Sunday, June 25, 2017

USA Asian-American Accent vs. Immigrants

It's ironic, that the USA puts Movie Stars on a pedastal. And, they even elect them as state officials and presidents. In anycase, the voter infatuation with Movie talent doesn't reflect a positive involvement with persons of multiple nationalities, defer racism, and enable peaceable interactions in the USA Mainland and Hawaii. In fact, in my time here in Hawaii, I have met dozens of 3rd, 4th and 5th generation Asian-Americans who prefer to act like immigrants. They, for the most part completely REFUSE to speak english without any type of non-European accent. It's somewhat safe to say even the late 20th century lent itself to Continental Asian children who speak perfect english by age 8. This is a common practice of more educated, affluent & cosmopolitan, and those with English exposure early on in life (through business).

The throwbacks and adult hard formed vocal chords are of 2 natures:
1. People who were raised without English in Childhood
2. People who flagrantly were raised in the USA to be "happy immigrant" impostors for pity's sake or as an act of defiance towards the USA.

It really isn't that TYPICAL to meet many people of Asian descent who speak perfect english. Whether it is some style of American English or of British "Queen's" English.
Then to diverge further, those who have to scrub clean hard of understanding --the accent of particular American locales, in order to do business in the most NON-OFFENSIVE manner possible in English.
And further, who aren't promoting some other European agenda that is worthy of being Expelled from the USA.

I know I will always be questioned.
Just sayin

Biolocation to a Cloning room

February 10th, 2014 5:23pm Hawaii Time my waking time from Schumann frequency mat session.

Objective: possible instances of matching identical appearance
Laboratory was filled with displays like this, like a jewelry department at a mall.

Shells size of a large man's fist
Glass looking containment 2.5-3' high × 2-4 inches? Or feet diameter. I think was 2'foot radius.

Metal tube keeps H20 flowing in a tree display for the shells
Metallic lid

They are like caged rabbits.- reference to humans living on earth.

DNA ->chromatin v chromosomes
Uncoiled DNA wrapped around
histone protein cores
String of beads "nucleosome"
Cell reproductive process

Saturday, June 24, 2017

It sounds like a Chihuahua...

Decades of not special treatment is actually decades of especially awful treatment outside of the walls of Guantanamo (git-mo).

The premise of my existence in the USA post Hiroshima was highly politically motivated with a strong desire to avoid further nuclear warfare with the United States of America.  Aside from being surrounded and overwhelmed with careless political imbeciles and people who choose to ignore fundamental truths that would have possibly prevented warfare....I am literally at wits end. I mean, that is all in addition to what was the Craft persons who enable clandestine operations and international business to flow without damage.

Despite being manipulated by USA private securities industry;- I also must complain about the fact that my relatives abroad have chosen to add to my suffering by not intervening to make things more than minimal tolerable through friends and business contacts.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

AT&T discrimination

AT&T has allowed my service to be tampered with over the past several years.
Icloud also could not and had workers who would not remedy my accounts being hacked. So unbeknownst to me multiple payments were made each time I tapped any app icon.
Now, my phone bill is being I crementally increases app $20/month and I am having multiple issues with the LG

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The robotics industry- some thoughts of mine

They should not hire humans who have no desire for knowledge and truth.
It is clear that robotics can take the place of the most mundane humans who do not engage in anything beneficial to societal advancement.

However, the cost to the planet in plastics and robotic hardware versus human workforce itself must be analyzed.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Ban plastics, Chinese plastics ban

Living the Plastic Coated Life

It was over a decade ago that I first heard of the Chinese making dense plastics that mimic the hardest stone;- in weight, density, texture, color. Something a fine arts insurance appraisal could overlook in an otherwise catastrophic fire.

Today, make that life. The Life of American dreams formed in material reality as a  Wasteland of toxic contaminants and suffocating molecules. All that waft in the jetstream across the Sea of Japan, and trickles into the Pacific. Greenish toxic snow that falls silently in the otherwise pristine northern Japan islands and Siberia.

The Inexpensive takeover of such cruel human labor is mechanized in the Simple forms of plastic coated lenses of artificial intelligence.

Dreams must be put to rest. Plastic must be boycotted.

