Friday, February 03, 2017

Hawaii Tourists- Immigration, ID, Safety, Financial cards, Trump

Day of the Mark of the Beast is here.
Generally the public has complied with many of the requests to see ID from noted law enforcement.
Foreign tourists, travellers, and even 1st generation US citizens face a threat. Damaged Documents and missing credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of payment.

I lived in Waikiki near the bars and restaurants that are difficult to get away from. Since I don't take anyone of US military rank as "coincidental" in my life, recently for 2 months I lived at the home of an 0-6 USMC Colonel and livid Trump supporter. One day we had gone for breakfast and he told me that he saw a car with a Hillary Clinton sticker on it. When he saw the sticker on the vehicle he wanted to ram into the vehicle. Now this is what I call extreme & violent thinking.  I took his throwing dirty laundry over my Kalachakra as a signal that his hatred and Colorado white conservatism runs much deeper. That is aside from a comment he made to me stating "a bunch of us at Pentagon would have gone to jail if Hillary made it ."

Just before the immigration ban I started having complications with things around the off-duty? USMC Colonel that have not happened for over a couple of years.  Strange enough, my perfect condition Driver's license holographic plastic was sticking out of my purse and peeled back enough to render it "illegal" and tampered with. My financial cards, that take 10-30 days for ordering and shipment to Hawaii state were missing long enough for me to have to re-order.

In Hawaii: There are no in-bank cards that can be issued in Hawaii. It is not the Mainland USA here. Documentation of all sorts is difficult or time consuming to arrive in Hawaii. Even overnight priority shipping does not exist. Overnight priority is more like 2 day shipping if it works at all.

Because I moved out of the situation with the Colonel, yesterday morning I woke to a mother nearby screaming at someone because an important document had a misspelling on it. Her Energy was so intense some friends called me, even texts me "are you ok? are you alive?"

I think I should just say, that be careful when coming to Waikiki, HI. There are still High level military men who can take action against any of us. Many of them frequent the TRUMP hotel restaurant. And the Security issues can be created by anyone of any nationality or American agenda. For instance, this Colonel frequents the Waikiki bars, seems to be unmarried, an definitely carries an ugly personality under his cool exterior.

I was born a dual National of Japan and the United States, and he found me at a time  May 2016 when he claims the Pentagon was in need to downsize in Japan. Though I personally also feel the USA should be pushed out of Japan (expedited) since they are going about change in a very rude fashion.