Monday, January 30, 2017

Japan:-USA MK Ultra Hawaii

The events of the past few months have put me in close quarters with an aryan US Marine Corps Colonel, who recently transplanted to Hawaii from the Pentagon. And, a practicing Krishna person who claims to be a victim of direct Rothschild gemstone programming in Oaklahoma, and approached me with hope to share knowledge of their family involvement in Aritchoke & Doormouse. I have to say it has been a grueling 3 months for me.
It's really difficult to try to exist for me here in Hawaii with the onslaught of MK program victims.
The Colonel, wouldn't communicate with me directly and instead took to hiding at least a handful of my personal belongings rather than returning them to me directly. Odd behavior for someone with a higher rank. The practicing Krishna is one of many who gaze onward at the Ford legacy. Both are mostly self motivated and not worldly motivated. Both have deeply insulted me as a woman of born Japanese nationality and descent. Both have admonished my Buddhist family history with repugnance of being equal to Satan worshipers. One deliberately placed dirty laundry over my Kalachakra (time Wheel or representation of OM in one glyph). The other again trying to force me into belonging to the Krishna cult and mindset (not the 1st time for ISKON in Hawaii).
I'm still lacking a safe home for myself as renting solo is extremely difficult, and is coupled with the plethora of Delta altar US military personnel and contractors, as well as the trained snipers and assassins that the USA MK Ultra Program has left on the Hawaiian islands. The islands seem to be a catch all for MK Ultra and related Mind Kontrol program victims whose families were promised some sanctuary for submitting their children (now encroaching on 50 years old). Most of the Mind Kontrol victims or participants I have met are approximately 50 years old, give or take a few years.

Some of them have definative altar changes and lack control and composure to stop and engage in a 2 way conversation. Others simply submerge themselves in their work at times, yet do not live normal family life and opt for partying daily on US military pay.

These programmed individuals do not claim responsibility for their actions. They do not show any remorse for their offensive actions. Rather, they make immediate attachment to the Rothschilds and the Military as excuse and refute their own individual freedoms as a form of denial. These people are very unlike those who are not programmed. Or, for those who were programmed and choose to make public through interviews the societal impact of the research that was conducted on them.

Regardless of any involvement my family may or may not have had. Most of the USA MK victims are quick to attach a "satanic" attribute to the program. They refuse to seperate the US military installation from the Rothschilds agenda.    They also remain defensive of their family members particularly if they feel that they have a "special"  or desirable European lineage that has potential to carry white Aryan (blonde hair, blue eyes, or light colored eyes & light hair as a dissapointing second). The use of India's Krishna religion is just one place where the tortured women reside, yet I am still uncertain if it is a choice or if it is the only religion that will give these women independent sanctuary and breeding partners (as it seems there are no marriages yet more "unfortunate children").

Seperate issue from the above and my living situation;- is that the USAF Stargate program is set to be a business and military industry standard acceptable conciousness (remote viewing & personal safety intuition) in 10-15 years.