensitivities to toxic mold and other related environmental factors.