Thursday, February 09, 2017

When the Smoke has cleared

RGS experience:

Sometimes extended use of Sage is a spiritual symptom. Heavy use or daily use of smudge sage will uncover a strong entity or demon in an otherwise heavily used business or home. If this is the case at the location, then it is wise to bring in appropriate spiritual consultant or ceremony in order to make the living or work area more habitable and peaceful. This may need to be performed annually at some locations by the priest/exorcist, kahuna, or shaman.

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as 
  • Serve food each day for the spirit at a small altar (as is common in many Asian cultures). 
  • Plant Ti at a property is for the spiritual energy traffick - sometimes very clear dark matter forms from past or recent present time.
  • sprinkle black sea salt (sea salt covered with activated charcoal)

A few "quiet" negative energy locations:
  • Kuualoa, HI:  Ancient whale dying ground/ graveyard.
  • Pauoa Valley, Honolulu, HI : - Very strong infra sound outlet for underground movement. Mana, Hawaiian warrior spirits from battle, Toxic Mold.
  • Doylestown, PA Historic Mansion 181 E. Court Street:- Demon & entity presence.

About use of smudge Sage -  Burning smudge sage has been scientifically proven to create positive ions. Sage is commonly burned to clear the negative ions generated from human interaction and thoughts. Using Sage is typical if there is heavy negative thought pattern present in a space; in schools, bars, after arguments at home, when someone lingers in a room with depression or anger.

There are stronger herbs or incense that are burned for energy clearing and may include pieces of mica or silica or quartz. These can be made or ordered online for weekly to monthly use.