Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Deconstruct the Modern American Kitchen Refrigerator

When, I mean when is Tiger  or Samsung  or GE going to design a refrigerator for people like me who need a hydroponic watering system to keep our fresh herbs and greens more live?

Vegilogi Specialty Products Needed;
3 types of singles refrigerators
  • Vegan Live foods fridge with Hydroponic water system (with or without lights) for herbs and fresher greens, sprouting drawer/shelf, filtered water, seperate potato & root crop storage, no dairy storage, prepared salad pull out tray like a mini salad bar, and wine rack.  
i believe the following 2 would sell if designed properly;- 
  • Beer & Power/Protein/Granola bar fridge - maybe hold 1-2 bottles of wine
  • 2x Pizza boxes refrigerator or marinade ribs compartment with Beer & Powerbar storage with slush, ice & water dispenser, freezer bottle bar for vodka.
Long gone are the days of the American frontier Iceblock cellar dug into the earth and stocked with
large natural icecubes that slowly melt underground through the summer months. The modern refrigerator and it's glorified  ice box companion has staked it's way throughout North America, in nearly every home x2 or x3.

 I visited my friends over the years, and made note of the refrigerators, size, number, and stock. Most of them are single. Only one or two people living at the residence. Most of them have at least 2 refrigerators (fridge/freezer combo) or one Fridge and 1 Freezer.  From the East Coast to Hawaii - The average healthier, astute, busy profesional single man over 30yrs. old generally keeps beer in the fridge, with granola bars or power/protein bars- low maintenance, that's it & eats out. By 40's - Some singles, who do eat in and make mixed drinks & coffee at home keep gallon juices, milk or creamer, leftover pizza, and sometimes bacon.
Those in 20's or 1-2 a ploace with men who train/ hit the gym regularly seem to keep a more rounded and healthier diet than their restraunt going elders-  includes large containers of perishing premix salad & untouched fruits and grillable paleo food and BEER. Maybe this is what the men in their 30's figure out that those in their 20's haven't. Find a way to eat the grillables at a friend or neighbor's cause they are single anyway.

They seemed unlike me, at times sharing 1 kitchen with 4-5 people where we divided the refrigerator into personal sections like specialty sections of a supermarket cooler.  Or, in my Upstate NY vegan days- cooking for 3-20 people for potlucks, or so everyone could share the kitchen to potluck. Due to the lack of space, fresh veggies and refrigeration items were usually purchased the day of, or the night before cooking or salad building needed to happen. That way we would seek out our best veggie source and hit up the local farmers market asap as a first choice for ingredients. Any veggies and fresh herbs that could be kept out, went in a partially filled & sturdy glass of water close to a window.

The problem of personal Home kitchens is a huge environmental, health, and  one in most American homes. I no longer believe every home needs a fridge or 2 just to keep beer and sugary drinks, or a full kitchen for that matter.
  • Overuse of clean water to wash dishes & get really clean (no crud)
  • Waste of Food/ food animals due to undesirable cooked meals 
  • Continuous energy utilities use (appx $80/mo) in Hawaii to run refrigerator/freezer alone
  • Complex cooking appliances to aid cooking - cooking isn't basic anymore
    • use of mined metals increased
  • Unsanitary homes - accumulation of mold on used dishes & in refrigerators 
    • Contaminated foods stored in refrigerator affects all foods
    • results in wasted pots, pans, appliances (fridge)
    • metals are not meant to be like toilet paper
  • Fat Squirrel syndrome; - Unnecessary stockpiling & consumption of food 
    • it's not winter all year (in most places) 
    • no need to hibernate
  • Storage of high sugar & fatty sauces
    • Medical costs due to poor diets
    • Use of pharmeceuticals