Ban plastics, Chinese plastics ban

Living the Plastic Coated Life

It was over a decade ago that I first heard of the Chinese making dense plastics that mimic the hardest stone;- in weight, density, texture, color. Something a fine arts insurance appraisal could overlook in an otherwise catastrophic fire.

Today, make that life. The Life of American dreams formed in material reality as a  Wasteland of toxic contaminants and suffocating molecules. All that waft in the jetstream across the Sea of Japan, and trickles into the Pacific. Greenish toxic snow that falls silently in the otherwise pristine northern Japan islands and Siberia.

The Inexpensive takeover of such cruel human labor is mechanized in the Simple forms of plastic coated lenses of artificial intelligence.

Dreams must be put to rest. Plastic must be boycotted.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Salt today, no hui?

So, I looked it up. Shaman hui. The term, It exists. the Shaman word is from part of Sibera that is in my dna bandwidth.
A little kid shouted, "It's da hui!" at me today as I walked by the beachgoers. I spent time collecting salt from volcanic rock pools today. After I finished my 1st collection, then meditations on the beach (pre-noon) followed by another collection,  I rinsed off and returned to my car.  At my car, I was putting shorts and a top on over my bikini when it began to rain. I got in my car ready to leave and realized i set something down and forgot it where I had been sitting. When I got out of my car the rain subsided. That's when the kid sitting nearby shouted "it's da hui!". When I got to the object that was under the tree, the birds started vocalizing loudly.  I picked up the object and returned to my vehicle. Then, I got in my car and it began to rain again.

Besides many people categorizing me as da hui, seperate from any of the pro surf league out here.  And/or being seen with anyone who I know or have met as happenstance of being around the North Shore of Oahu. So, I'm beginning to wonder... I thought da hui was a word for the Historical & authentic Hawaiian Surfing organization that's made it's brand sell to wholesale clubs. I try to be very straightforward that I'm not da hui in that sense. And especially not in the genetical Hawaiian sense. I'm mostly comprised "new species of human" of the Earth's northern cold water islanders and an Asian Siberian tribe that is at the root of Shamanic culture. And don't have much in the way of surfing skills yet, that I can recall.
Will try to work on it though. & Mahalos for the Coffee this week.

there's been too much going on in the Galaxy.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

USA disgusts me

Since the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Hawaii has apparently gone through a boon from Japan's recovery. However, the internment crowd and all of the other Asian nations that are represented in Hawaii are Definately not me. In fact I'm finding them the most vile Americans I have met. Maybe its because sex trafficking was only banned in the 50th state last summer, 2016.

The men are sexually more aggressive. The surfer community seems, in part, to be entrenched in pornography. The men overall have had mothers and fathers who were not legally acknowledged hostess bar prostitutes & jigalos. Their language and talk is not sexy. Their offering of sex is not attractive. They speak like they are sex slave traders and rapists. They have no boundaries and personal respect.  Their general lack of respect has been beyond upsetting & irrevocably politically demeaning in the international tourist setting.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Galactic crime of Food transport

The Americans, have caused, due to their juvenile and idealistic state great atrocities.
Through feeding populations that were already unsustainable
That has been the cause of war
Rather than allowing nature to mend its course
The great evil that lends itself to planetary depopulation
Is the transport of human food for consumption
And so has the appearance of a biotoxin , one of many that will evolve, called toxic mold aka black mold aka aspergillius strains of mold
This will engulf the Earth's seed and food sources and homes and air until the population is under control
And not of any human control or intention.
Not if any power mongering group of individuals
Not if any rich or poor income
Death Knell

Sunday, May 28, 2017

I am discriminated against as Ainu

As a Galactic shaman, I have siberian Yakutia DNA as part of my physical earth Body. I also have made public my diverse DNA nature that includes Japanese Ainu DNA as my great-grandmother was the last of the pure blooded Ainu. Her secret kept hidden. Until my Japanese Ogesan surrendered the documentation of Japanese Ainu tribal history families to the Japanese Imperial government. I am also part Japanese DNA. As well as others beyond what is reasonably normal for this period in human history.

