Monday, February 27, 2017

Debris today

Washed up on beach piece of another one & monk seal area

Thursday, February 23, 2017

No hierarchical Structure, Genesis

The United States itself has never directly gone to war or battle with China. I don't see how Japan intends to rely on the USA as any type of ally. 

If there is no hierarchical structure, merely an atom that changes placement of orbitals....I mean as a species, as a socio-political mindset-- why do people in diverse professions continue to refer to a top down or pyramid structure? 
Each species on the planet/ type of people is encoded with the same information- yet due to the circumstance surrounding them;- one format allows life. Another format would ensure sooner death and opportunity and space for the predecessor. 
With human sacrifices in the past;- why is God not most compassionate to eliminate the most greedy, gluttonous, hate mongering offspring?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pyramids are like notes.

Pyramids...focus a sound beam to go though the pyramids. Sound beam to have laser light programmed to change angle/wave frequency. Created a signature that is focuses from the tops of pyramids-- for a multi layered "designer sound"
Pyramids create multiple waves/tone or notes....pyramids create a rhythm sound reflects ....long distance locator.
how are sound particles attracted to light particles?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Racist Asians

Hawaii has been a melting pot for Asians from South Pacific, China, &Japan for centuries. Only recently it's become more lucrative to the southeast Asian women who were trafficked in prior to 2015 or voluntarily arrived with green cards or tourist visas to work for cash in Honolulu's city licensed  buy-me-drinkie and full on contact sex club scene.
It's no longer the Old Hawaii, or the mixed American-Asian women it once was. Most of the Asians come from entirely Asian backgrounds and seething lay use the "mixed race" Asians as "bait" for men to show up looking for the Hawaiian mixed and Hapa women who once were plentiful around the surfing community. 
Many of these women are racist and look down on on the mixed race women. Yet, because the cost of peroxide is less than what they can make in a night and pretend they are a Hapa woman, they stick wth the locals as long as the women can tolerate the Asian fresh off boat presence.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Grain free / Keto Japanese

Today craving Protein/mineral/oil-
1lb mung bean sprouts
7oz enoki mushroom
4-5tbsp soy sauce/tamari/aminos
1tbsp soy free earth balance
2tbsp sake

Melt margarine, then add sauce & sake, Stir fry 6-8min...leftovers 1/2 lb container for another day.

2days ago- Japanese Yasai & mung bean noodles with daikon konbu pickle.
3oz Sake (sho chiku bai )
2oz Japanese plum cooking wine (to taste) 
4-5oz Soy sauce/tamari/liquid aminos
9 Donko (shiitake) - soaked 12hrs (save liquid)
Potatoes diced to 1/3" or eighths 
1small Kabocha cut to 1/3" cubes
4med organic carrots 1/3" pieces
3-4tbsp dry Nori
4 packs mung bean noodle dry (put in liquid after strained off cooked Yasai.)

Mix liquids sake, soy sauce, shiitake broth appx 1qt, leave plum wine to add to taste. Bring to boil. Add potato,carrots, Kabocha, shiitake and cook until slightly softened. Strain off  broth into 2qt casserole and add mung bean noodles to soak till soft. Add plum wine to taste. 
Once noodles are softened, mix noodles with Yasai. Add some of the liquid. Do not cook much more unless desire very soft noodles and Yasai.
Let cool and serve with sliced daikon-konbu pickles

USA owns Taiwan

There is no long term stable relationship for me with anyone USA based/ citizen. Confirmation. 
latest Rumor:- It seems USA has more confidence To Secure Asian funds through Taiwan, than to continue to do business military or ngo through Japan.
Americans believe in real money-- translation is arms deals and ATF related industry. 
Americans feel they profit from deliberately circumventing Japan. Japan is not admired. Also influenced by Vietnamese green card & American & US military DLI  /special forces 

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Salt & Free ways to clear Entities

