Saturday, February 18, 2017

Grain free / Keto Japanese

Today craving Protein/mineral/oil-
1lb mung bean sprouts
7oz enoki mushroom
4-5tbsp soy sauce/tamari/aminos
1tbsp soy free earth balance
2tbsp sake

Melt margarine, then add sauce & sake, Stir fry 6-8min...leftovers 1/2 lb container for another day.

2days ago- Japanese Yasai & mung bean noodles with daikon konbu pickle.
3oz Sake (sho chiku bai )
2oz Japanese plum cooking wine (to taste) 
4-5oz Soy sauce/tamari/liquid aminos
9 Donko (shiitake) - soaked 12hrs (save liquid)
Potatoes diced to 1/3" or eighths 
1small Kabocha cut to 1/3" cubes
4med organic carrots 1/3" pieces
3-4tbsp dry Nori
4 packs mung bean noodle dry (put in liquid after strained off cooked Yasai.)

Mix liquids sake, soy sauce, shiitake broth appx 1qt, leave plum wine to add to taste. Bring to boil. Add potato,carrots, Kabocha, shiitake and cook until slightly softened. Strain off  broth into 2qt casserole and add mung bean noodles to soak till soft. Add plum wine to taste. 
Once noodles are softened, mix noodles with Yasai. Add some of the liquid. Do not cook much more unless desire very soft noodles and Yasai.
Let cool and serve with sliced daikon-konbu pickles