For these reasons, I am discriminated against in Hawaii by other "pure blooded" Asians who consider themselves Japanese(despite being far removed by up to 4generations)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Today modified Vegan or Keto

Check out @ImperialNewsJ's Tweet:

Tough to see in pic:
Front Left:  Cacao filled "Ketchup" bottle -easy squeeze into coffee/ protein drink.
Yellow Label: MK-7 (Jarrrows brand)
EO bottle: Black pepper EO
Glass bottle: Organic ACV Apple Cider Vinegar
Plastic Bottle: HAWAII made Coconut oil

Still doing: Vega Sport Performance Protein.
Hard to afford:- Go! nitrimax from Liv

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The post I hate

Apparently, Japanese threw a lot of money at the Hawaii favor that even makes a humble meal or a cup of coffee is returned this direction. Probably the most Humiliating post I'm making.
Do what my needs to be done to decimate the continuation of money flowing out of Japan to make American military & syndicate millionaire who are worse than Yakuza.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Keto Vegan extra vitamins @2yrs

After nearly 2 yrs of ketogenic diet...i'm adding - started in the past 3 weeks.
🔼vitamin A- dry form occasionally
🔼natto cups - occasionally
🔼CALCIUM (macro mineral forgotten)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hypothetical Legal @ Hawaii Hotels & Airlines.

I have had 7 years, or 5 from the time of APEC 2011 Honolulu, to move through security issues on Oahu.  Something I want more research on ;- aside from the general international perception that Hawaii State is a Criminal money laundering operation if not just so poorly run its un
believeable. Hawaii State is a nightmare.
Those in Hospitality need to make about $50/hr in order to live comfortably.

One of the goals of APEC 2011 was to stop "payoff payments to criminal organizations" that are in effect a large part of the money LOST in business transaction. Hawaii state being the center of my 5 year commitment from the time of APEC 2011 and Japan's entry to TPP in 2012. It is now 2017. I  am nearly finished as enough construction has been completed.

Issues that stem from Hawaii's hospitality and employees- several possible spy/ agent/ crafts persons who are accepting tips from international sources. 
  • access to personal data & information, address, mobile phone number at POP end user interface.
  • issues with workers who do not speak English and use  Hawaiian Pidgin language as well as "Asian language affected speech impetement." 
    • Companies who/that hire & employ workers expecting native English speakers to try and figure out what they are saying
To be continued: 
idea: Have a billing system that is run by app in shopping centers with personal bag check at exit.

How the Airlines are liable for Non-USA criminal entrants to the Island State
How the Hotels are liable for aiding and abetting a foreign criminal or terrorist
Where the line to injuring an American citizen is drawn;- even with masked & foreign crafted intent
How the Native Hawaii State population is ill prepared to support USA.
How the Native Hawaii State population including politicians choose to intentionally harm gross USA planning

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sprout Fuel :!!: スプラウテ フエラ: Update: Security Concerns Hawaii

Sprout Fuel :!!: スプラウテ フエラ: Update: Security Concerns Hawaii

Update: Security Concerns Hawaii

Hawaiian Islands: personal security concerns Update for the Spring of 2017.
Best USA English Apps :  WAZE   [  }
  • 03/17 *New* USA Patriotism & Racism directed at Asian/ Green Card Workers 
      • Largely unreported, some clubs, bars are being targeted by Caucasian Conservatives. Does not matter if you are Asian and Pro Trump. They aim to rid the USA of non-native workers & business owners.
  • Airport inter-island travel security - 
    • Fingerprinting (possible detainment) of non-white travellers
    • Unjustified Baggage confiscation by Airport Security
  • gang stalking
  • driving personal vehicle at night from clubs - DUI checkpoint
Generally, most of the International Asian Organizations (Gangs & Masons) tend to keep to themselves in their own territory on the island of Oahu. The Honolulu Police Department is subjective to each town/local area where they are connected to local community (HPD is not objective in its conduct).
  •  Pearl City/ Pearl Ridge/ Aiea / Salt lake - I have had most life threatening incidents here with the Honolulu Police Department . Police standing to watch the incident of attacks on my life.
    • Filipino & Caucasian influenced policing. Additionally, some Filipino-Americans are afraid to go to clubs in Honolulu due to police targeting.
  • Honolulu Business district / Red light districts
    • Chinatown - Many residents stay away from Chinatown at night, despite worker & student attended early Happy Hours.
    • Kapiolani & Keeaumoku Street area - 
        •  Ongoing: Late night robberies of women's purses & ATM has become increasingly violent with gun  involvement
      • 600- 700 Block Queen Street (near Ala Moana Blvd. mall area & Ward St)- 
        • After Hours Clubs open till 6AM
        • Gun violence/ Shootings likely due to drug dealers
        • known area for Bloods (red) gang related - despite general positive presence of "wear your red" or don't wear red or light blue (Cryp)
        • Still under impression that it is a sniper are ( US military influenced)
    • Kakaako (zipcode 96797)
      • Homeless Tent Camps - families, children, civilian toxic mold survivors with apartments camp in the concrete industrial area of Kakaako.
  • Waikiki Tourist District - 
    • "false prostitutes" aka women working together Taser men to steal money at Hotelroom.
    • prostitutes - generally on the street level 
    • men who solicit random local women for prostitution
    • sexual harassment 
  • Kalihi - 
    • harassment
    • low-end drug addicts and homeless
    • police involvement in distribution of hard narcotics (stay away from police as residents are afraid of police here)
    •  Hostess Bars & policing for drunk driving DUI
  • The Pali, Pauoa Valley & Pacific Heights (NUUANU)-
    • Toxic Black Mold -  especially when rains & windy
    • also known for spiritual activity from Ancient Hawaii
  •  Kaimuki - Seems SAFER
    • Residential Area & University & Schools

