Monday, October 23, 2017

I was tortured in Quakertown, Pennsylvania

I & My Brother were bilingual growing up. I was forced to stop speaking Japanese and beaten in Elementary school, as well as sent to "speech" therapy because they didn't know if Japanese was a language or if I was making it up. They abused my mother in this way. My father ripped the phone out of my hands and spanked me with a leather belt until I learned not to talk to my Obasan . grandmother anymore. My mother got some Japanese schoolbooks for us and hid them, in fear of my father reprimanding s all for speaking Japanese in the house. It was one of my first languages. A trauma they induced one day was by confiscating everything Japanese that I loved from my room and beating me for having Japanese story books. They didn't even let me keep my favorite bedtime stories. They initially said it was because they were going to make money off of this story of mine by beating me and hurting me and told me I should be dead by the time I was 21. This was the same period my parents friends & my god parents told me they took pot bets to see if I would live. I became suicidal from the intense daily physical abuse from elementary school, church, other activities, as well as home life. I was not just punished at home. I was humiliated and tortured in front of my classmates in elementary school regularly. Initially it seemed like it was because I was brown from playing outside in the summers. However, the kids in elementary school were given instructions from their parents to hurt me verbally and physically because I am a person of Japanese descent. I had "fake" friends, but gave up on friendships because I found out that most kids would be my friend so other groups of kids would hurt me. Frequently I was gang beaten by other girls at elementary school with the Teachers standing within 15-25 feet away watching. The teachers near punished or stopped the other white children from harming me. 

This torture over my ability to speak Japanese went on through High School. The contorted white principals of the schools I attended frequently were the perpetrators of hurting me. They humiliated me regularly in school because I am  Japanese. They even put me in a class where the racist professors were so abusive because I am not caucasian. These were Elementary, Middle School, and High school instructors of Caucasian descent. They said I was too stupid to learn Japanese frequently and punished me in front of very white supremacist kids to put me down. I was frequently depressed and did not like to speak with anyone at my high school. If i didn't get some sort of favor with the white supremacist kids I was hurt physically  even more than just being verbally humiliated on a daily basis. I was forced to tolerate being harmed daily. The only thing I had a little control over was
I tried to get help from other "Human rights groups & Justice groups" but they refused to help me because I am not white or black/ African american. They made it clear rights were not for me and I am just a mutt/ a mudd to them. Even the African-Americans were abusive this way to me. They all liked to hurt us because that gave them common ground to relate on some level that wasn't their personal issues.  My friends were usually kids from big cities with parents who decided they did not like the school district. So, they were there only a short while.

1970's - 2000

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Me & US military officers @ Oahu

I think a lot of it is specific to me due to my family relation in Japan. Many of the  US military officers I met have a hateful laugh they direct at me. Many of them are very mentally, emotionally, and sexually abusive towards me as well. Even my USA acquaintances have seen some of it in public, and told me I should report them for the public display of harassment. I have already been gangstalked by coworkers of a US Navy officer when I tried to report such instances. It turned into a very expensive $30k+ legal fight and loss of housing I paid for due to the judges disregard. Some US military officers I met divorced their Japanese wives.
They seem to think its acceptable to abuse me for such things as; because (last year 2016) Japan requested to do more military drills with them in RIMPAC. Or such as last night, showing very high disrespect towards me in private and becoming threatning after he went out drinking for several hours. He brought another woman home with him who started to verbally attack me. This wasn't the first time as I had lived there for several months and similar issues with different women occurred. I think its a mean hearted game to this officer.
None of them are decent men to me with most of their behaviors. They do not appreciate me. Others in Waikiki community also disapprove of what they have seen in public, ie the "what are you doing with the dumb haole" comments.

I have tried my best to tolerate this political & personal situation. Most of them USMC Colonel/officers. They do not help me enough to offset the aggravation they cause. And, its only pushed me backwards so far.

Usa, Korea. to Japan 1st generation

My experience in the USA is from the East Coast. Many Koreans and Americans of military families & relation target us even as half Japanese dual nationals. 1. They are racist and against "interbreeding" of races. They also both still hate Japan and targeted me. Even my mother refused to go to "Japanese" restraunts run by Koreans on the east coast and Pennsylvania due to varying degrees of peobkems and fights instigated by the restraunt owners.
N.Y. and Pennsylvania, Md & Dc are not Hawaii. They are the international mecca of business. So, many USA citizens are still discriminating against the few Japanese national descent there are on East Coast.
It is mentally abusive as well as physical & financial. The financial damage is life threatning for me at this point. I don't perceive things getting better.
USA overall discriminatory and rude intentionally. I don't trust any of them at this point, from 1% community to lowest enlisted persons to the Koreans they bring over to terrorize me.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

The culling of the humans

The weak from the wise
What makes human demise?
Extra ability and trust in personal precognition.
Extra sensory perception.
What keeps one alive?
besides will to survive.
the culling of humans has begun. It is not about war or violence
It is about the extra 6th and beyond sense.
If u got caught in it, you weren't good enough.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Support Targeted Individual Angela M Kneale

Support Targeted Individual Angela M Kneale

Dual Nationa Targeted Individual - Japan/USA

The United States of America has NEVER respected my individual rights. After 42 years, they continue to torture, harass, and deny me basic human rights. It is not because I was lazy. i worked over 80 hrs. a week for decades and was not paid. I was targeted in Childhood and my Parents' attorneys saw to it that I was dehumanized to DNA that my parents were legally allowed to terminate.
By Junior High School, I was given a choice to Foster Care in the Highly abusive and White Supremacist Bucks County community where I was physically abused and on all levels of abuse by the teachers, students, students parents and church leaders to set the EXAMPLE for appropriate treatment of an indigent ethnic Japanese.  It has been 42 years and I and my brother suffered through their unrelenting DAILY targeting and Abuse by Department of Defense and other Military Contractor employees, Veterans, and other PATRIOTIC USA inhabitants from Doylestown, PA, Quakertown, PA and connected and surrounding areas.
In 2009 I arrived in Hawaii for a much needed vacation. I was abducted by a Federal Agent immediately and prohibited from leaving his presence to wait to pick up my rental car on my own.  Since that day, my life has been changed with my relatives with Japanese National Security conections  watching some while seeing me suffer without intervening in Oahu & the United States.

There is a vast amount of racism in Hawaii that I have had to endure. It made me a GAGGED PERSON where everyone involved lead others to believe that I was their family and did not need assistance. I was not permitted to speak freely for quite some time without physical harm being done to me.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Launched Stop Targeting & Electronic Harassment Campaign

Due to suggestions from other Targeted individuals, a good friend with advice, and running out of options;- I finally broke down and posted my Stop Targeting & Electronic Harassment Campaign.
My immediate goal for this week is $2200.  I still need appx. 20k to leave Hawaii and/or fund a new organization which I can head up for T.I. awareness.
I tweet frequently at @imperialNewsJ for more updates and information about T.I.
Please help support me and pass on this link and contribute a $1, $2, $5
much thanks!

Powered by FundRazr

Thursday, September 14, 2017

What Hawaii State does after THEIR pimps attack a tourist.

