Monday, January 16, 2017

EXIM bank closes for Trump?

If the EXIM bank is shut down, will there be a USA export market? Canada & Mexico cannot rival the magnitude of re-negotiating with Asia, almost in entirety. 
Does Trump plan to purchase Japanese Steel in quantities enough to rebuild decaying infrastructures set in place from the 1920's? It's difficult to see such a huge overhaul in this manner. I wonder if he would have his ex-companies self I sure shipments just to own stake in all land/underground infrastructure overhauls.
It has been planned well before Bush's win in early 2001. That 9-11 was staged by their private security companies by trading on the Public stock exchanges.
Now, with the migration south mostly over, I sit and wonder if Trump is taking on bankruptcy for USA national debt resolution. Not exactly a reset.
Or, will there be a outright backlash on the USA public by outsourced military police?