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Upset with Ala Moana mall today

Tried to have a good start to my day.
Grocery shopped, coffee and a hair cut.
Again the hair irons stand near the sunglass shop and the waterproof shoes shop was an issue. I told the salesman that I just (and I just literally) left my appointment at the SALON on the 2nd floor.
instead he insisted and grabbed a flat iron and then grabbed my hair saying "you must try..." While beginning to use the flat iron on my newly cut, blow dry and salon styled hair I paid $80+tip.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Will the U.N. Expire the Japan-Usa security agreement?

North Korea's missile antics should raise a question that most USA news channels are not discussing. It seems that 1950's The Security Treaty Between the United States and Japan 日本国とアメリカ合衆国との間の安全保障条約.  Or also known as Japan-US  Security Treaty can be  by the United Nations in Order to maintain peace within the Asia region. see screenshot photo of Article 4

Photo from

Foreign Agents @Hawaii

Honolulu and Waikiki have a plethora of foreign owners of establishments. Those so-called mom-and-pop restaurants and bars usually have to register through some sort of Liquor Commission and establish their business identity. However it seems that there are some private bars clubs and restaurant type establishments. It's difficult to see which establishments are owned and operated by a foreign individual or organization. There is no Hawaii online look-up for such information. Additionally there seems to be a large fee to employ various monitoring agencies such as the Liquor Commission two research and gather that information.

Children's Day May 5th

Children's Day was the most amazing day to me when I was a kid. I was in complete awe the first time my father put the Konburi on a very tall flag post in our front yard.
No one else in the Pennsylvania, USA community I lived in knew of it or had one. It was like our own secret family holiday. That was the first time I felt like my family was together as a 1st Generation Japanese-American dual national.
I remember my mom had asked that it go up, and it was of course, for my brother. But that tall natural flag pole was over 30', and the two Konburi flags Blue and Orange were imprinted in my memory forever. I was in sheer spiritual awe. 

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Hawaii Dentists current nightmare

I'm still looking for the best dentist on Oahu for me. Seems that the economy has generated a need for some Hawaii dentists to some poor work to "keep up" the repeat business. They seem to broke to do dental work, or to politically biased.

In March I went to a Japanese focused dentist advertised with the best of Honolulu and holding a 1 review 5 star rating. I got a flat tire leaving my tire in the parking lot and had to purchase a new tire. The referral for Oral surgeon to pull my tooth at their recommendation. I went to the Oral Surgeon with a 2.0 rating online on web and I feel that they did a very unprofessional job. I also suspected the oral surgeon cracked my adjacent tooth (which was confirmed by the dentist in mid April ) and still feel pain in my jaw and nearby neck area.That is, despite the dentist saying "it healed nicely."
The dentist prior to this new pair of oral specialists actually did bad work and encouraged the tooth decay of the pulled tooth by leaving a ridge at the bottom.
After the oral surgery I returned to the dentist for a tooth cleaning. The assistant was tugging on my filling/crown on one tooth and it fell out within a couple days.

Later, they sent a dental treatment plan to me that is appx $2000. And it does not include implant for the lost tooth. Aside from new work that needs to be done. They did accept my dental savings plan that I pay for out of pocket. However, I am uncertain I want to return to their office since I think they should have a better oral surgeon for pulling teeth that have straight yet long root.