The thing that really got to me last night, is the disrespect from Hawaii's social workers. I wonder that they even realize they promote human trafficking?!!!
At a domestic violence help network;- they informed me that Hawaii state would have me arrested like many others if I boarded the plane. And they offered me what is called a "Freedom train Flight" Basically, a one way plane ticket out of Hawaii to another Destination. 
However they wanted me to have someone "SIGN" for me like a package and "Take responsibility for me" Like a pimp. I NEVER HAD A PIMP interfere in my life and jeporadize my career & work UNTIL I arrived at the Honolulu airport. So it was 100% Hawaii's astute Federal type Pimp.
So OBVIOUSLY none of my friends or family wanted anything to do with such a legal transaction.
Basically, they disrespected my now 40year old single adult opinion to return to MY LIFE. MY STUDIO. MY OFFICE. and other things that supported MY LIFE as an independent private individual who was raised to work on EXIM matters that were loosely connected to APEC 2011 which I attended despite my situation. This isn't an issue I scream out at collegues.  If you want to be humiliated and thrown in the gutter internationally as a 1st generation American- Japanese citizen;- going on vacation here is one way to do it. 
Now that my life is ruined, and virtually unsalvageable due to INANE Hawaii. I'm not sure what to do due to the international EMBARASSMENT & HUMILIATION their local gangstalkers and martial arts followers impressed. 
There's not much I can accomplish with jeering bank tellers, police harassers, and their run of mill men who are accustomed to "Purchasing" women's time in a variety of otherwise standard "unprofessional ways" in bars.
Additionally, after I was fighting for my life a 2nd time and cops watched ( if you follow my blog posts) I was forced to fill out a police report according to Officers words and threatened to be arrested if I didn't accept the Ambulence services. Being in a really bad financial situation already;- the Hospitals attempted to extort money from my relatives. By the way, the HPD officer did not make any attempt to STOP my attacker and WATCHED in entirety with a door WIDE OPEN.
Hawaii State denied me the full extent of my human rights. Including refusing to meet with me for social services. This is not just a light Targeted Individual situation in one of the most difficult places to live financially. They can't afford their own SECURITY personnel.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

North Korea Nuclear Strategy

My Notes from a Live Youtube interview from
Interview with Keith Hunter

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

My thoughts today about Hawaii

Hawaii local & govt employees and others have become annoying as I hear them discuss what they are going to do with my life. Just like tsa & federal employees blacklisted me and stole my phone equipment claiming that I'm not white so my belongings aren't mine since I have a Caucasian name. And because they wanted to classify me as a terrorist per my father ex USAF Osi warrant officer to create slow kill and international incident.
They have harassed and terrorized me throughout my life. Hawaii State is no exception as many Asian-Americans and Japan haters attack me, gang stalk me, and add to the already hateful USA govt and military behaviors aimed at destroying me due to my Japanese national heritage from Japanese politics and infrastructure. The USA wants another Hiroshima & Nagasaki the way they act & reparations were insincere.

Thursday, August 31, 2017


My life is endangered now. Hawaii State & Federal have attempted to force me to prostitution to the Hawaiian & Asian criminal gangs. They know that I'm the USA niece of Yoshitomo Takenaka a retired Executive of the Takenaka Corporation.
My ex USAF OSI father & his friend and neighbor Lee Clymer and Quakertown & Richlandtown Police Department and Craig Landis conspired to take action against my life as well.
PLEASE, I NEED HELP!!!! I feel I will sincerely loose my life very soon
I do not have a home in Hawaii. I am on Oahu. My address is the Post Office since it was for safety.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Japanese movie violence taught USA

Japan has so many movies that embody violence and technology. Even American women, of all ethnicities, and American men have violent fantasies about Japanese women fighters, ninja, etc. It does not matter if Japanese women are refined and well cultured. The Americans attack us too often in many ways physical, psychological, and financial. The American people are violent criminals at heart with a sense of Christian forgiveness for their damaging actions.
Maybe the same can be said for China and Korea experiences in the USA. I am not certain even though I have heard a few similar stories to my own.

Hawaii at Night in Spirit

Creates a clear image when I focus on the Egg. Angela M. Kneale

Both of Us

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Birthday wish to my MOM

Saying Happy belated birthday to my mom.
Sorry, I could not call because Your husband" my father threatened legal action against me if I call the house. I understand the does not allow you to call me for decades now. I know he did not allow me to talk to my obasan, or ogesan or cousins in Japan either.
He is truly awful, as awful as his friends who only hurt our family. I lost my siblings and all USA family support due to his actions. I am stalked and harassed continuously throughout my life due to his poor choices with regards to my life.
His hatred, and want to belong to his racist friends and coworkers who hate us.
Until he apologizes there is nothing to forgive and his actions stand alone for all to judge.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Note: 8:05pm Hawaii time

I realize I post this here. And that I have enemies in the USA, Hawaii and abroad who use non genetic clones of me to pass in clandestine ops. This has been troublesome already in trying to establish any normal stability for me independently in the USA.

Quantum body encounters 1 UFO

Last night I had 2 different quantum body visitors. All in the portal range I established from KaUka Blvd to another small park near Mililani.

1st one - came after I saw a moving light in the sky above me. I was doing an alpha wave  meditation after I saw the lights. It became cloudy. During the meditation, a light of white and magenta and blue swirls of an alien type cranium...consciousness interacted with me and I responded with how/you're beautiful. The consciousness asked me how I wanted to leave the earth and I responded beautiful like u not like a demon. The spirit left like a light moving up from in front of my vehicle. I also saw part of a light made warrior helmet (no feathers) floating  larger than my car and rotating app. 180.

One was quite tall with another cranium shape more elongated and walked towards my parked car. This was very strong electromagnetically. Stronger in form than the warrior ghosts at the Pali. Not an aggressive bandwidth, yet assertive. Startled me and left without any other interaction or communication.

Friday, August 18, 2017

The expendable

When I attended APEC in Honolulu 2011,
I walked into a "situation" after already high security had arranged concrete barricades, many residents vacated their rentals and homes to continue smoking weed, and volunteer guards lined streets and rooftops holding m-16 rifles.
The situation on the way to the $700+ meeting I paid for out of pocket no reimbursement attended for 9 hrs with Ambassador Schwab and other notable people;- a large group of Chinese protesters gathered not far from the building entrance & a line up of armed soldiers on the opposite sidewalk.

I held my breath that walk.
This and other unpaid favors  from answering questions from where to purchase property from new Chinese and other business people grabbing me before the first sip of ☕ coffee reaches my lips out of the coffee shop. Expiditing and arranging other expensive business consultations have all gone un-rewarded and unpaid to me.

Whether harassment or not. I am owed for my time and energy.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

72nd of Hiroshima & personal update from Hawaii

Brief 10 minute update above. My mission was entirely peaceful to find others who were anti-nuclear weapons use in the USA. I was a simple Classical piano faculty member and  Business organizational development consultant prior to and during my vacation arrival in Honolulu. I spent decades of my activist life also becoming a Grassroots organizer.
  • I am seeking help from outside the USA since no one, especially USA politicians and other civilians,  internal to the USA is capable to help me.
  • I seek to regain what I call a respectable Life.  
  • I have been a targeted individual in Hawaii since I purchased my plane ticket in 2009.
    •  Senator Daniel Inoyue & Senator Daniel Akaka
    • I was targeted by a Delta Handler or aka Special Forces Combat trainer - he is allegedly connected to Chinese & Hawaiian Illuminati due to his heritage.
    • 3 blatant attempts were made against my life by 3 individuals with HPD knowledge. These attacks were intended to kill me and HPD covered up for the perpetrators.
  • I believe I was targeted due to my relative involved directly in Japanese Steel. I do not receive income or financial support from Japan. 
  • The United States & Hawaii State has forced me out of decent work and has created an international issue out of the work that has been available to me in Hawaii (which they are currently forcing me out of. ) I have an international audience & was involved in EX-IM.
Today, August 17th, 2017,  I wrote a letter to 2 Hawaii Senators. The letters were similar.  The following is what I sent to Senator Mazie Hirono via her website.

August 17th, 2017
Dear Senator,

I am writing just after this 72nd Anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. I apologize that I was not given a Japanese name at birth due to my father being ex USAF OSI at the time my mother was brought into the USA through Hawaii in the late 60's.

I arrived in Honolulu in February 2009 for a 1 month Vacation. Later I barely made it to attend APEC 2011 with knowledge of EX-IM intentions with my relatives in Japan. You see, my Uncle was an executive involved in Steel purchases for the Takenaka Corporation at the time as part of the founding family of that company.

