Monday, February 20, 2017

Racist Asians

Hawaii has been a melting pot for Asians from South Pacific, China, &Japan for centuries. Only recently it's become more lucrative to the southeast Asian women who were trafficked in prior to 2015 or voluntarily arrived with green cards or tourist visas to work for cash in Honolulu's city licensed  buy-me-drinkie and full on contact sex club scene.
It's no longer the Old Hawaii, or the mixed American-Asian women it once was. Most of the Asians come from entirely Asian backgrounds and seething lay use the "mixed race" Asians as "bait" for men to show up looking for the Hawaiian mixed and Hapa women who once were plentiful around the surfing community. 
Many of these women are racist and look down on on the mixed race women. Yet, because the cost of peroxide is less than what they can make in a night and pretend they are a Hapa woman, they stick wth the locals as long as the women can tolerate the Asian fresh off boat presence.