I am very upset. I am consulting with new dentists to do the treatment plan on more serious work. And, seeking natural healing and repair for smaller and untouched teeth. I have a feeling that between a variety of spiked drinks (including coffee with rat poison ) and toxic mold... I'm in for more than a doozy.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Job competition Hawaii

Despite the US military forces being the largest employer in the Hawaiian islands;- poverty runs rampant. The spouses and older children of the military employees take many jobs at larger retailers and tourism related work. They force the local population out of employment as well.

Additionally, till recent years there were a large number of strip clubs and buy me drinkie bars for the islands 1million population. Even those with more net value resort to flipping inexpensive cars and compete with the Military economy in order to make ends meet.

Hawaii's normal resident citizen is in dire trouble because of the U.S. military presence.   Only "rich women" who are usually married to the military can afford to work the $9.25/hr jobs and do App related car share business.

Does this work?

Host not found...wondering what's left

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Relationship Astrology to Save the Earth

I recently came across a reading that lends me to believe that there is a way to encourage practical environmentalism through astrology. It may be a balance of forces and a meeting of karma. And, no need to change lifestyle if partner is from the other side of the pair (element combo apply to male female pairings)
It revolves around the number 7 placement between 2 feng shui elements.

My partner pairing to create a better ecological environment.
Chen -  Chien pairing
Sun-  Kun pairing
Li -Tui pairing
Kan - Ken pairing

@ Waikiki Army Museum

I'm walking through the army museum, I think the funny thing I'm realizing is that the people here were never my mothers friends. Its real clear to me that they are internment Japanese-americans, migrant farmworkers on contract, and from the poor parts of Japan after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
I see today why they USA hates me, why they hated my mother. I see why they destroy records.
They have some strong animosity against those of us who are/were Japanese with some strong connection to Japanese government. The Hawaiian islands are still too poor and too expensive for them to recruit decent money from the USA as investment infrastructure. They became more concerned with continuing MIS and
Stealing from outside USA govenments. Even the building of the original Ala Moana shopping mall happened from a money embezzling scam that sent a Japanese politician to prison for decades.
Just a thought.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


When USA said that my siblings and I would have to "work our way up from the bottom" they meant the bottom as our graves.
The united states never intended to respect any Japanese based Asian interest. Despite my lengthy blog over the past 15 years and various posts that have since vanished from the old site. The United States of America and its democratic bodies and individuals have not provided a respectable and sufficient line of employment. Rather, the United States and its constituents have attempted to manipulate things further by:- 1.  forcing undesirable sexual employment on both my deceased brother and I. Both of us have in different timeline found the forced sex industry and its participants unsuitable to us.
2.  Not providing any business connection to more intellectual and business work, especially with higher IQ even in the state of Pennsylvania, as well as admonishing us to manual labor and least desirable employment. Also known as "working poor."
3.  They in Hawaii, including various masons and related groups have attempted to murder and harm me through direct and indirect persons.
4.  They have not offered what I consider to be a safe opportunity for employment. One where I am not tossing my personal information to the wind for less than suitable paying position that is not guaranteed. And, one where I can remain relatively independent.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Lesson at a Waikiki Steakhouse

Last night my friend I've known a few years and I went to a Waikiki steak house (I vegan/shojinryori had a salad & baked fries & wine) The friend was the only Caucasian customer in a room full of foreigners Chinese, Japanese, Korean tourists. The friend and I got in an argument because of their discomfort and didn't speak much to the server until meal was almost finished. Also over the service and alleged butterfly cut of their filet mignon. Total bill @$183 with tip = $200. The friend said the service was low and the Asians were being ripped off and they should go to Trump's BLT steakhouse where he would be more comfortable.
Today, I feel more lonely...way more lonely than before. Aside from continually gaining perspectives...this kind of life is depressing. Thing is, the friend happened to see me through the worst depression when I was forced to stay at the dojo on the mat.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Perspective on: White privledged USA

In the usa, many people of different cultures forget their own culture to compete in the Euro-centric or White world.  The Caucasians then sit back and enjoy visitng other countries as a lavish luxury, even as a backpacker. And, upon their return the American white privileged admire and admonish those of the cultures and continents they've visited for being too poor to know their own culture, their own families, their own grandmothers.

