Tuesday, January 24, 2017

USA not Ideal

I took a deep breath last night and again today upon hearing the news of the TPP.

The United States, widespread across the North American continent, is not at all an idealized version of the most cosmopolitan cities. Rather than being a utopic Epcot type city that Illuminati once fathomed, the United States is a Caucasoid controlled nation. The Agenda's were set in place long ago and span out several generations as different presidents inherit their position at the Nation's White House by public vote.
Today, President Donald Trump eliminated the TPP trade deal from the USA side. This is going to take an immense amount of public pression off this new President ( as each presidential candidate concurred in their election campaigns). My personal hope is that through the USA bailing out and President Trump enacting a plan to return manufacturing to the USA the USA will itself be held directly responsible for the environmental degredation and destruction it causes since there is Presidential disbelief that the Greenhouse gas theory is viable. To be cont. .... partial post.