RGS notes on Entity Clearing in English
  1. Most practices across the Earth use Salt to repel entities.
However, by methodology, there is some disagreement about entity clearing. Some have made entity clearing a daily religious practice unto itself. Some individuals make money from more immediate practises of entity removal. Western practises refer to entities as blobs and non-demonic spirits.  Eastern practises use the word Entity to refer to an attaching spirit.
  • Kona & some Hawaiian sea salt is closer to the body's natural PH. 
  • Celtic Sea Salt - some Spiritual singers preference 
  • Black Sea Salt - sea salt covered in activated charcoal can absorb spiritual toxins/ negativity.
  • Pink or Colored Salt (I no longer use) has less bio-available minerals & is naturally pigmented. It is slightly toxic to the body when digested (most pigments from minerals are toxic). Human blood samples have been show to exhibit signs of pigment poisoning with regular use.
2. Clearing entities by giving light to Entities
Entity as a spiritual attachment, lost soul, wandering relative.
One form of  giving light (Jp. Okiyome) stems from Japanese-Ainu shamanic tradition. 
The theory behind giving Okiyome holds fast in that the entity is not "removed" immediately as the entity has attached itself to the person for a reason. For the person to receive Okiyome, is also allowing the entity to receive Okiyome. Then, in a less harmful way to the spiritual attachment, the spiritual attachment departs when it has received enough light.

*Some New Age spiritual organizational practises intertwined Okiyome shamanic tradition with  spiritual figurehead ego and practises of Chinese Dao shape shifting wizardry. This can also include belief in Alien pendants/ technology needed in order to facilitate the process of light giving.


Entities in room
1. Set a bowl of rice mixed with sea salt in the room. Toss the salt & rice outside. Do this daily.
                                                            - Suggested by spiritual woman from Bhutan, Buddhist tradition

2. Set a bowl of salt in the room. Toss the salt daily. Repeat.

3. Call upon a great master healer who now works on the quantum level (Master Serapis Bey, Oset, Jesus, Buddha, Bruno Groening) and who is willing to remove the Entities or clear the Entities from your room/ aura in a peaceful way. Make a statement no longer allow such entities to remain with you and they are not welcome.

Attached Personal Entities
1. Learn a mystic tradition protective geometric meditation;- have pyramid, diamond, merkaba to tell the entities they are not welcome and only positivity is welcome.

2. Learn a protective Psy-Ops meditation as a basic form to keep entities from attaching. ie., reinforced aura, and other meditations 

3. Receive light (Jp., Okiyome) at Sukyomahikari or from a member- you may call the spiritual training centre to arrange a time as well. This is becoming a common way to bless food and give light to anyone of any religion as it's members span various religions across the globe. It is free to non-members,  the spiritual organization asks for donations from its members to cover the costly Hawaii overhead. This type of light is considered a heightened level from any Reiki light from the practitioner. Also, the spiritual toxins are removed by a spiritual practice using meridians similiar in Chinese acupressure to the skull point.

3. See 3) under Entities in Room

4.  (1.5-2 hrs) Saltwater spiritual flush- length & duration of spiritual entity removal cure can vary greatly. Highly reccomended to have a private toilet nearby. May want doctor's approval for this spiritual practice.
I personally am in great health and do this some mornings before a full moon. I make a point not to eat solid food for at least 12 hours prior. I mix and drink about 1/4 cup Hawaiian sea salt  dissolved in 750ml/ 25.36oz room temperature H20. 
  • Natural sea salt or Kona sea salt is closer to the body's natural PH. 
  • Black Sea Salt - sea salt covered in activated charcoal can absorb spiritual toxins/ negativity.

 Today is a Full Lunar Eclipse day.


When the Smoke has cleared

RGS experience:

Sometimes extended use of Sage is a spiritual symptom. Heavy use or daily use of smudge sage will uncover a strong entity or demon in an otherwise heavily used business or home. If this is the case at the location, then it is wise to bring in appropriate spiritual consultant or ceremony in order to make the living or work area more habitable and peaceful. This may need to be performed annually at some locations by the priest/exorcist, kahuna, or shaman.

