Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Though there is controversy about the existence of Stargate by some in the "non-entertainment world";-I have a few things to say from direct personal Experience. 
1. I got to train on the mat for a little with a retired US Navy veteran of 25years who judged the Stargate & CSI TV series screenplays. 

2. My childhood home was a riddled with stargates and everything from large spiders that watched over me in the sky. It was 20 min outside of Willow Grove Naval airbase and I was able to pick up on illegal Us military use of subsonic aircraft at the onset of a kid and  In all fairness, small trainer fighters would breeze atop the tree line and I could wave to the pilot waving at me on my bicycle. In my l8r years 29-32 I could drive on a local highway and see the stealth bomber flying in just over head.

3. U know that movie "Signs" with the fields and aliens-- that was within the area Where I grew up.