Tuesday, March 28, 2017

DHS harsh in Cities, confiscate property

Philadelphia, PA - tightened security over a decade ago to compete with terrorist actions. Everyone who DJ were talking about the severity of having audience members carrying drugs into concerts and losing everything to unrelated strangers. in Honolulu, HI - they say that different syndicate members hold the properties where smuggled narcotics that infiltrate Hawaii are sold. Despite the open fact that there is a high percentage of new construction going on;- it remains a party favor of Aloha to the imported  construction workers from different parts of the USA.
wondering how the current Honolulu behaviors affect the following:
-Building Construction integrity-
-U.S. Gov. Not possessing the properties
-Terrorism with an open gateway from Asians
-is Hawaii syndicate the same as US Feds?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Allowance for my dead body?

Today, I was paying for a Japanese snack...off my diet plan --Tofu,
on sale for $1.39/lb. A grey haired Local man and a younger woman barged by me in about 2 ft. Of space including where I stood at the checkout station. I reacted by yelling because I was startled. And since the door they came through was an exit where more than a dozen registers were located with small 2" wide aisles, it was enough to cause concern that they may have intended to harm me. When I yelled, they stopped.  They apologized.

I screamed something to the affect about how rude people are in Hawaii and if everyone is this way its no wonder we had so many m-16's at the meeting.

As I left, unbeknownst to them and many people who think I should be college aged late 20's... I went to APEC in 2011 for EXIM a representing the USA. I vent here on this blog about my Hawaii experiences and security perceptions.

During the 2011 meeting in Honolulu a lot of fun, honest, and some criminal minded  partiers left the area and their apartments temporarily due to the presence of m-16's and security.  One local & Hawaii man was shot at a famous American fast food restaurant. Many local Hawaii residents were upset. While the trial was still in public eye,  a sniper/lawyer introduced himself to me as an attorney working kon the shooter's case. I never thought it was right, but the risk of international incidents being put on USA ground is serious.

In hindsight, the sniper/lawyer had his own business plans and really never intended to assist me. Especially since the issues that held me up and  had me crawling in to the  meeting instead of being 110% are too much for me to handle alone while still being barrages daily with local torture. So a sniper took down a local

  However, it makes me realize something about security, why is it ok for Hawaii State to allow such ill behaved local residents on a daily basis?

I felt very threatened by the couple at the checkout line. It felt  like they planned a dry run to kill me. I typically stay out of main public areas and it leaves for a dull an unproductive life in Hawaii. There have already been 3 attempts on my life that the immensely corrupt Honolulu Police Department didn't investigate properly to protect the local & military men involved. That does not include the 2009 abduction report that I need to file since I have low confidence in the HPD and have seen how they handled and assisted my assailants. I'm tempted to handle it in a more social way, not to air dirty laundry.

I'm writing not just because I'm upset, 6years after the 2011 APEC meeting I was prepped for in 2005/2006. But because Hawaii is clearly bent on controlling the world by being socially askew at every corner. Including the "couple doing a dry run" scenario at the checkout intending to slash my guts out.

Ugh... More stress, for me everyday.
I did come to Hawaii to vacation. I came to see if I could live here and "blend" a little more. I just absolutely hate a lot about how the people decide to be here. I now face an additional set back of  about 8years and more than politics have changed. I am fearing for my life, for my future, because I have played out this farce for 12 years in the USA. A lot needs to change in Hawaii State and the USA to ensure security. Its virtually impossible to demands that from the USA.
Just in my own immediate USA family - the hospital killed my sister, several attempts on my brothers life from kids breaking his leg at church to hit &run to his university mates dosing him, to his whites girlfriends coaxing him into gettinf jumped and beaten up by their white brothers and friends. Some days it would be the black neighborhoods and he would return home with bruises on his throat and face. Then there was his white Quakertown employer at Valley Precisio  telling my father my brother is "best off dead", a conversation I will never forget.

I am blogging this today, because I see the state of the world and USA. If I do wind up dead soon, as racist and nationalistic hostilities are becoming more prevalent from whites in Honolulu... I hope someone gets a small glimpse. I'm trying to survive the onslaught, while providing my viewpoint without pay or reward.
I have always believed that NOONE should have to live through these things like we did with my Mother being from a Japanese national security family from the Emporer's house. My parents ran the real rule book of legalities. I got noone who loves me my entire life...and all those who try to offer solace are weaker for not looking at what USA does and Change it to make it safer for more people.