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as 
  • Serve food each day for the spirit at a small altar (as is common in many Asian cultures). 
  • Plant Ti at a property is for the spiritual energy traffick - sometimes very clear dark matter forms from past or recent present time.
  • sprinkle black sea salt (sea salt covered with activated charcoal)

A few "quiet" negative energy locations:
  • Kuualoa, HI:  Ancient whale dying ground/ graveyard.
  • Pauoa Valley, Honolulu, HI : - Very strong infra sound outlet for underground movement. Mana, Hawaiian warrior spirits from battle, Toxic Mold.
  • Doylestown, PA Historic Mansion 181 E. Court Street:- Demon & entity presence.

About use of smudge Sage -  Burning smudge sage has been scientifically proven to create positive ions. Sage is commonly burned to clear the negative ions generated from human interaction and thoughts. Using Sage is typical if there is heavy negative thought pattern present in a space; in schools, bars, after arguments at home, when someone lingers in a room with depression or anger.

There are stronger herbs or incense that are burned for energy clearing and may include pieces of mica or silica or quartz. These can be made or ordered online for weekly to monthly use.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Hawaii Tourists- Immigration, ID, Safety, Financial cards, Trump

Day of the Mark of the Beast is here.
Generally the public has complied with many of the requests to see ID from noted law enforcement.
Foreign tourists, travellers, and even 1st generation US citizens face a threat. Damaged Documents and missing credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of payment.

I lived in Waikiki near the bars and restaurants that are difficult to get away from. Since I don't take anyone of US military rank as "coincidental" in my life, recently for 2 months I lived at the home of an 0-6 USMC Colonel and livid Trump supporter. One day we had gone for breakfast and he told me that he saw a car with a Hillary Clinton sticker on it. When he saw the sticker on the vehicle he wanted to ram into the vehicle. Now this is what I call extreme & violent thinking.  I took his throwing dirty laundry over my Kalachakra as a signal that his hatred and Colorado white conservatism runs much deeper. That is aside from a comment he made to me stating "a bunch of us at Pentagon would have gone to jail if Hillary made it ."

Just before the immigration ban I started having complications with things around the off-duty? USMC Colonel that have not happened for over a couple of years.  Strange enough, my perfect condition Driver's license holographic plastic was sticking out of my purse and peeled back enough to render it "illegal" and tampered with. My financial cards, that take 10-30 days for ordering and shipment to Hawaii state were missing long enough for me to have to re-order.

In Hawaii: There are no in-bank cards that can be issued in Hawaii. It is not the Mainland USA here. Documentation of all sorts is difficult or time consuming to arrive in Hawaii. Even overnight priority shipping does not exist. Overnight priority is more like 2 day shipping if it works at all.

Because I moved out of the situation with the Colonel, yesterday morning I woke to a mother nearby screaming at someone because an important document had a misspelling on it. Her Energy was so intense some friends called me, even texts me "are you ok? are you alive?"

I think I should just say, that be careful when coming to Waikiki, HI. There are still High level military men who can take action against any of us. Many of them frequent the TRUMP hotel restaurant. And the Security issues can be created by anyone of any nationality or American agenda. For instance, this Colonel frequents the Waikiki bars, seems to be unmarried, an definitely carries an ugly personality under his cool exterior.

I was born a dual National of Japan and the United States, and he found me at a time  May 2016 when he claims the Pentagon was in need to downsize in Japan. Though I personally also feel the USA should be pushed out of Japan (expedited) since they are going about change in a very rude fashion.

