Saturday, January 14, 2017

My Spiritual Perceptions

The spirit world is much like a tree in relation to our human physical reality. As Above, so below.
The spirit world and our  human conciousness can interact due to frequencies Hz.
One of the things that I have noticed with the  frequency of filming in the digital age is the number of dark matter spirits over light matter. Neither of these should be immediately perceived as having a negative attribute in our Physical Human reality. Even instances of attribute called demonic posession should not be considered "evil".
 My personal experiences since I have had some near death experiences have a different interpretation of these spirit, Djinn, entities. And, they and their interactions with us in Human physical reality should be treated more like a friendly match of grappling is perceived in a martial arts dojo.
Some, in Japanese culture consider the spiritual realm a place of training in and of itself.
In other conciouness traditions, these instances are considered to be something the soul chose to encounter in this lifetime or the human soul is still in a learning process.
Even through meditation methods or with use of Tibetan Tanka painting, some entities have come through as a reminder to me that I am still in this Physical Human reality. One of my most intense experiences is from a day where I attended meditation at my neighborhod Tibetan Buddhist monastery and I meditated on a near death experience I had and the perception/mindstate I achieved in that instance. I had a perception that is difficult to explain of a dark matter entity that knocked me down on the sidewalk, and I actually tried to prevent this entity from knocking me down on the ground;- while the very loud resonant voice said to me "REMEMBER YOU ARE HERE."
The importance is not that these spirits, Djinn, Greys are to be Capitalized on.
The importance is that there are the innerworkings of what keeps the spiritual world in balance, each soul going and arriving with those they still have resonance.

This idea of something that horrifies people, makes one run away, makes one feel complete bliss and being identified as a malevolent or beneficient spirit needs to disappate. The purity or intensity of such a frequency that triggers an acknowledgement within the human physical form is just that, resonating a particular portion of the limited interactions as perceived by the human body and brain;- whether or not in the most healthy or ideal receptive state. So as the human experience is highly reactive to such frequency;- the human cannot determine the intent of such a frequency wave.
Human body reactive in such a frequency wave can move the human to take measures that instead, give more definition to the frequency;- much more as acknowledgement that has no retreival in such a containment as a Bardo.

In cases of "spiritual haunting" the frequency wave form can be utilized against the masses as they have been preconditioned to some more immediate threat against their physical well being. They are reactive and will typically implement the preconceived survival reaction. Obviously, on any scale, this preconceived survival reaction has an omptimal crux, velocity, and strength. The least employed reaction is one of compassion, knowing personal strength, and allowance for conciousness or life or spirits in all forms to co-exist in and of their own capacity.

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