Other issues with Hawaii & USA

Americans & the criminal organizations that pay them off enough are allowed to tamper and plant false evidence. The prosecutor and other attorneys are equally & easily scared and bought.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Growing up Half Japanese: my mom's friends in PA

My mothers American born friends were the kinds of people who invited her to everything and their kids weddings and took huge amounts of money as gifts. They in turn never sent a birthday, congratulations, or any gift or showed up to my or my brother's graduation. They stole from us, mocked me and my brother, and were horrible in general. I seriously don't call that friendship.
My mother also afraid to call me for fear of my being killed by NA Illuminati types and or my father and his friends  ex- military or not.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Gentleman's clubs & Hostess Bars

The Honolulu night scene is scarce of low drama, city style clubs. However, the influx of foreign tourists and military still seek some respite and getaway from daily life.
I lost my job or simultaneously quit amidst the rising tension at one Honolulu night club. Despite the slew of laws, that generally go unenforced (even with regular L.C. inspections), the night & hostess club scene still sells drinks at a $20, $40, $80 and up to champagne VIP prices. The clubs take approximately 50% of the drink price.
Back in Fall 2016, several dozens of Japanese Navy sailors & some private Japanese citizens visited the club where I worked. They fulfilled the cover purchase and/or 2 drink minimum. However, the club owner had growing animosity as the group's of Japanese Navy sailors warded off the server asking them to "buy a drink for the lady." Many of the sailors said "no", and when repeatedly asked told the servers further that they were instructed not to buy drinks for women. In part, the local rules say it is an illegitimate practice when clubs sell drinks at high prices and keep a portion of the sale for themselves and pay the lady the other portion. So, over a period of several months, the Navy sailors who seemed to "check up on me" followed this rule. And, so did many Japanese tourist groups. This angered the club owner until their hostility about the perceived lost revenue  was directed at me in anger. It became so hostile I had to quit.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

America killing me...Japanese

Last night, an acquaintance became angry at me because of my poor situation in Hawaii. However, from my view, it is the fault of the USAF for assisting my father to bring my mother to the USA. Its not my fault the hospital workers deliberately killed my sister 4 years before my birth. Its not my fault my father had anti-Japanese friends whom my mother could not tolerate being around since she is from a political Japanese family.  My fathers friends have been extremely disrespectful to us all. They were always emotionally abusive to my mother despite her good demeanor outward. They took the money I needed to survive because my parents had to buy temporary compliments from my racist teachers. Then again  its also not my fault my father's more wealthy friends encouraged if not executed killing my brother and leaving his mangled carnage in our backyard. They tried to kill me after his death in 2005.
It also isn't my fault that I was in elementary school when  economy of Japan improved and the USA stocks went up in the 80's...before internet and day trading.
Americans are irrational. They think that because an overseas family has money--that Americans have zero responsibility to hire people like me. The fact is that there is a Foreign Agents Act that makes it illegal for me to receive money in America from my Japanese family. Thus, I am below poverty without welfare currently in Hawaii, USA.

In Hawaii:-- The fact is that many of  the local Hawaii citizens from China, Philipines, Hawaii, Vietnam, Korea to name a few are worse to me because they follow American Business style. That is their fault, not mine. because they knew I was here for a Vacation and they ruined my vacation. They ruined it and don't get a second chance at this point. They think running candy companies is everything, and don't know real other legitimate business requirements.

It was up to the USA to stay peaceable and allow me to live. Instead, they planned outright murder of my siblings and I. That defeats every security  agreement with USA  since WW2.

I have no home. No internationally respectable employment. And am forced to survive in the quagmire of Hawaii's most distasteful men. It is not enjoyable and I don't have any viable independent options  financially.

The USA has been horrible to me and then became worse over the past 12 years.

It it too tiresome to try to continue to survive on the USA side.

Friday, April 14, 2017

News Online:- no date on video

There are no dates visible and embedded on posted online (independent news) videos. Despite my feed reading hours ago, videos can be uploaded to different channels and do not reflect any sense of Real Time when taken out of their original posted order and context.

Please revise posting video and news to reflect date and time of publicAtion in the original  viewing screen.

