Thursday, January 12, 2017

South China Islands- OMG

If it's anything to the Newly elect and his entourage, the other hemisphere is going to be able to get along just fine without USA intervention.

China & the South China sea are and should remain off limits to the USA. In fact, something that would help the world much more than USA military intervention is to simply TAKE AWAY 90% of credit cards belonging to US citizens. It might have helped to deter the consequental severe pollution that outsourcing USA managers and production though grants that was created in the 90's by a decade.

 I guess I have a sore spot since I can only compare that island situation to my entry to the APEC meeting Nov. 11, 2011 the day before Japan announced interest in the TPP that is now being bashed by Trump. I walked in between line of shooters with M-16's on one side of me aimed at the Chinese protestors on the other side of me for my arrival to the Symposium I attended. I held my breath for that walk through the door with eyes wide open. I'm EX-IM family expedable they say...yet i'm supposed to worry more about "terrorists?' really!? Are you all f'n kidding me?

I don't think that anything has changed in the past 6 years with USA/China, except now worsening.  I've been on warning due to number of Chinese supporters in the USA since some of my relatives were involved in Chinese war negotiations with Japan. The number of issues with US military personnel or contractors even DOE who resided in the State of Hawaii and side with China is Huge. President Elect Donald Trump is their cover for fear of legal punishment from Hillary's team;- mostly to move weapons illegally or legally is huge. Sadly, many of these men are minorities who were/are claim to be Obama's hand picked team, or the Creme de la creme of the Hawaiian islands maffia fight scene and special forces elite.

The other thing that bothers me, is that Trump's products were made in China. So, somewhere his hands must have gotten dirty in the midst of Terrorist bankrolling of Chinese businesses. That, is something I have a HUGE problem with. And then, his team wants to send in our US Military to mess with the non-terrorist Chinese with whom the USA didn't have a hostile military engagement with prior to Trump's office!? Seriously? Not moving Trump ties anymore, looks like a weapons deal (underhanded or not) that is going to further the next 4 years of what is left of USA democracy.

Obviously believe that Japan could get along better in Asia without the USA military influence, despite Japan's past military history in Asia. I do believe that USA is giving hope to people within Asia to be more riotous. I think that stand-alone purposeful USA fact is enough