Sunday, January 15, 2017

Reason I have not spoken about MK Stargate

Though I cannot prove that there is any correlation to the MK Ultra or MK Search & Stargate programs run by the CIA to my life;- I can list several "coincidences" amidst the flurry of attacks that my parents and I are aware of upon my life directly in the USA. My parents have, for many years, encouraged to sue me and complicate my life so that I cannot find work by the participating organization

Dual Nationalities, Pennsylvania women are cattle legalities, Easy access by programmers till 2009+
  • I & my brother were born a dual-national of Japan & USA
  • My mother was a Japanese National citizen at the time of my birth and did not become a USA citizen until well after Japanese Nationality jus sanguis requirements changed in 1986. 
  • My father was USAF OSI warrant officer for a 4 year enlistment with ATS (Above Top Secret) clearance. He was not declassified until 2001.
  • My mother's family still today are Japanese Nationalists with involvement in Japanese National Security. To my knowledge, my mother was not issued a Diplomatic Passport for appearances of any peaceful mission to the USA post Hiroshima. In fact, while attempting to obtain my mother's records with parental permission for SBA use;- the DHS claimed no knowledge of my mother in the USA database.
  • I grew up, to my memory, in Rural Quakertown, PA in Richlandtownship
  • Our multigenerational family home was located appx 1.2 miles from the Rosacrucians Ceremonial Grounds on Clymer Road.
  • For my higher education at age 17, I was sent to Ithaca, NY and my parents had no legal requirement to remain present in my life after my 18th Birthday. I was sexually assaulted frequently at the private College "Experimental Co-ed  dormitory" before my 18th birthday. I was relocated late into my 2nd semester to a normal dormitory. I also had to beg for my parents to intervene as I became extremely ill on the dining hall food. My "alice" vigilante altar manifested as I formed an Animal Rights organization on the Campus. It took me over 7 years to complete my undergraduate degree at the College. Due to poor grades I was unable to transfer to any other institution to get away from the situation. In contrast to Ithaca, I was able to achieve a 3.86-4.0 for coursework in the Western Conference Universities 1996 & 2004.
  • 1993-10/1996 My college boyfriend I met in Music school, was D.R. Hauptli and I broke up despite most people expecting us to marry. 
  • 10/26/1996 - My suicide programming took hold at an animal rights protest as non-violent action, a friend saved my life and my body from being critically damaged.
  • 10/30/1996 Still on crutches from the suicide programming trauma, I met my partner/boyfriend for the next 9 years. Over the holidays introduced me to his business family which included several Clinton Boys and threatened to kill me if I left the relationship, due to the security of his business family identity. Some of his friends included owners of American heritage type business families and Founding family member of USA based private security company.
  • 1999-2000 was taken to Sarasota, Florida where I met late Joe Elkes, M.D. while I lived with Sally Lucke for a brief time prior to working for 2 different companies & directly for original founder of Peoplesoft.   
  •  8/2000 - I returned to Quakertown, PA and taught piano for 2-3 years in Doylestown, PA and Central/Lower Bucks county as well as commuting to Ithaca, NY where I had a home & worked with my partner/ boyfriend.
  • 200I had for most of our relationship till the company was founded. He controlled all of my money, and did not have my financial best interest in mind. It took me until 2007 to leave him.
  • 12/2002 - Abducted by Todd Hawthorne of Oregon & Tina Kim - Locked in basement at the home of Tina Kim then a WB17 news reporter with ties to North Korea.
  • 1/2007- 3/2007 trip/stays @ Washington, DC, Langley, Va, and Baie Finn, ON, CA. - this was official split from my 9 year relationship.
  • 1/2005 -2/2005 - Trip to Thailand with K. Gesslein - Business recon after Tsunami 
  • 5/2005  - Death of my brother @ 27.  "suicide programming" forced by his Valley Precision employer/owner directly connected to the Rosacrucians.
  • 2006 - Buckingham, PA - Abducted by James Brasted & Knight Engineering @ Ernie Knight's empty apt for appx 1week, I was subsequently stalked and harassed under death threat.Police rescued me/ intervened but did not pursue charges. I had been hired to work for the engineering office through a Doylestown, PA based temporary agency. I was later abducted by the employer and assaulted repeatedly aside from the engineer who lost his mind spilling his guts for faulty drainage plans & payoff from Toll Brothers that in total compromise the Delaware Dam integrity. 
  • late 2005/06 - returned to Ithaca, NY with assistance from Tibetan govt. in exile.
  • 2/2009 -