Thursday, February 02, 2017

Galactic Shaman crystals

Depending on how you arrive at my site, I have a multi-faceted existence on the planet.
I do things my own way so to speak with an untrained perception that is inherent knowledge from my DNA profile.  I frequently walk with my own energy, which means not to wear/carry little gems and metal jewelry.

Springtime experience of 2015 - One of the Mo'o at the Pali told me there is too much jewelry on the planet. The Mo'o got my attention by nearly ripping a sign off the trail post with wind, and then spoke with me after swiping the sunglasses off my face into a secluded edge of the forest. The Mo'o described jewelry as inclusive of many human made industrial items as well as personal adornments. Understanding is that this includes metal street signs, guard rails, indoor metallic plumbing to everything unnatural from Source light (sun) that can affect the natural earth's magnetic flows. ie., We rarely use bamboo for pipes.

Many souls have three major divisions of their life in congruence with the progression. I can only compare these divisions to the difficulty level on a treadmill or pre-core machine, and we all get a different spiritual workout. The easy part of life for one is a high difficulty level for another. The toughest spiritual setting in life is immovable to some, or on the reverse is a galactic shaman's normal daily setting. If you view the earth and your progressed astrological chart as a "workout plan" you can look around at others on this big blue-green sphere and as a spiritual gym. It is important to add or omit the use of earth crystals when the period in life shifts. Early, Mid, Advanced life.

The following is a short list of the Earth Crystals that I keep within my aura on path of
Galactic Shaman.  (This is a list of crystals/stones that I have used and have withstood this path - some stones/crystals simply burn out on me. They crackle in my hands and I return them to the earth I reserve other crystals/stones for ritual use)

Earth Crystals
Level early life :
Black onyx

Mid Life :
Garnet - (smaller than a dime - daily wear)
Moonstone - (1 pendant daily wear)
green jade - mala
red jasper - 1 piece

Advanced Life :
Blue Kyanite
Black Onyx
Blue Sapphire
Natural Obsidian
Tourmalinated Quartz
Raspberry Tourmaline
Spinel (dark spinal)

 Non-Earth Crystals - ie., meteorite
Gibeon type Meteorite
*Singing meteorite- Muonionalusta

Various Amulets and talismens have entered my life at different times as well.
My first one, a gift from my  Christian Godparents  was a  heart with my initials AMK and my birthday engraved. I believe it was there, to teach me to love myself and I always thought of it that way.
Mid life, I wore a spider with a garnet in it.
Advanced life;- Things are getting complicated as I don't subscribe to a singular human cult based way of spirituality and wear the amulets to define the soul's fequency/belief system. As a galactic shaman, I walk between two worlds where most in human form cannot see the forms beyond aura. I do make use of the symbols and glyphs that comprise the spiritual language of the earth's beings AFTER I have had encounters or communications with specific entities.

This is part of what has been my way on the path of a Galactic Shaman.

Stones/ Earth Crystals for Ritual Use
Clear Quartz
Raspberry Tourmaline & Watermelon Tourmaline

Galactic Shaman's open Portal from Nuumite Obalisk 2015
 One short story of mine;- In Honolulu, HI 2015 I purchased a high priced Nuumite Obalisk with a rainbow band on it. After I used it for ritual that night where it realigned my chakras and made my body sweat out toxins, - The next day I took it to the beach while seeing a person/psychiatrist who meditated seemingly Tibetan style. The Nuumite obalisk vanished on the beach in our vicinity (or it got snuck away to someone's bag). In anycase, someone else told me that I had inadvertently opened a Portal. Though my silent intention was definately a trust test. Shortly after this incident, Annubis visited me in form the next time I saw this friend. And, all within a week and a half, he called me to tell me of his mother being on the brink. He was asked to make a decision to pull the plug or not. So, one night about a week and a half later, he called me to tell me he pulled the plug on her. And, that he had no regrets and was relieved of the pain. After hearing this and the conversation ended I gave him a I never heard from him again. I immediately met another person within a few minutes who also has an interesting spiritual background.
Coincidentally, I saw the movie "Aloha" and there was a scene showing a grave. On top of the grave was a very similar Nuumite Obalisk. I had seen Bradley Cooper (from near my PA hometown) at a couple of bars and around the spiritual dojo where i had been participating in the local Japanese spiritual dojo practice (which I had issues with). I wonder if that was the same Nuumite stone

Though, I don't encourage anyone to tamper with anything of a Galactic Shaman. I'm certain someone will. Just be prepared for the best or the worst spiritual challenges.