Friday, January 27, 2017

Ketogenic eye bags- Gone 12hrs

Vitamin C--  Due to largely Keto-Vegan Diet, I haven't been eating fresh fruits (due to sugars/Carbs) for quite some time. I also skimped out on my Vitamin C & argenine supplement for more than a few months. So, I've had these really tired and old looking eyebags looming through the holidays and new year. It was so noticable the discussion of surgery and having to quit being in public because I looked like I aged so much in 2 months was discussed. Even when I was sitting in front of the Makeup artist on the 5-0 set as an extra they could only suggest the model eye patches to try and improve the eye bags.
Yesterday though, my Gf has been rescued me from the bowels of Waikiki and immediately said I probably am deficient in vitamin C. 

What I did  instead of using hervitamin C powder - 
  • Yesterday I purchased a large bag of fresh Passion Fruit/ aka Lilikoi from a North Shore farm stand. Before bed, I ate about 8 of the seedy pulpy fruits of different varieties. I ate 4 of them  scooped straight out of the fruit hull, seeds & all. I added 4 of them to a cup of boiled water with some muddled/squished organic lemon pulp and a 1/4 cup of plain coconut water. 
  • Took a few Digestive enzymes
  • had 1 bottle mixed Keto OS Chocolate Swirl with a Green 2o stick
  • Slept about 7 hours
  • woke up and the eyebags were significantly reduced (like almost GONE entirely)