I was targeted and entrapped by some of your federal agents and law enforcement when I arrived in the Islands. I even attempted to speak with you by my attendance at one of your campaign events. Instead, you looked at me with a scornful and hateful look.

I am writing to inform you that members of the Japanese military have approached me to quit working in Hawaii's clubs and bars. It was not a choice for me to stay in Hawaii. At age 36, I was targeted and coerced by a Federal agent. Due to his high level of security and his ability gain support of HPD and the  Town Association and families of Martial arts students;- I was coerced in FULL EFFECT as a targeted individual.

I was nearly murdered 3x and HPD was involved in covering up the seriousness of what happened each time. My life has been destroyed and my relatives in Japan and USA do not want the liability of having to handle the Special Operations backlash of the federal agent and his martial arts gang that are involved.

I however, would like to speak with you since the security in your State of Hawaii has caused such an international embarrassment for me. My role was very sensitive in EX-IM politics and I receive no compensation for such a huge failure, largely caused by your Hawaii state security officers and US Military members.

Please contact me if you have time to discuss any of this as a matter I am informing you about. I am out of time.

Angela M. Kneale


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Quick letter 808 #TI (targeted individual)

Hi. I am a trained grassroots organizer in Hawaii. I have listened to many stories over the past 7 years here. I also am/was a ti at a higher level due to the international involvement of my life. If you have material I can use/distribute to create online petition(s) please let me know. I am a Japanese woman and 1st generation.

Hawaii has unique issues due to the presence of Asian/Foreign gangs with higher technology intelligence as well as the FOB (fresh off boat) immigrants who find gang stalking and crime an easier way to make ends meet. Hawaii is quite expensive. There is a noticible crowd of random individuals who have been victims of the original CIA Mind Kontrol programs over the decades. As well as current and retired agents and their families. Hawaii also has a long history of sex trafficking and human trafficking as well as sale of children and organs. Not including Latino Cartels and drug distribution that keeps local landowners afloat.
There is alot of work that needs to be done here. Also for the regular hospitality industry workers who make Cash tips. It is difficult to have true security due to environmental factors such as saltwater corrosion.

If you have any information assistance or for me to lobby, I would appreciate use of your prior work. I am a single person with multiple issues at hand.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Stargate skills

1. Perceiving and witnessing other person's or ALF "precognition" astral body;-
seeing a "grayish/brownish" quantum type energy body, is sometimes an indicator of a person's intention to arrive at a destination. They may be scouting the area ahead of their entry.
These apparition-like energy fields could easily be confused with another paranormal entity or ALF. However even ALF have ability to quantum scout/ aka astral plane. It is just that the focus of this more routine matter for them may startle the newcomer watcher.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hybrid Espionage - Japan 731

I was raised out of sight of the Military payroll or pretty much any payroll for that matter. Today, I'm missing the old activist friends I had;- those who protested Military soldier toys and military games and such that are marketed at Children.
I'm trudging through what I can of what little information is out there to confirm what I have at the forefront of my memory.
I'm not in a place where I can do any deprogramming further and/ or trust anyone around me. Most of the Hawaii locals and Military personnel (contractors, vets & retired) are not trustworthy to me. They are enthralled with the kill, trying to kill me and my soul in entirety. I have done what I can.

Japan 731

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Stargate Example Alice Sync

(No Marionette)
  1. v2K command to online search {search term ie., Soulcatch #ti}

  2. Play Video result from search video play- trips more programming & specific v2k - Satellite 

  3. v2k syncs body with movement/ visual signal in video - Satellite sync

  4. Phone Call follow up - after sync - pre recorded - like synthetic Marionette.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

This morning

This morning was intense. I had an awake state trance like quantum visit from Choronzon's helper 1st 2. Last time I encountered Choronzon was April 20, 2011

A V2K a News Sen Ario

The subject is drugged on muscle relaxants.
the quantum body of Stargate goes into his nostril, a deviated sceptum from
too many drugs and work days. To give him a supreme sensual experience of
MKStargate quantum body holds the tip of his tounge after pulling it through
the deviated sceptum. The subject finds this quite relaxing. There are hypnotic v2k
voices soothing his childhood issue of being a booger eater.  His toungue wags back &
forth in the enlarged nostril, sensually pushing into the cavity. He feels warm and
relaxed, then fills his pants with warmth like sex and he floods his pants with urine. He enjoys
this release immensely. His tounge signals to his brain that he wants to feel this warmth too.
Stargate quantum body does what he desires and moves the toungue out of the nostril cavity to his
pants in an instant. He senses without the smell the sensual flow of warm yellow urine he created.
And then, He feels the explosion of warmth trickling from his nose to his stomach and out his nostrils
the blood flowing from the absence of his tongue now wrapped around his dick and anal cavity.
Stargate is so personal. 

My Akashic Record of Violence

I'm still deciding on a title, for my "book".

(My) Akashic Record of Violence
Once, I shared an MK Ultra peace pipe with someone I "summoned" as I was told near g6.
I spent an afternoon at the beach opening the Akashic Records of that area
through the coded light. I sat on my beach towel I witnessed many atrocious acts of humanity that occurred in that area. I was raised MK Ultra Stargate. I have abilities to access particular knowledge about humanity, past and present. With or without human hardware devices.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

August 8, 2017 EM attack & 1/2 death threats

EM Attack on me & Phone today

Facing West. App on phone is Feng Shui Compass. It opens  on its own and then 
shows whatever direction I'm facing as 6 Killings. When it's not EM attack time, the pain at my corotid artery goes away and the phone is 
also behaving. I get death threat via text as well as messages saying my phone is contaminated from 
some website.

Hunting for Manchurian Candidates by Stargate

I was frequently going to do mat sessions at a place in Honolulu. The mat that i used
was set to computer generated Schumann Frequency also known as Earth frequency.
And, I preferred the older version to the newer one for some time until I developed
sensitivity to the electric current itself.
So, one day at this place there are 2 mats for use. I was on one. Another older woman, with white hair was on the other. I was in some meditative state and when I returned back, I brought back that
there was an image of a beetle like scarab, overtop of another design some curved geometrical shape and in orange, red, golds. There are NO BUTTERFLIES !!!
I talked to the mat technician about this vivid image and it was simply blown off as probably something from someone else. So, my best guess is that the much older generation than me in their 60's has more of the original manchurian candidate programming. And, that somehow this image is connected to it.
I think people forget I'm Stargate. So, even my handlers get stupid because they forgot I can mindread them. After all, that is part of my program and part of how I developed "defiance disorder".

Monday, August 07, 2017

Using MK Stargate skills for Good

Before my Ocasan (mother) went to the Hospital for a long time;- One rule, my Ocasan (mother) reminded me of daily was to NEVER wish anyone harm.
Reading EM signature of birds was easy and interesting to me. 
I had abilities that I didn't communicate with other people for a long time.
My ability to quantum had developed, somewhat insignificantly to this memory at this moment as a child. However, in 1999-2000 I was in Florida after a short post graduation trip to Key West, Florida.
My ex-partner, who probably has some of my command codes and I stayed in Florida on the West Coast for nearly a year. For lack of a community my age, I took up volunteer work at the Bird Sanctuary that S.L. had helped to fund. On weekends I drove a rescue truck and went out on calls to rescue birds.
When I got to a location, usually with a rescuer partner I was able to read the EM signature of the bird in the area. It was much easier for me to read if the bird nested in the area. I almost never returned to the sanctuary empty handed. The only one where I didn't retreive the bird was a call to rescue a "missing" Anhinga (Florida State Bird). These birds can hold their breath and stay underwater for 20-30minutes. The landowners noticed the bird had been missing from their yard that also has a small pond. When I arrived, I could see the EM signature of the Anhinga and I immediately pointed and told the landowners what I saw of where the Anhinga slept walked everything, before they explained anything. And, also before I was closer than 20ft. to the exact location in their yard. We just got calls based on bird type and location.
My partner & I decided to forgo the potentially alligator infested pond to dredge for the bird.
This was one of the ways that I used my skills to do some good. On the weekends especially.