Complete and utter emptiness as I read about the North Korean Nuclear threat.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Liability Security on EXIM Hawaii

If I were to give a general assessment of Hawaii, and the liability of having EXIM shipping company staffed here:--
🔼 Displayed Anti-American behavior with violence or weapons.
      Even humanitarian volunteers are politically biased and harbor personal angst. They knowingly enjoy the American freedom of criminal justice system and can exploit situations without significant repercussions even if caught. This adds to untrustworthy human support services after an attack on an individual in Hawaii on all levels.  Many favor certain groups, collectives, or gangs and harm individuals on a no-questions-asked basis. The prices to harm individuals ranges @ $50 to $3,000 USA on oahu. Due to island economics and preservation of existing business groups, it seems there is little to discourage the behavior of the The State.

🔼Lack of educated & clear English speaking immigrants and minorities in many employment positions.
   Creates unsafe environment from
Zero food labeling in Asian restaraunts to thefts of all and any personal and business data and information.

🔼No top notch NGO University or College with boarding school housing- ivy league
Lack of Ivy League higher education in the State of Hawaii does not bring the global intellectual culture to the island.

🔼After targeted attack, Hawaii agencies attempt to obtain sensitive contact information & location of EXIM family.

🔼Intended violation of professional women's Human Rights WITH COERCION AND FORCE from Federal, State, and local security/law employees.

🔼Most serious: Severe lack of political maturity or intent to do political harm to EXIM agent:- High number of service based immigrants view thise who visit the islands with EXIM contacts or family connections as an individual Cash cow  for their use. Group participation in extortion/ abduction/ blackmail are employed by the community after the person has been robbed or entrapment is en force. With dismay, individuals employed in Law enforcement or military are typically heads of small teams that cooperate in this manner where Immigrants and under educated can participate and retain social favor.

 🔼Military assailant attacks political target physically & or legally (with group of supportive military members)
🔼 Honolulu Police department allows the attack to happen while witnessing the event in entirety and without attempted intervention. Iowa they guard the door from any security help for EXIM agent.
🔼Honolulu police department threatens arrest of victim/ political target if they do not comply and fill out police report verbatim as dictated from police and then force victim to afford huge expense of unnecessary medical team.
🔼Hawaii Hospital attempted to extort relatives of adult  victim/ political target for payment of hospital bills.( extortion of other adult legal entities after obtaini g private contact information.)
Additionally hospital wanted life insurance policy of victim in full upon Emergency Room admission.
🔼🔼🔼🔼Victim is left out of investigative process and plaintiff is left to walk despite attempted felony offense of murder. 🔼🔼🔼🔼

✈Security officer has access to flight information of EXIM target arriving in Hawaii.

✈EXIM target is contacted prior to arrival in Hawaii by security officer & law enforcement.

✈🚅🚗Hawaii police/feds/law enforcement contact other organized crime groups in Hawaii to participate in harming EXIM agent/representative.

✈🚅🚗Further coercion of EXIM agent by HPD and connected individuals who stalk/ Entrap EXIM agent to be arrested if leaving Hawaii State to attend business matters.

✈🚨Social devastation and humiliation of female EXIM agent in front of international community through being forced out of legitimate work and steered towards strip clubs and coercion by local pimps and Madame who have legitimate contacts and properties in the Honolulu Community.

Local Hawaii State Residents approach:
Because Hawaii is a diverse community, many able bodied residents expect money to speak louder than anything. They want fast money constantly and use people, tourists, incoming business people as a means to their financial end to maintain life outside their otherwise legitimate means including security clearances.

There is immense sexism and high disrespect of professional women from outside of Hawaii.
USA Strip clubs would often enable a woman to afford to leave the island. They do not actually enforce the liquor commission laws and do not care the emotional and psychological damage that women who are trapped in Hawaii encur. Rather, it is a mix of drug afflicted American strip clubs, used to politically humiliate some women, and coerced prostitution due to punishment of the women rather than maintaining any sexual assault and harassment boundaries (not only in the strip clubs, but island wide in public & private)

Local Hawaii law enforcement supports of the local people who are anti-American and are involved in breaking Hawaii & US Federal laws that goes all the way to the court judges who attempt to enforce unconstitutional laws.

