Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Presidential Smear in Media

How is it that the ENTIRE Judiciary Branch of the Federal government has seemingly vanished?!
Were they shut down?
Trump's Twit and Tweet along with the entire Media smear tell me that the Judicial Branch has taken a much needed Vay-Kay for the next 4 years (and 2 months). The Judicial attorneys were supposed to PREVENT media and press coverage on (ESPECIALLY) Mr. President &/or MS. President.

Presidential Tycoon the APP
How does this newly elect surrender his Twitter app?  On camera, while taking the Presidential oath Mr. Trump will hand over his cell phone & mobile computers like a school child in elementary school? To ease his pain, a game app called Presidential Tycoon can be played.
  • The Presidential Tycoon app includes;- don't feed and take care of unrelated Americans to shove more money in your kids bank accounts.  Tapped relentlessly, Trump-doo birds flock above the White Jail House. 
  • Secret Russian Service agents can be bought for less than Obama-care payments to throw the entire Judicial branch and any Senate and house opposition into Mexican Wall building grunt work (along with their bank accounts).
  • Terrorist connex to rush to Presidential Tycoon's aid to pirate weapons shipments and liason payment to other governments who will sink US military vessels in the South China Sea and Sea of Japan.  Presidential Tycoon receives more money in military contractor secret bank accounts. 
  • Beware of the Presidential Tycoon when he sinks Manhattan. Blown infrastructure deal with terrorist cover up adds 20 Billion to his private stock held in escrow at an offshore bank account by the VLADIATOR.
  • Presidential Tycoon gets bonus points when he kicks puppies at his next visit with North Korean menace Kim Jong-leur