Sunday, August 06, 2017

Stoicism Quotation

Marcus Aurelius quotation 
Thanks to Unbeatable Mind.

MKstArgate Enochian

Enochian Coding through Magic Square - My Incomplete version

Project Stargate 1978-1995

Some of My personal outline of Project Stargate


(Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassination)

Project Stargate 1978-1995

  • Quantum Control
  • Telekinesis
  • Quantum Assassin
  • Psychic Assassin
  • Quantum Soldiers
  • Quantum Bodyguards & Scouts
  • Psychic Bodyguards & Scouts
  • Undetectable Psy Ops Mind Kontrol 
    • Quantum Chi MK Implant
    • Targeted Dream Manipulation
  • Foreign Countries Spy Techniques
  • Time Trave & Remote Viewers
  • Drug Shipment monitoring
  • Quantum Conciousness Memory Integrity
  • Undetectable Spyware

Clones & Skygate

The use of programmed clones with skygate is to provide a meeting ground that is quantum level different than a straight up holographic representation.
Maybe it sounds creepy and advantageous to the original. The clones are less likely to be read, have a biological field to read or sense for the skygate program participant. So, it provides some sense of target and read that is more in depth than a drone download or a holographic message. For information purpose it is a step in the verification mode of communication of a legitimate contact. This brings me to the shapeshifters and skin walkers purpose being something a high level skygate program participant can discern while even a skilled psychic can fail. This is where the program levels diverge from the common psychic or mentalist. This is point where the demons, angels, greys, send their astral bodies to view us with shapeshifting match and chemistry of appropriate human biomass. It is the level where we transcend this blunt perception of life on earth. It isn't just about control of one's quantum body. Having skills to commit telekinesis is stepping beyond the normal dormant state. Being conscious and then bringing back the quantum perception and consciousness is another step. The step beyond that becomes a functional relationship of multitasking both consciousness and quantum perceptions, then in sync with appropriate physical action.
This is beyond just a basic ESP sense that the militaries now acknowledge. Even their forced quantum tests linked with Stargate did not go to this depth, as they were initially attempting to force a physically irrational quantum body result without explanation.
The following levels become engaging on both a quantum and physical plane somewhat simultaneously.  So take for example a combatant who, in self defense, puts a person in an arm bar. The combatant quantum to another human biomass to aid direct perceptive vision of the location and other actual physical bodies of live humans. Simultaneously scans the area for best vantage, which may be legal as well. Iow literally borrowing the use of another person's eyes to see your positioning.

the Control Rooms/ Upship & @Jedi

Not sure where to start with this.

I've had a few dreams that are vivid that some have had real life impact.
One of them was the control room outside the earth's atmosphere.
There was a long control panel and the alien life forms allowed me to approach the control consul/monitors. They were looking at a series of weather patterns for approximately a 1.5 month period for the Atlantic Coast of the USA;- However, that's what I was allowed to say at the time. What I actually saw was a much longer time plan of storms that spanned over 1 year.
This was the first time I was comfortable and allowed to approach the panels, prior to this enounter,
I was not permitted to be so close to the alien conciousness.
jedi in Stargate; - Normally, like with the jedi type meetings, a guide would permit me to enter the area. However, I was not security and I was also not cleared enough to share conciousness space with them so, I had to stay back from a distance and observe. To best describe this is that I, being raised in  i will refer to as Skygate from here on , am typically not permitted to be near or share conciousness space or biological field, auric energy with other high level beings conducting secretive business. I can be hurt just as easily as I can connect and anticipate or what they call telepathy/mind read what they commonly refer to as psychic.
Part of this is due to the partial explanation below. Part of this is due to being a visually sensitive kinesthetic learner. They wear the robes to meetings to hide movement subtleties. Much like my experience with  a highly compartmentalized and "dead" Delta handler I will refer to as SK, who spoke to me one day to say that SK learned a small movement watching me. I rarely had training partners near my size and most were 2-3x larger than me and male. He then said he tried it while going up a weight class in a pride fight. A win was his result.

In the classical piano world of high level minds, it is the expansion of the mind. Sensing presence, Astral planing, creating a meditative projection that only others who have developed minds can perceive are just some of the beginnings of mindset. The USA however, is severely lacking in independent creation and learning of these skills. Typically, an American practitioner "piggybacks" on a higher skilled practitioner for some time until the inner confidence is established as a solid base. The differences here are that they are more like a 2nd generation plant seed from seed. However, the seriousness that once existed is currently lacking. By seriousness, I mean that they are required to spend sufficient time to assimilate the initiating culture" without much room for translation errors due to interpretation. The timeline that diverges from this practice is significant to cause disruptions.
So rather than piggyback, the American needs to understand and develop independent of the skilled practitioner. It may be a slower start, but it allows for a multidimensional understanding that has more depth of character unlike the above clone. None of this is new to human understanding. However, it has become lost.

The Human conciousness is not attractive with their breeding tech.
They have become grotesque and feel some elevated/ level of unjustifiable entitlement. They have not evolved to survive as a whole. The USA has proven that they can purchase segments of other race/ nation culture and in effect
Somehow, their breeding program that is attached to their biological system is
a disfunctional algorithm. The male of the species has extreme issues in finding conciousness space
and manipulating both earthly constructs as well as their social species constructs.
The women breed for some immediate survival result of food, clothing, shelter and procreation.
Somehow their health is not connected and not a real concern as there is no impending threat to their species as a whole. Time to XILL.
There is no functional or rational means to their existence.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Biowarfare ed. before 8yrs old

biowarfare tests--trigger & memories tonight. ..
I had a dream memory from when I studied with Dr. Andor Kiszely where I was in a reinforced room, and Dr. Kiszely said he would have gone in the room with me. It was kindof like a room you'd see in an aircraft hangar. But it was to gas people (different than Nazi concentration camp gas ), and I was just a little kid. It was reinforced, with a circular window door with thick glass set inside the circle. Kindof like a huge washing machine door put on a large stainless safe. It could fit more than the 10-12 people I saw in my dream of this place. And, it wasn't like the dingy concentration camps.

I think when i'm reading this.
Maybe it's like the stories my mom told me about the Americans being in Japan and
how Japanese wore gloves to handle paper money. She  told stories to me that the Americans used biological warfare on them after the war. The war never ended with A-bombs. The war continued and so she started explaining biological warfare to me. All of the stories she told me were before she went away for a while, to the hospital. It seemed like 3-4 years until she returned. My dad even told me she was dead one day. I remember the place. I remember the hate he got in my face and then he closed the door in my face. I was left alone with that thought, never really cried because I wasn't allowed to cry. Then one day she came back. That night, was the 1st hateful rage she just lost it on me. She didn't know until 2005 that he told me she died. I just put her out of my mind and thought she was in a good place. That night, yeah, i told her she's not my mom. And, I got rage back. They made me sleep in the hallway instead of my bed. Then she lost it and I was not even in the Hallway to sleep anymore. My brother in his room got used to this.
---- 1974-1982ish I was three in 78 and my brother was a baby.
Yeah that and going to Chesapeake Bay with neighbors and/or the program and we played a stupid game where he'd lock me out of my room. There was a joke at the table that we could pick locks with those drink swords off our shirley temple drink's marschiano cherries. So, it became a game to pick the lock with the plastic drink swords we'd save before mom would come screaming at me because he locked me out of my room back at home in Pennsylvania. Then he just got mean at some point. The drink swords vanished and I'd scream at him to shut up. I'd get whipped with the leather belt if I talked to anyone like that in the house. So, I got busted more than a few times. Eventually we played this so much a drink sword broke off in the pin hole. My mom got mad she had to pick the lock cause we messed it up and he couldn't get out of his room.
It eventually turned into me getting yanked out of bed by a limb or my hair and dragged down 2 flights of uncarpeted stairs in the split level before getting thrown outside in my PJ's. Eventually they got brave and just threw me outside this way in the winter. After the @playhouse was up without a roof. I'd be outside in my Pj's about 1/4 from the house looking at the moon. And, I wouldn't go back to the house when they'd call me. I just would stay away until my nerves said it was safe enough.

