Thursday, February 09, 2017

Salt & Free ways to clear Entities

RGS notes on Entity Clearing in English
  1. Most practices across the Earth use Salt to repel entities.
However, by methodology, there is some disagreement about entity clearing. Some have made entity clearing a daily religious practice unto itself. Some individuals make money from more immediate practises of entity removal. Western practises refer to entities as blobs and non-demonic spirits.  Eastern practises use the word Entity to refer to an attaching spirit.
  • Kona & some Hawaiian sea salt is closer to the body's natural PH. 
  • Celtic Sea Salt - some Spiritual singers preference 
  • Black Sea Salt - sea salt covered in activated charcoal can absorb spiritual toxins/ negativity.
  • Pink or Colored Salt (I no longer use) has less bio-available minerals & is naturally pigmented. It is slightly toxic to the body when digested (most pigments from minerals are toxic). Human blood samples have been show to exhibit signs of pigment poisoning with regular use.
2. Clearing entities by giving light to Entities
Entity as a spiritual attachment, lost soul, wandering relative.
One form of  giving light (Jp. Okiyome) stems from Japanese-Ainu shamanic tradition. 
The theory behind giving Okiyome holds fast in that the entity is not "removed" immediately as the entity has attached itself to the person for a reason. For the person to receive Okiyome, is also allowing the entity to receive Okiyome. Then, in a less harmful way to the spiritual attachment, the spiritual attachment departs when it has received enough light.

*Some New Age spiritual organizational practises intertwined Okiyome shamanic tradition with  spiritual figurehead ego and practises of Chinese Dao shape shifting wizardry. This can also include belief in Alien pendants/ technology needed in order to facilitate the process of light giving.


Entities in room
1. Set a bowl of rice mixed with sea salt in the room. Toss the salt & rice outside. Do this daily.
                                                            - Suggested by spiritual woman from Bhutan, Buddhist tradition

2. Set a bowl of salt in the room. Toss the salt daily. Repeat.

3. Call upon a great master healer who now works on the quantum level (Master Serapis Bey, Oset, Jesus, Buddha, Bruno Groening) and who is willing to remove the Entities or clear the Entities from your room/ aura in a peaceful way. Make a statement no longer allow such entities to remain with you and they are not welcome.

Attached Personal Entities
1. Learn a mystic tradition protective geometric meditation;- have pyramid, diamond, merkaba to tell the entities they are not welcome and only positivity is welcome.

2. Learn a protective Psy-Ops meditation as a basic form to keep entities from attaching. ie., reinforced aura, and other meditations 

3. Receive light (Jp., Okiyome) at Sukyomahikari or from a member- you may call the spiritual training centre to arrange a time as well. This is becoming a common way to bless food and give light to anyone of any religion as it's members span various religions across the globe. It is free to non-members,  the spiritual organization asks for donations from its members to cover the costly Hawaii overhead. This type of light is considered a heightened level from any Reiki light from the practitioner. Also, the spiritual toxins are removed by a spiritual practice using meridians similiar in Chinese acupressure to the skull point.

3. See 3) under Entities in Room

4.  (1.5-2 hrs) Saltwater spiritual flush- length & duration of spiritual entity removal cure can vary greatly. Highly reccomended to have a private toilet nearby. May want doctor's approval for this spiritual practice.
I personally am in great health and do this some mornings before a full moon. I make a point not to eat solid food for at least 12 hours prior. I mix and drink about 1/4 cup Hawaiian sea salt  dissolved in 750ml/ 25.36oz room temperature H20. 
  • Natural sea salt or Kona sea salt is closer to the body's natural PH. 
  • Black Sea Salt - sea salt covered in activated charcoal can absorb spiritual toxins/ negativity.

 Today is a Full Lunar Eclipse day.