Standing Wolf

Even eyes of black wolf starving
Hold compassion
Empty iced white man stare
Tries to prove they need no other
the white man eradicates other life

I hope, black wolf takes mine
last breath of love & compassion
Will lightning, return for Wolf
last white man dies
Sees wolves standing

L8 Nite Keto Tea

Hawaiian Tumeric 2 small roots
1qt Boiling water
Juice of 1.5 lemons 
1-2 Tbsp MCT oil

---Boil water
---thinly slice the Tumeric root and add to boiling water
---turn off heat after 1 min
---add MCT oil
--- let steep 10-15min
Strain out roots and add liquid to the fresh squeezed lemon juice (use citrus juicer)

let cool or drink hot, slowly.

Galactic Shaman Crystals

My first crystals/ rocks that I was attracted to were those iron ore meteorites that I used to find daily and hang onto as a kid. However, after realizing they fell from outerspace and burnt up into small craterous chunks no bigger than a raisin. I was told they were just like me when brown in the summer, a kid dual national of several ethnicities Chinese, Sakha/Siberian, J. Ainu, Japanese, & British Isles descent.

I decided to leave them on the ground, though always looked for them from a distance. As a child, I guessed they were here for a reason just like me. 

 It took a couple decades, until one day  a few years ago, I saw the flash of laborodite in my my mind's eye. For a 1st time I went into a "new age" shop and looked around. I heard this high frequency sound, as I had been diagnosed with hyperacusis that allows me to perceive sound at higher decibal level. I took a look around, and hiding in the bottom of a locked case behind scrying stones was a tiny pendant. It wasn't on blatant display. It was hidden 4 shelves down from the pieces of laborodite that i saw in my minds eye. It was a piece of meteorite, a thin slice, encased in resin.
That was my concious return to the world of respectful earth conciousness.

It would be better for the earth, if these "unattractive" meteoric stones would be more popular. They can't be mined.

Galactic Shaman out...

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Pali Entity & Orbs in daylight

Self painted rough illustration of Daytime Yellow orbs & magenta orb I saw at the Pali outlook.
Just a quick rough  illustration of what I saw at the Pali during Daylight. Later I learned that the entity who spoke with me was probably a Hawaiian Mo'o The energy was peaceful that day, however the wind was so strong I could lean back on my heels and it kept me from falling. The reddish orb was actually more magenta color and more floaty feel like a rainbow light intense deep magenta color cloud. The yellow orbs were over the walkway as well as beyond the railing and over the cliff floating. It was where I had previously seen Hawaiian warriors pushing each other during a pre-dawn darkness exploration at the Pali.

Galactic Shaman crystals

Depending on how you arrive at my site, I have a multi-faceted existence on the planet.
I do things my own way so to speak with an untrained perception that is inherent knowledge from my DNA profile.  I frequently walk with my own energy, which means not to wear/carry little gems and metal jewelry.

Springtime experience of 2015 - One of the Mo'o at the Pali told me there is too much jewelry on the planet. The Mo'o got my attention by nearly ripping a sign off the trail post with wind, and then spoke with me after swiping the sunglasses off my face into a secluded edge of the forest. The Mo'o described jewelry as inclusive of many human made industrial items as well as personal adornments. Understanding is that this includes metal street signs, guard rails, indoor metallic plumbing to everything unnatural from Source light (sun) that can affect the natural earth's magnetic flows. ie., We rarely use bamboo for pipes.

Many souls have three major divisions of their life in congruence with the progression. I can only compare these divisions to the difficulty level on a treadmill or pre-core machine, and we all get a different spiritual workout. The easy part of life for one is a high difficulty level for another. The toughest spiritual setting in life is immovable to some, or on the reverse is a galactic shaman's normal daily setting. If you view the earth and your progressed astrological chart as a "workout plan" you can look around at others on this big blue-green sphere and as a spiritual gym. It is important to add or omit the use of earth crystals when the period in life shifts. Early, Mid, Advanced life.

