Friday, January 13, 2017

Illuminati is officially Global Catch word

MK Ultra Super soldier Book in Pdf format at the following Link:  I reccomed this because the author breaks down the various "Illuminati" which has become a Global catch all to "secret society" just as the words Maffia/ Family Business, Gang/Unrelated persons organized crime. I believe that the misuse of the word Illuminati is purposely set forth to create more of a race war within the USA, and to encourage American civilians & military to attack ambassadors and other business elite from Japan, China, and other 1st World Nations. It has come to my attention since the USA enables 2nd & 3rd world country economies and their citizens from Asia to organize and attack those of us from 1st World Japan and China with more frequency. Or, as I was told by one person- the Rothschilds hate the Japanese and Asian dragon lineages.
excerpt starts on Page 11 of the PDF:

Also can be found in version at  site: search James Casbolt Buried Alive