On the flip side, the law enforcement from the mainland and who are Caucasian, exhibit racist/ nationalistic bias due to EXIM agent/ business representative.

Drug Testing is a farce:-
In forming a company, the Hawaiian islands has educated me that the cocaine and drug use is hidden by both US military and local residents. This is due to the ease of paying off the drug labs in order to maintain their employment. Shipping employees from accounting to docks express the ease of life if they participate in drug use in the shipping & island industry. They claim it makes them trustworthy.

Court System
I have had issues with federal security secret service agent divulging my family connections to the Hawaii Organized Crime families. Near 2013  the US military prompted me with security to file a Temporary Restraining Order. Over 6 months the secret service agent fought the TRO due to employment conflict. In that 6 months the secret service agent filed lawsuit against my attorney for a name change when she married. Hawaii State family court judge refused to close the TRO unless I signed an unconstitutional document against my 1st amendment rights as an American born citizen.
Due to the severity of the Secret Service agent and financial devastation caused without reparations paid to me;- Hawaii State, its law enforcement and international organized crime forced me to be completely indigent. I have mostly survived from assistance of those from the East Coast USA.  I was no longer function as a decent Japanese woman due to the security conflict they caused collectively, starting 2009. My 1st call to police in May 2009.
Instead they have pushed me to the fringe where I undergo unwanted daily assaults in order to make minimal payments for my bills and food.
The open social humiliation has angered some in the Japanese Navy and other business and military who know my relation to modern Japan. They have made it clear to me, and as a result of other intervention I have been physically  attacked by others at the last places I have had to make money with some safety on Oahu without being forced off grid into Honolulu prostitution, which is illegal and intensely damaging to any EXIM position in future.

It is not that I survive to anger my family. I survive and Hawaii enjoys to humiliate me and try to force me into other unsuitable social/ political relationship with its legitimized crime members or those too inept to allow me to regain any EXIM business standing as I once acted as Expeditor as a step to my future role.
Since Donald Trump has been elected, and the most recent events since March 1st 2017;- I do not have secure basic housing that is clear of known biological agents.
Rules: maintain visual contact, etc...still hold since 2015 warning about attacks on my life from USA or Asia to affect the future EXIM politics.

The maturity of those around me in general public lends itself to elementary school politics rather than suitable business contacts. Hawaii state actually does not create a positive environment that I require for EXIM for me to live in any capacity.
It is known that my more engaged relatives are pushing to end Human trafficking in EXIM at a high level to protect Shipping liabilities due to terrorist concerns. Hawaii State and its private individuals have shown me they collectively refuse to participate at this level to prevent acts of  terrorism & prevent import or export of weapons of mass destruction.

I strongly believe that the old Hawaii State way of doing things has created numerous bad habits that are terrorist concerns. Despite my love of freedom of association, employing an independent  U.N. police force and some military force with immigration may assist in reducing terrorist threats and weapons of mass destruction from exit or entry through Hawaii State. Additionally suitable housing structure or accountability for the large number of homeless or displaced people due to biological agents in their homes who camp in tent communities near the shipping docks.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ohashi taste bad

今日、私が使った使い捨てのレストランの箸は、有毒物質が入っているように味わいました。 彼らはサラダ酢とココナッツミルクスープから濡れた後、非常に悪い味でした。 私は豆腐を少し食べたが、豆腐のほとんどをスープから取り除いた。 私は可能なgmoを食べるはずがありません。
Today, the disposable restaurant chopsticks I used tasted like they have toxic substance on them. It tasted very bad after they became wet from salad vinegar & coconut milk soup. I ate a few bites of tofu, but removed most of the tofu from the soup. I am not supposed to eat possible gmo.

Crazier than dog....&!,:

Musudan being only confirmed missile launched to make the flight path -- a secure alaska or remote Canadian post would be beneficial to north Korea without much challenge. An ample submarine fleet could provide the security. Needed for the transport and base launch pad for executing  more accurate North American targets.

Even with Thaad and over decade long missile development program that was underway... north Korea would benefit from being a more mobile force. Mobile, securing launch pads and being more hostile with more resources nearby.

Friday, March 17, 2017


They have African American Navy employees &/or contractors stalking Asian women in Hawaii. recently Simone inroduced one to me and I learned a few days later that they are also involved in sex trafficking & extremely dangerous.