I have not posted the worst

I still have much to post, tweet, and talk out. This isn't a fan show. This is about how rotten the Mind Kontrol, Rosacrucians, and USA have been to me directly. I can attest to the fact that my brother was set up, assaulted, dosed, by his friends in Pennsylvania university's and high school.
He stayed with me a few times when he was supposed to be at Susquehanna University after I secured non-dormitory housing. The students and security treated him badly and left him dosed in K-holes on university sidewalks, broke into his dorm room to attack him and his dorm mates were aiding the assailants.
I encouraged him to attend Ithaca just for the fact that I found some ease in the local community and at Cornell University. Despite my enrollment at Ithaca college, I was abused and assaulted in the dorms. Shortly after I built an animal right group and grew it to over 100 students. Once I secured off campus housing especially I spent time at Cornell's library and away from Ithaca College for sanity. I wasn't allowed to go to any state/govt. Funded university.

So, I only was a model student at Cornell's Falcon program teacher workshops. It is interesting due to the other reason I was in Stargate program - my musical background and languages exposure was to be an asset. I still believe I have altars that understand Burmese, Thai, other languages I never studied. They attributed this to me when I was put in speech therapy in elementary school (I was bi-lingual)as a possible thing that would happen due to my generations old genetic memory. Though I failed romance languages miserably in large part because I was not white.

I also met my ex partner and spent time in his Ag. School at Cornell University as well as time with him at the architecture shop building furniture (he stayed with me even after another assault I went through so the relatioship was a double edged sword for me.) I knew his professor s better than my own at Ithaca College. They were people I worked for or had dinner parties with...

Why I divulge this now.

I suppose most naive readers think that this is a pity party. Its simply to document, for my relatives in Japan part of what happened to us.
I realize that it is upsetting material, as if I like to grovel lower than American household pets. Because I don't. My distaste for American style forced on me has only increased. Especially for those other Asian Americans who immigrated and buy into the USA games in order to fund their new national existence. In fact, Asian accented/ serviceable language makes me cringe as a resonance of abuse.

Growing up Japanese Dual national USA 1980's

One of the issues that I had being programmed, well several issues. The main one was that I had to endure daily ritual abuse of some sort. It included being put into speech therapy and forced to stop being bi-lingual in Japanese ( despite being born a Japanese national). They don't torture people this way even at Guantanamo. It was complete community abuse directed at me 24/7. My father, my school teachers, other students especially were given instructions by their parents to physically hurt me during school... This made me suicidal by age 10. It was a crux.

It was the crux of me justifying staying alive because my brother, he was at least very happy most of the time and knew I would take blame for him. The other thing I came to decide was that;- if I used my time how I wanted or whether I did what they said, I would still be tortured. and, like other intelligent kids being abused elsewhere (I learned later in life) looking for a breathing room, just a small space to survive, I began to fail at things. The blatant failures took out the expectations. The normally high performance only encouraged them to dish out more torture to push me a step beyond and above that top end. It was "defiance disorder" in a sense in the Program. I let them win. They tortured me every day regardless of my consistant "good" behaviors. In order to live (quite literally stay alive) I had to stop trying to compete with everyone. I learned they all sucked. They were all quite rotten. Not one of them had an ounce of compassion. That the friends were "fake" and they played the side to push me to an abusive trap with other schoolmates. This was the lesson my brother learned and pages for dearly as the abuse stacked up. We had no relatives who loved us in the USA. Just our parents. I did chores for my dad's relatives and was rewarded with $5-$30 (even for birthdays) or a Klondike bar. I never had a big Christmas. We spent most of our holidays with our neighbors instead of our relatives.

Symbols to get through MK program

Pre internet and without TV

One of the things I did that may have helped me along the way, was studying and memorizing as much as I could from 2 main occult books. I understood that my dream world was connected to something manipulating me. So rather than reading dream interpretation books I basically decided on 2 objective sources.

1. The Dictionary of Symbols translated from French
It gave explanation about many symbols in many cultures and their possible meanings. I went through alphabetically as well as by groups is., animals, objects, shapes.
2. The Magician's Companion
At first this book seemed hokey to me. Eventually others around me took to the book and I purchased 3-4 of them. It has many basic explanations of different magical systems and charts as well as old languages for cryptology.

Because we had Atari & TI (Texas instruments) back in the day e.g.en I had to learn basic programming and tried flight simulation games...iow no WWw or Wikipedia. Something I found in elementary school that helped me was a very intense angelic diagram in the Encyclopedia Brittanica. It showed the multiple levels of the angelic world and gave a lengthy explanation.

I had read a lot of Isaac Asimov too as a child (on my mom's library card). His writing helped with multiple perspectives for me to rationalize some of my experiences. My reading comprehension was high, so this type of reading was easy for me.

Friday, August 04, 2017

My MK Ultra Stargate word Collage

1999 Stargate Enneagram

 When I received the Enneagram, I was working on my last semester. I had recreational read Ishmael, and was working on my computer art and music, as well as still having involvement in the active Animal Rights (welfare) groups I ran and one a friend ran at Cornell University. My condo then was much closer to Cornell University. I in fact liked living on the C.U. side of the hill. And, previously in 1996 after returning to college in Ithaca after my organizer spout that took me from University of Montana, Missoula to Washington, DC as an intern I lived in a private home (with an outdoor heated pool, tennis court, basketball court) in legendary Carl Sagan's neighborhood.
Anyway, the Enneagram was a new thing to me and I had drawn it in a lucid state. I had to ask around a place where I worked in Ithaca (80% of residents have College degrees here at the time) and someone was able to tell me it was an Enneagram. I never received an explanation for it. Later in 99' I took to making it a kind of Earth logo and photoshopped a NASA topographical earth photo under the crosshairs and Epsilon. I was 25 at the time.

Later in 1999 I was to meet Dr. Joel Elkes, in Florida,  he was a professor also at John Hopkins University. I think this was the first time I remember my meeting with a programmer;- he told me that I have "Defiance disorder" because I would not do things they instructed me to do.  I met & briefly lived with Sally Lucke, who had been on the Board of Directors of the MOMA and she also was from a Chicago Export-Import family. I remembered just standing at the end of the driveway at my childhood home and "receiving" knowledge of taking care of an elderly woman. This woman later, was Sally Lucke's mother who was removed from the nursing facility. When I told Sally about my perception of this situation, she showed me her altar and told me it was her dream wish that she put out. I apparently was one who answered.
In hindsight, Dr. Elkes was her boyfriend. It's possible that I had been taken to the nearby clinic on Clymer Rd. or the cult also on the same road in rural Pennsylvania and programmed, and left at the end of the driveway.

Gangstalk by clones of family members

In Waikiki this past year
Smoking man I saw walk by me 2x, wearing out of place in Hawaii clothing like my father would wear winter/fall. In conjunction with clones actors of my brother younger, older ages all making a point of looking at me to catch my attention, to the point they also drove vehicles at his appropriate age as he did go through 12 vehicles (less than 6 clones more like 4)...most of them near Yakuza part of Waikiki. Strange that I was drawn there too. Place I rarely go to on Oahu just because of Yakuza presence made themselves known to me.

More of my memories and dreams

My stargate dreams started slowly to develop. First with hot air balloons. Then it gradually shifted to Stargate in the sky in 2 locations nearby my childhood home.
The spiders let me live. They were huge and watched over me from nearby the Stargate(s). None of my stargates were on the ground. All of them were of air or sky.
The rainbow (God's) formation of bubble like ultralights that had different people in varied military uniforms in them . the African looking man told me I had to stay in bucks county and that I was not permitted to leave with them. Decades later I saw a pic of one of the craft on Google Earth view of area 51.

