Thursday, March 23, 2017

Allowance for my dead body?

Today, I was paying for a Japanese my diet plan --Tofu,
on sale for $1.39/lb. A grey haired Local man and a younger woman barged by me in about 2 ft. Of space including where I stood at the checkout station. I reacted by yelling because I was startled. And since the door they came through was an exit where more than a dozen registers were located with small 2" wide aisles, it was enough to cause concern that they may have intended to harm me. When I yelled, they stopped.  They apologized.

I screamed something to the affect about how rude people are in Hawaii and if everyone is this way its no wonder we had so many m-16's at the meeting.

As I left, unbeknownst to them and many people who think I should be college aged late 20's... I went to APEC in 2011 for EXIM a representing the USA. I vent here on this blog about my Hawaii experiences and security perceptions.

During the 2011 meeting in Honolulu a lot of fun, honest, and some criminal minded  partiers left the area and their apartments temporarily due to the presence of m-16's and security.  One local & Hawaii man was shot at a famous American fast food restaurant. Many local Hawaii residents were upset. While the trial was still in public eye,  a sniper/lawyer introduced himself to me as an attorney working kon the shooter's case. I never thought it was right, but the risk of international incidents being put on USA ground is serious.

In hindsight, the sniper/lawyer had his own business plans and really never intended to assist me. Especially since the issues that held me up and  had me crawling in to the  meeting instead of being 110% are too much for me to handle alone while still being barrages daily with local torture. So a sniper took down a local

  However, it makes me realize something about security, why is it ok for Hawaii State to allow such ill behaved local residents on a daily basis?

I felt very threatened by the couple at the checkout line. It felt  like they planned a dry run to kill me. I typically stay out of main public areas and it leaves for a dull an unproductive life in Hawaii. There have already been 3 attempts on my life that the immensely corrupt Honolulu Police Department didn't investigate properly to protect the local & military men involved. That does not include the 2009 abduction report that I need to file since I have low confidence in the HPD and have seen how they handled and assisted my assailants. I'm tempted to handle it in a more social way, not to air dirty laundry.

I'm writing not just because I'm upset, 6years after the 2011 APEC meeting I was prepped for in 2005/2006. But because Hawaii is clearly bent on controlling the world by being socially askew at every corner. Including the "couple doing a dry run" scenario at the checkout intending to slash my guts out.

Ugh... More stress, for me everyday.
I did come to Hawaii to vacation. I came to see if I could live here and "blend" a little more. I just absolutely hate a lot about how the people decide to be here. I now face an additional set back of  about 8years and more than politics have changed. I am fearing for my life, for my future, because I have played out this farce for 12 years in the USA. A lot needs to change in Hawaii State and the USA to ensure security. Its virtually impossible to demands that from the USA.
Just in my own immediate USA family - the hospital killed my sister, several attempts on my brothers life from kids breaking his leg at church to hit &run to his university mates dosing him, to his whites girlfriends coaxing him into gettinf jumped and beaten up by their white brothers and friends. Some days it would be the black neighborhoods and he would return home with bruises on his throat and face. Then there was his white Quakertown employer at Valley Precisio  telling my father my brother is "best off dead", a conversation I will never forget.

I am blogging this today, because I see the state of the world and USA. If I do wind up dead soon, as racist and nationalistic hostilities are becoming more prevalent from whites in Honolulu... I hope someone gets a small glimpse. I'm trying to survive the onslaught, while providing my viewpoint without pay or reward.
I have always believed that NOONE should have to live through these things like we did with my Mother being from a Japanese national security family from the Emporer's house. My parents ran the real rule book of legalities. I got noone who loves me my entire life...and all those who try to offer solace are weaker for not looking at what USA does and Change it to make it safer for more people.

Complete and utter emptiness as I read about the North Korean Nuclear threat.