Eliminate all unnecessary apps on phone
🔼use tracking through phone apps
Also may run down battery due to open apps from remote hack (even i-phone)
🔼hack stored messages
🔼Track through phones of contact
🔼use other women to spy, follow, isolate their target

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Get Hawahi out of Shipping

7 years of being abused by Hawaii state doesn't go unnoticed. To even thibgd out or to level the playing field;- play Hawaii local rules in Japan and beat them up, throw them in Job to negate their shipping and EXIM related employment.
issue felonies to those who have any connection to Hawaii and support those who are encouraged hurtful practices and create complications for those in Hawaii.
Hawaiian like to be America's pet to wreck Asia.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Banking Security issue USA

My - banking security issue
🔺Physical address in bank database ok
🔺Bank Teller requests new physical address to find out real residence = physical security threat
🔺Bank Teller creates issue with account to further flag my account. If not shut down account.
🔺 Bank calls to settle $2 difference created by teller. Instigates issue.
🔺Bank Teller = security threat due to supply of information at teller window

Monday, March 13, 2017

Asian American Business leader- in Hawaii

In 2011 I attended a conference for Asia related Business leaders in And or for the USA. 
It took me everything to walk through that door as there was such heightened security threats on my life to that point.
Today, most every American I meet-- Military, Civilian, corporate, or housewife continue to undermine and disrespect me in, Especially in Hawaii.
The list is a long one;- 
1. Military members who drink excessively and are dependent on or sell illegal natcotixs.
2. Civilians who exert opposing political force at their workplace.
3. Aggressive men and women who are misguided politically, yet have trust in whoever it is they are listening. To.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Japan on High Red alert

Just a note: with the events of past 7 days on island, as well as most recent NoKo missle scored at Japan.  I no longer have a place to live- I vacated the residence on Feb 28.
Starting March 1st 2017:-My car- lock compromised Monday, tire was compromised Tuesday, and engine compromised Tuesday night.

Trying not to post due to ground situation in States around the international Japanese related events. Some of my relatives in Japan working through war negotiations with China in the past decade. Personal NoKo issue was from when I was abducted @ Philadelphia area. In December 2002. My Japanese cousin abducted by NOKo from a Japanese beach in the 90's. The issues emerged due to the Patriot act and foul play by anti-Japanese employees of CIA.
My father ex-OSI told me he could not protect me any longer in 2006. 
Life in America/USA is nearly finished as there are few viable options to live.
Members ofJapanese Navy fleet have made it clear to me that the type of work that is available to me in Hawaii is disrespectful to Japan and angers Japan. however, they offer no money or way for me to live in the States. I understand & acknowledge instructions are as Agent of my Imperial Family.

Oahu &Honolulu- landownership by Korean, Filipino, Chinese, and Hawaiians has added to the issue of safe housing. That is Inaddition to environmental sensitivities to toxic mold and other related environmental factors.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Paranoia or Police use of Frequency weapon?

Today, March 6, 2017,  I was driving in Honolulu on Hobron Road and a cop car (civilian car with blue lights) crept up in back of me. I felt noticeable body temperature rise heat in two places, like a Sound frequency weapon was aimed at my head as well as specifically the back of my heart. 
Could it be that those in the vehicle are targeting me, or just the run of mill unsuspecting citizen?

This was not the 1st time this week high frequency of any type affected me. While at a movie theatre, similar pain & body heat rise to the brain near my ear. 

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Toxic mold x4- Oahu March 1 rainfall

Intense rainfall and Flooding happened March 1st. The place where I had lived till March 1 was already waterlogged with a collapsing ceiling over the kitchen sink. I moved out. When I took my things to storage March 1 there was a puddle forming in the storage warehouse. I looked up and there was a ballon of water formed at one of the taped up pipes. 
Though normally the driest sports on the island @ North Shore;- I heard friends' places  were flooded on ground floor definately from Turtle Bay to Sunset Beach with about 3 feet of water. My entire 6mo winter plan was already snafu from late October...
I had been paying rent  in Waikiki an under construction remodelling condo that had also been plagued with toxic mold in the kitchen vent from upstairs water damage.
The toxic mold is pervasive...
Pauoa Valley
Pacific Heights
Waikiki Condo building (lowrise)/high rise
Kualoa (may be next?) 
Top of the North Shore possible in the next weeks