The walking fish coming out of the underground well after I did a stargate meditation from the mind course I was taking.

Regardless of Stargate, I had private dreams with my Ogesan in them. I would enter through a hidden door and have to change size (shrink) and then walk through darkness to the location. He would then let me sit and watch him train.
He was a high ranking Kendo master. I also had remote viewed my Japan trip with him over a year before I went on the trip. My mother was angry with me because I was non-reactive for the duration of the trip. Including a long mountain water slide any kid would have been excited about. She knows why I stopped talking to my Ogesan on that trip. He took something I found and stuck a pin through it. I became angry with him and stopped talking to him the rest of the summer.
One of my MKultra dreams was of a roller rink and a bunch of marionette people being moved in the rink. My Obaasan pulled me away from the darkness and told me they didn't want me to be a puppet. I remember her voice telling me that I was not going to be a puppet. That I may not have an outstanding life, but that they wanted me to make my own choices, and to use my own instinct.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

USA targeted Asian Business leaders for decades

The United States has for over decades, targeted foreign Asian students and pushed students in top notch universities to their deaths. Much of the American public has not acknowledged this. And, for 3rd or fourth generation Asian-Americans to compare themselves to those of us new to the USA, is totally inappropriate. I call this inappropriate due to US Mind Kontrol programs where they attempt to create clones of those of us from reputable families, so, I call this emotional conditioning. And due to the severe lack of Asian-American and pacific islanders who campaign against the blatant discrimination;- it makes them even more suspect to Asia as US counterintelligence.

Hawaii is particularly prone to this behavior:
Most Asians who grew up or Originated from  Hawaii state have been part of the US Military branches.
There is a significant generation of baby boomers mother's who worked in the sex trade.
   This results in a very volatile generation of their children who have extreme emotional issues       around women, and what appropriate interactions entail. They have largely been isolated from non -military social interactions with women.
- there are generations of impoverished and soulless Hawaii state born Asian-Americans
-Too many of the Hawaii native residents are highly abusive and take criminal action against Asian Nationals and 1st generation Asian Americans connected to Asian business.
      These people have learned to recruit mainlanders and other foreigners (such as asian gangs) to further their agenda and to potentially create inurgency in Asian nations.

Alot of this horrendous behavior is due to their active participation in the Sex trafficking industry. 
Even the Federal agents and Honolulu police department in 2009 trafficked me to clubs because it was not illegal. I was unable to report my abduction due to their interference. I was unable to create a positive situation. Much to the glee of the Hawaii residents, they damaged my relationship to my relatives in Japan. They created additional US Counterintelligence concerns, as well as potential to harm my relatives who work at high level diplomatic capacity on War negotiations. In part this is from Hawaii natives who defend the Rothschild regimes.
 Their intention is to murder and manipulate.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Disengage USA in entirety

I am asking everyone to disengage from the economic power of the united states, and in every way. From toilet paper to weapons deals, baby food to lights.
Please, for peace. Stop all business, everywhere.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Japan Defense Minister & North Korea

A few hours ago the American style campaigner, Defense Minister Tomomi  Inada resigned from her position.
The impending crisis of North Korean Nukes and ICBM's looms over Japan. Despite new North Korea sanctions from USA & Japan the use of North Korean underground nukes may be ongoing. There is concern that North Korea is  hypothetically approaching Hiroshima 15 kiloton size in nuclear weapons designed yield. If the yield estimates are actual and in possession by North Korea they are 1/3 of the way to a Hiroshima size warhead.
And, on the off chance North Korea is superior with nuclear missile rocket telemetry in conjunction with a magnified solar climate, the design yield of those smaller nukes may be magnified. That means a nuclear warhead of only 7.5kiloton design yield would be needed to create a 21st century Hiroshima sized catastrophe, that killed over 180,000 Japanese civilians.

However, beyond scalar weaponry:- it seems to be a scientist's fantasy that North Korea may be capable of using Nuclear weapons & sun, bomb, earth dynamic telemetry to embattle USA's secretive tectonic weaponry.

This writer proposes that some EMP capable ally disable North Korean nuclear progress if there is a way to spare Japan another nuclear winter.

Info derived from English & USA news reports and interviews.

My lifetime here in USA

I, born Angela Merideath Knell onto the Earth and subsequently registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as Angela Meredith Kneale and under protection of the land of Japan, have been investigating the United States of America,
the USA & USA
the U.S. & U.S.
the U.S.A. & U.S.A.
the US & US

on behalf of investors in the United States of America.  Time to repay debt to its USA  creditors has come due.

The United States of America has taken deliberate actions against its investors and the families, beyond an acts of treason against its investors and peaceable life on the planet Earth.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Draft on managing data flow direct to skull

End 2007-2008 i was tested over a period of 2-3 months. This time, with sheer data - images mostly and a bandwidth, and some 3 channels. Synthetic telepathy or data flow or v2k? Doubtful.... when they send a huge information Surplus to your brain and it's from digital sources electronic sources. I did not have a normal time frame to react to the images and information they came in so fast like a flood. What I mean by react, so when you see picture of a cat you have a certain emotion of happy cute fuzzy feeling you no good feelings when you see pictures of war the grotesqueness of it when you see a wedding the happiness of it. When they started to inundate me with all of the political imagery, and other than just political imagery ill say additional imagery and information flow and you're not used to it , you have to find a way to manage it. And for me it was very painful and it was why I was given heavy sedatives that were said to be able to rebalance me so when I woke up I would be rebalanced. The invega for the extreme situation where I could not come out of it on my own meaning I couldn't recover mentally I was some point shaking very disturbed from just the sheer amount of data coming in. And when I took the invega it made things very clear I was able to compartmentalize the information overnight with the you know those sleeping pills so I need like 5 or 6 hours of sleep in order to learn from whatever information you receive. So if you're imagining cramming for a normal test final exam will magnify by about 30 or 50x that easily. And that's what you have when you got a data flow weapon scalar beam v2K. Whatever it is flowing through your head and they're just sending you information

I found a way to manage it with heavy sedative and about 5 Invega over a 2-3month time frame. It was intermittent.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

MKStArgate training included;- cockpit

Part of my #MKstArgate training was to
Prove that I could stay with a downed aircraft in a cockpit most of the time, not to leave it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stargate, Alice, MK Ultra, MRA's & Shaman Dna

Angela Meredith Kneale
July 19, 2017

I was born in the 70's.  My mother came from Japan because she is a Japanese National.
My Birth certificate:
So, Found a birth certificate with my baby stuff. It was the one they write your name on before it gets registered with the government. Mine read "Angela Merideath Knell".
Interesting ; -  at first I thought it was Philadelphia Experiment related.
Thought it was because of Knell. And, I had more reason to think that it was due to Philadelphia Experiment. My Great Uncle who had served on the USS Langley as a gunner and did battle at Iwo Jima, was like my United States grandpa. And, I saw him  almost every weekend, if not every other weekend for most of my entire childhood, Except for when I was in college.
And up until a year or so ago when he passed away. 

Um. So that's 2017 now so we're talking from the 70's till 2017.
But I didn't know about the MK Ultra program.
I was oblivious to it.  I Discovered MK Ultra programming in my late 20's.
But my parent's had frequently told me the story about how they were not permitted by the US government to name me how they wanted to name me.  My mom was very upset about this because she begged with them to give me a Japanese name, and they refused to let her.
I think my mom was already traumatized from when my sister was murdered at the hospital in front of her.  My mom was more apt to comply with them. Yeah, so
Both of my parents told me the story of how they were required to use the initials A.M.K.
And, yeah. my dad's family name does end in a K. But, yeah somehow, or other they were required to use those initials. And how they came to decide what my name would be. So I do remember that from early in childhood.

