Monday, January 30, 2017

Mk Uktra - Pennsylvania

In reflection, it seems that my parents attorneys, our family doctors, definately the pastor who initially baptized my brother and I, basically conspired against my life at all critical levels. However, there seems to be no definition of the crimes that they committed against me to report for MK Ultra style torture. 
This USA based Pennsylvania, NY, and Canada operation went well beyond the bounds of simple child abuse, international human rights violations, and normal legal conspiracy.
MK Ultra style in Pennsylvania --:
The Pennsylvania State laws failed me as a dual citizen of Japan(jus Sanguis) and USA. United Nations regulations (they say) did not apply prior to Japan joining the UNited Nations.
•Pennsyvania State laws that women are legally treated like livestock 1974-2014
•Pennsylvania State laws allow corporal punishment & included minors.

My parents were trained by their attorney and friends to behave more like drug addicts who don't care for their own children. I'm very certain my father was  my handler most of my child hood. And that he was responsible for the kitten alter.
My parents had little to no concern my health care and well being for most of my life. this includes a trip to the doctor where I had thought I was a ninja and had several razor blades shoved into the roof of my mouth as a child. They only noticed after it seemed that I refused to eat food after a couple days. When they forced my mouth open, they discovered the razor blades I had hidden, playing ninja.
I had several repeat childhood elementary school dreams that I found out resemble Marine Corps training drills problems by age 9 this Alter door was open to an empty room with a 45angle on the standing slope, several armed soldiers entering with fully auto machine guns to shoot at me. I was frequently "divergent" in this exercise that lasted many years until I discovered a solution.

I additionally grew up in dream world learning kendo from my Ogesan, in a mental dojo accessed through an Alice altar door.