The following is a short list of the Earth Crystals that I keep within my aura on path of
Galactic Shaman.  (This is a list of crystals/stones that I have used and have withstood this path - some stones/crystals simply burn out on me. They crackle in my hands and I return them to the earth I reserve other crystals/stones for ritual use)

Earth Crystals
Level early life :
Black onyx

Mid Life :
Garnet - (smaller than a dime - daily wear)
Moonstone - (1 pendant daily wear)
green jade - mala
red jasper - 1 piece

Advanced Life :
Blue Kyanite
Black Onyx
Blue Sapphire
Natural Obsidian
Tourmalinated Quartz
Raspberry Tourmaline
Spinel (dark spinal)

 Non-Earth Crystals - ie., meteorite
Gibeon type Meteorite
*Singing meteorite- Muonionalusta

Various Amulets and talismens have entered my life at different times as well.
My first one, a gift from my  Christian Godparents  was a  heart with my initials AMK and my birthday engraved. I believe it was there, to teach me to love myself and I always thought of it that way.
Mid life, I wore a spider with a garnet in it.
Advanced life;- Things are getting complicated as I don't subscribe to a singular human cult based way of spirituality and wear the amulets to define the soul's fequency/belief system. As a galactic shaman, I walk between two worlds where most in human form cannot see the forms beyond aura. I do make use of the symbols and glyphs that comprise the spiritual language of the earth's beings AFTER I have had encounters or communications with specific entities.

This is part of what has been my way on the path of a Galactic Shaman.

Stones/ Earth Crystals for Ritual Use
Clear Quartz
Raspberry Tourmaline & Watermelon Tourmaline

Galactic Shaman's open Portal from Nuumite Obalisk 2015
 One short story of mine;- In Honolulu, HI 2015 I purchased a high priced Nuumite Obalisk with a rainbow band on it. After I used it for ritual that night where it realigned my chakras and made my body sweat out toxins, - The next day I took it to the beach while seeing a person/psychiatrist who meditated seemingly Tibetan style. The Nuumite obalisk vanished on the beach in our vicinity (or it got snuck away to someone's bag). In anycase, someone else told me that I had inadvertently opened a Portal. Though my silent intention was definately a trust test. Shortly after this incident, Annubis visited me in form the next time I saw this friend. And, all within a week and a half, he called me to tell me of his mother being on the brink. He was asked to make a decision to pull the plug or not. So, one night about a week and a half later, he called me to tell me he pulled the plug on her. And, that he had no regrets and was relieved of the pain. After hearing this and the conversation ended I gave him a I never heard from him again. I immediately met another person within a few minutes who also has an interesting spiritual background.
Coincidentally, I saw the movie "Aloha" and there was a scene showing a grave. On top of the grave was a very similar Nuumite Obalisk. I had seen Bradley Cooper (from near my PA hometown) at a couple of bars and around the spiritual dojo where i had been participating in the local Japanese spiritual dojo practice (which I had issues with). I wonder if that was the same Nuumite stone

Though, I don't encourage anyone to tamper with anything of a Galactic Shaman. I'm certain someone will. Just be prepared for the best or the worst spiritual challenges.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

My Giza Crystals grew!!!

My Giza Crystals From Lavandar after I received them November? 2015. Today is February 1, 2017


Though there is controversy about the existence of Stargate by some in the "non-entertainment world";-I have a few things to say from direct personal Experience. 
1. I got to train on the mat for a little with a retired US Navy veteran of 25years who judged the Stargate & CSI TV series screenplays. 

2. My childhood home was a riddled with stargates and everything from large spiders that watched over me in the sky. It was 20 min outside of Willow Grove Naval airbase and I was able to pick up on illegal Us military use of subsonic aircraft at the onset of a kid and  In all fairness, small trainer fighters would breeze atop the tree line and I could wave to the pilot waving at me on my bicycle. In my l8r years 29-32 I could drive on a local highway and see the stealth bomber flying in just over head.

3. U know that movie "Signs" with the fields and aliens-- that was within the area Where I grew up.