I guess that was of their way of communicating with me that they didn't completely agree with how I was to be raised. And um, that was part of my being raised and the MK  (Mind Kontrol) attribute.
And, the other problem with my name. I came across later in employment issues. Was in the Social Security database, when I went to receive unemployment, had my name as
'black plumber' (1997). So I found that out at the unemployment office in Ithaca, NY sometime in college. And I just, attributed that to my dad's time in the USAF. So, I just kind of blew it off and there wasn't much that I could do about it. And, I realized that I was marked and the US system,
um But then later when I discovered the program and then even later yet, that this Mengele guy was alive. And, I remember my mom telling me that she chose my name Angela and my brother's name Richard because she wanted to take us to Brazil. I don't know if that was a coincidence or if it actually because there is a high rate of Japanese in Brazil, mixed race in Brazil. So um, I know its not Argentina, but she wanted us in South America at some point. And,
she reminded me after my brother died (got killed in 2005) that was she had wanted. She even apologized to me knowing  I had wanted to grow up in Japan. Since I had a very, unfriendly childhood. I didn't have many if any friends.
My mom's friends' kids. They were Some friends to me, but not because they willingly wanted to be around me. Because, they seemed more embarrassed to be around me because I am not white. So it was really difficult and, um, those friendships were not there for me when I left the community and went to school. I didn't make plans to study or go to university with any of these people I went to High School with or anything. I mean things that are pretty much common (in friendship) anyplace on the planet.
Comes back to the Angel of Death himself (Mengele). My first name, Angela as in Angel
and my middle name being explained to me in the Disney sense. I used to watch the movie Sleeping Beauty. And there was MeriWeather, and there were the little fairy godmother in the Death sense so, MeriDeath, D-E-A-T-H. And so, if you do the numerology on it, it's a master builder number. so at the same time because I was learning a bit more about // I was growing up with my "kooky" neighbors, I mean when you grow up in a neighborhood that is just inundated with this
(6:53). craziness, you just think its normal. And you just get used to handling it and not making such a big deal out of it I suppose. So, my kooky neighbors also known as the Rosicrucian of the East Coast. Some of our Founding Fathers of the United States belonged to the Philadelphia Rosacrucians.
The one in my neighborhood is not the California branch, most likely fourth Reich.

My brother and I would get into fights with certain people in or hometown
There were 5-6 girls who would beat me up all the time. They would call me Donkey, which I don't know where it came from but it sounds kind of like MULE to me (elementary school).  I was a very innocent little girl as far as I can remember. And I had daily beatings at the playground and the teachers would watch and didn't have a problem with it because of their racism. & Then I would also get beaten at home and in the Program. And so, my mother did most of the but they also did a surgery on my mother that tampered with her spinal cord. An area near her spinal chord and it tampered with the anger rage control part of her brain. She still has a scar  She was gone a long time.
She came back, she told me she had neck tumors.
I remember I got a warning from my dad telling me she wasn't the same mom I knew anymore.
And she immediately started flying into rage states that got very dangerous for me.
So, I think they did something to her back then. Because this wasn't (10:17)
a normal mom who used to take me for walks and I would sing songs, make up songs. And my father said that they destroyed her. But, I was the only one in the house who was in danger. So, I think she was programmed. So, whatever they did to my mom The doctor who had been in PA to do the cancer surgery is supposed to have moved to Hawaii. So, I don't know what the connection is to Hawaii but I'm sure there is a reason. OK
So that part's about my name & Stuff.
So the other part the MK Ultra Resume.

I grew up in Bucks County, PA outside of Philadelphia. Where Mengele might have been there but there were other Nazi doctors definitely.  In the summertime,(11:31) cause of the piano institute and everything I was taken to Canada each summer in elementary school. Later, late, later I would be going to Langley and then to McGregor bay. I only remember 1 of those trips. And then when I was growing up in Bucks County, I guess I fought with my parents immensely about going to
this teacher  instructor, Dr. Kiszely, in the Mainline and he had invited me to his studio. And now in retrospect now I understand...
Even though both my parents are mixed race themselves.
My dad being Russian-Pole & European
My mom being mixed with the Siberian Genetics that the Native American tribes know we have.
Dr. Kiszely had been a double agent for the United States fighting Nazi Germany. Much time for my lessons was him telling me about his time as a double agent fighting the Nazi's. So he was kind of like a dad to me for a while, since neither of my parents performed like regular parents do. They were not attached to what I did and not involved. They facilitated me making money so that I could do the things that I actually wanted to do (mow lawns, dog sit, cat sit, horse sit, teach piano). They actually refused to pay for alot of things that I wanted to do and instead put the efforts into my brother.
When I was 17, when I went to go graduate from H.S., my mother and father decided I should go to  Ithaca, NY another place where there are MK Ultra handlers controllers in psychology. Some were at  Ithaca  College and  Cornell University.  I remember starting an animal rights group (you know that whole PETA connection too). In 1994-1999 my Alice altar overrode my suicide programming, I guess. Well that's the whole "compete" part of the personality in the Alice Altar is that
they pile so much abuse on you that you either develop a vigilante personality or you' re going to self destruct and commit suicide. I mean, that's just how it works. I was assaulted. I had gone through many problems in the Co-ed experimental dorm that they put me in. I was not allowed to file/report anything. Of course its a private college with private police. They didn't want to deal with me directly they wanted to talk to  my parents.

After I crossed the age 18 barrier in the USA my parent's didn't want any legal obligations to do anything. So the college refused to acknowledge my legal standing;- and in fact ignored it and continued the Abuse. It seems some of those things were pre-arranged.
But I took to my Animal Rights group and studied at least some Ethics and Philosophy about Free Will.
So in this whole conversation about MK. In the Later years there was a Fischer and Ravizza talk actually at Cornell University. Fischer Ravizza  writing, they wrote a book on free will and this idea of moral agency and it can in retrospect, yeah conveniently

So the Fischer Ravizza stuff I participated in ( in class) the Thinking mode.  I came up with this
Mathmatical Hole theory kind of looks like the Enochian representation of the Universe in the Enochian Physics. So um it is very similar. So, this Idea of Moral Agency that I don't hear being discussed in the MK Ultra program victims' dialogue... is that it's kind of likehow the modern legal system is based on Immanuel Kant's perception of individualism. But, the free will being that if someone is teling you to pull the trigger, you should not be responsible for that. Especially, if they brainwashed you. So, that is where the free will arguement comes in and people I see going to jail because of buried memories that resurfaced from this programming and structure;- it's not even being addressed.
I mean There is nobody out there addressing this issue of having free will completely over pulling a trigger on somebody when you are under a verbal command, a hypnotic command,
having all the altars installed. So the Deltas, the Super soldiers who now not only have the programming, the mind control programming that they are advertising and marketing as the new industry standard...For any business. If you don't have that type of altar, you're not going to be able to Run a business in the near future, according to the US government. But they have implants that shock you into combat. So, at that point, are you responsible if they shock you into pulling the trigger?
I mean that especially if they start using that in the civilian population.

But nobody is discussing those things. Because that is where the philosophy part comes into the MK Ultra. It's not so much saving the animals who are in labs, where there are maybe humans nearby. Oh BTW My hometown Quakertown, PA is at the top of the Humane welfare violations for how many animals they were bringing up and using. All the way up to primates,  in trafficking primates,sale of primates for medical lab testing. ALL THAT stuff came down in Quakertown, I realize in the Undertow. But the ironic thing I guess alot of the parents, even though they made money from the industry of  animal cruelty;
  • raising lab dogs for testing
  • raising  or killing animals for food
  • raising other animals for various types of experimentation.
They came to abhor it and instill my generation with some different values that we understood that was a thing that was really bad. And I don't think the rest of the planet accepts it. I think we in that community there's a certain group of us who accept that it was never a good thing. But it was what people did to get through. And then there are all the new people who haven't had to Live with the effects of animal slaughter, testing & being desensitised to animal cruelty industries.
Only thing you can do is to teach your children to do differently.

Anyway, the animal rights philosophies are there in part to refine how you think about being human.
So, some people are going to animatley hate that sentence I just said all together. But,
when you're talking about organisms and sentience -being their  pain tolerances,  and whether or not they have  self recognition - like when they see themselves in the mirror or something
and you have to start talking on a spectrum of, Ok this is the minimal, this is minimum that's required to fall into being a sentient being to the maximal being a full on human. Then how is it
the MK Ultra community keeps talks about themselves like they are robots. I understand there is this concept of programming. And I realize alot of us have had to live through being programmed in one sense or another.

For me, my programming for Stargate which involved remote viewing, when
I was a child and some other things I won't completely get into.  But being able to move objects with my chi a few feet away. You know you're being programmed, You know you're going through something, but, you can't define what it is. At least objects a few feet away sometimes.

Or I would go to bed at night Typically would start with Mr. Potato head stabbing me with needles all over and I would have this dream repeatedly before I went to bed.
So Mr Potato Head is not my favorite toy on the planet anymore.
And I associate it with needles so, I went to bed like that every night. And it was a really lucid dream.
I had Repeat dreams of what they call marine corps training. Where somebody opens the door and the floor is at this angle and there is this, that, or other thing, or nothing in the room and they enter with guns and where do you hide?

Like those were my childhood dreams. I think that was another form of programming.
I don;t remember having any combat training.  My mind was focused on my ability to quantum which I am very consciously aware of,  and my ability to bio locate (which i don't know if they actually made that happen or if it was a result of what they did. Also to spy, otherwise I wouldn't have had NASA information and Soviet Technology manuals laying around my bedroom. So you have to look at the MK, So I mean I think somebody needs to look at it , at which point are victims responsible or not responsible for pulling the trigger. There's some minor level of responsibility. But if you are actually drugged and have trigger words that put you into another altar. There should be some reasonable punishment for that and for the rest, the punishment should actually affect the handler.
Plenty of people are dying because other's have not chosen to take a legal stance, whether somebody is programmed and has a trigger that makes them kill someone.
Such as James Casbold who killed people under mental triggers and then you remember later. That's I don't think that's acceptable. I think somebody else should receive punishment for doing that. Doesn't seem fair he serves 15 years for somebody else commanded him to and he didn't remember. Should serve time and punishment.

But... Anyway
I went to college in Ithaca NY.
Then after that in my 20's with my ex's my ex-partner we never married (you can't really trace them) except his best friend from Syracuse University was a guy whose father started a securities company that got sold and changed names in 2000. So, I mean Securities as in Security Firm.

MRA- Morally responsible agents & MK Ultra

July 19th - To be edited.
by Angela M. Kneale

so i'm kinda driving right now.
talking listening if you tweet & m going to transcribe this later
periscope to Youtube & redo video if I can
too much too many years of stuff I I need to sift through
any of the UFOLOGY oddity government things

The Free will conversation
is a big deal because when I see videos of supersoldiers who didn't rememer they were used
as asassins until later but they were mentally triggered to do those kills, that we still have a major issue here.
the person ordering the hit is not doing any time apparently. It's a big deal to me, I don't know if it's a big
deal to you. You've got a skilled murderer using other humans, running around free.
Philosophical Free Will terms for the Morally Responsible Agents or the MRA's to be the Handlers, the people who are
ordering the Hits. That those people are MRA and that the person  who is the MK Ultra agent, but who may or may not
have free will at the time that they have committed an act such as Murder. The American legal system has
established system of Individual Rights or we wouldn't have MK Ultra people running around, I mean the programmers.
Emmanual Kant and Individualism Being able to defend yourself - they get off scott free because they used

Fischer Ravizza's Free Will book ; listened to a lecture by Fischer & Ravizza
the whole book is about going through different instances where the MRA is a controlled person
whether the blame goes on the person pulling the trigger
or the blame goes on the person giving the order to pull the trigger.

person who gave the order receive suffering and punishment for giving the

That the Nazi doctors do the Mentally

Relatives abroad not in contact with me, because of monitoring us when there is War conflict going on.
Obviously they are trying to manipulate the situations more.

Today I was trying to get
into me MK Ultra.

My Parents were really upset. They communicated they didn't like the program.
How my mom was upset I couldn't get a Japanese name,

Program birth certificate with name was Philadelphia
Knell -
mY mom had wanted to take me & My Brother Richard & Angela.
To Brazil, to larger Japanese population. She named us with those hopes, my name being Angela like Angel
and Meri Death like the Disney Characters in Sleeping Beauty.
The Angelic Death name, if he was actually around & since my father was OSI

That was 1974 when I was born.

That bypasses. thinking my dad was in the Hell's Angels. Family History of Great Grandfather racing the TT with Triskele on his helmet in the 1900's

I discovered my programming in my late 20's early thirties. Triggered Alice Protocol & Childhood protocoll
Pus they
used my mother

I forgive my mother entirely, fits of rage she directed at me entirely. I got a warning of sorts. Scar on her neck to her brain that controls that rage response.
I'm almost positive because it's so out there.
She was programmed to inflict protocol on me. My brother was Harm free. Leather belts, to being dragged of the piano bench by my hair everyday.
but I mean that's the protocol. They told that to me to my face as well. I don't think there's much I can do counteract the effects of that
because the programming thing overroad everything.
But I caught onto my dad programming me. Had to deal with Sex alter. Energy and different presence over me. Feel someone there, and somebody else is there and there's this
other physical presence. He even asked me if I was awake.

When I was 10 , I knew it was a program. 
And It was some sort of game meditated on making my own program to beat theirs. If you could make a program to do this to me, I'm going to make a program to win.
Everyday I treated it as a game. I dont know if they
Aunt, speaks 6 languages;0 my aunt didn't want me to be a puppet.
she took me aside in that dream , she did
My aunt Junko around or someone else female presence.
Jiminy Cricket thing. My great Uncle I saw every other weekend.
I was still in handler territory.
So he brought me this puzsle
.He wanted to improve my life
I was in such a shite supremacist community,
so i felt humiliation every day.
People were embarassed to be around me.
I talked to an older woman who said she was an artichoke.
she's gone through tremendous sexual abuse.
I don't have thos
Jolly Green Giant and
Gemstone stuff. I'm still putting pieces together.
Trying to take more philosophical approach to it.
As I did study animal rights philosophy.
Idea not the programming,
animal biological body feeling pain
that there's not just different levels of it can you feel pain can you suffer do you have self awareness
I think most MK Ultra victims 
we are at a higher level in that spectrum of higher thought processes
old arguement that animals don't feel pain if you rip an arm off.
animal philosophy animal welfare philosophy
good philosophical tool a good thinking tool

Animal body, that feels pain do you know whether it feels pain & can't

Asian with Siberian,
Alice alter. I made a concious decision at one point

Supported choice to be an orgaznizer.
I wanted to be an organizer/ activist, because of my neighbors, the neighborhood... my hometown has a strong history of animal welfare abuses for
I don't give myself that kind of credibility.
I mean they've gotten brave since my brother got killed and they shoved me out of the neighborhood,
they've started recruiting like 2005. Clandestine Ops, esoteric knowledge as bait for their drug operations.
People aren't going to go so far to learn something.
Go to Egypt yourself. I'm not for the military but make yourself useful somewhere.
But anyway, I just have been struggling getting this stuff out and very time consuming to do from Hawaii.
I know my story will unfold. I was told I have defiance disorder.
I don't know 900ticket to attend the meeting. Point I walked in and there were a bunch of M16's on 1 side of the street and on the other
side of the street Chinese protesters holding a sign protesting the event. BS ... I'm an expendable in my family, it's they use me in that capacity.
I do not get a paycheck for that. Or as my dad put it the secret life of Ang.
American Side and then what everyone thinks of me. Thanks for listening. I'm doing this because

43min.July 19, 2017 Intergalactic Shaman @imperialNewsJ on Twitter Periscope. Hawaii.