Oddities...Tiangong is tiny

Hexagonal space station that makes the alien ships in the movie  "Arrival" look like a flea. This is not Taipang falling out of the sky.  The entourage is a few stocky  tigers beyond Parkour running with red (drone) scouts ahead of them. Big, small.

Traveler from Seattle...t-shirts black saltwater alligator, dolphin most interest, turtle, sunset of a brown cowrie turtle shell, hands malformed large, skinny brown green skin

Sunday, April 09, 2017

EXIM Perspective:- USA parents abuse Japanese girl at public schools & churches

Being made to stay in the USA was forced on me as a child. However, as a 1st generation American and USA citizen, there was no buffer or punishment from the brutality of other minor children and their teachers at the public schools I attended.
Protection of Foreign Children:-
To me, what it matters is that USA nationals who encourage their children to beat, bully, physically and emotionally abuse children of foreign descent should be held accountable. I think the parents should be held accountable for abuse of a "minority" child
Personal story:-
When I grew up in Quakertown Pennsylvania I attended Elementary School. My mother who is Japanese born and blood taught in my classroom at elementary school for a day of Japanese culture. The kids in my class had the opportunity to have their names written in hiragana Japanese writing by my mother. At the end of the day my classmates went home with their pieces of paper with their names written in Japanese. The following week was an onslaught of bullying being beaten on the playground taunted and completely ostracized from the rest of my school. The other students my classmates said it was because their parents said they didn't want any derogatory Japanese term person teaching their kids on so I was beaten period I was beaten with the teachers aides at recess turning their eyes or watching right in front of them within about ten or twelve feet of several kids more than half a dozen beat me up at recess period this became a regular bullying. There was nothing my mom or father could do in the community since they had no understanding of my father's American family. Now in hindsight as an adult I realize how entrapped I was in my own school district and community. It was impossible to make any type of report or even statement about this type of national discrimination and racial intolerance and corporal punishment within a Pennsylvania school public school. I realize in hindsight that they're also no human rights commissions and especially no Human Rights Commission that caters to anyone of international dual nationality status. That was back in the eighties when I was still pretween a dual citizen of Japan and the United States.

EXIM Perspective: -- Honolulu Bar Scene

1. Risk of being infected with a  bio-terrorism agent due to Yakuza & other anti-Japanese gangs/mob in Hawaii.

2.  Contamination/spiked food and drinks from bars & clubs in Honolulu going on 8 mos at various clubs/bars including 2 cabaret licensed clubs.
     A. Drinks have strange yet same sweet taste (h20 included)
     B.  Cologne or Rubbing Alcohol smell
     C.  Pain in stomach after 1 drink
     D.   Burning of throat after 1 drink
     E.  Intoxicated behavior after drinking non-alcoholic juice or water from clubs.

Friday, April 07, 2017

EXIM @Hawaii April 2017

EXIM complete transparency

Recently, in March;- I went through great upheaval in living situation and financial support.
1. Local Japanese asked me to stay away from other particularly South-east Asian, Vietnamese, Korean, Philippine, and Chinese residents of Hawaii (who have green card, visa, or temporary residence or tourist status)
2. Personally, I cannot contend with the intense unwelcome sexual harassment that plagues the Hawaiian islands. For prior security, I tolerated it. Currently, I cannot trust the physical approaches and advances made in public. It is exhausting my healthy emotional state. Pushing me to have a nervous breakdown.
3. I feel that in have been coerced so that my life is again at risk. I already had 2009-2013 in court due to lethal attempts made on my life that Honolulu Police Department masked as less serious charges.
4. Due to Trump, many Caucasian men have become vocally angry and threatening at the predominantly Asian FOB establishment where I was employed since &January 2017.

September - December 2016
More than a dozen members of the Japanese Navy  found me where I had been able to make some income to pay basic bills & a small rental fee. They were scolding me, as if I have a suitable option here in the USA State of Hawaii. They were angry that the USA pushed me to this point of derogatory existence. One informed me that it was angering others in Japan.
They abided by the laws and chose not to witness me being disgraced publically. They left the establishment during that time (appx 15-20min). This behavior angered the owner of the establishment, my pay declined and was infrequent, and I was forced to seek employment in even worse conditions.

USA agencies at fault- Japan EXIM 2017

USA government Agencies that have held and demonstrated  lethal intention towards me;
1. Quakertown Police Department (PA)
2. Richlandtownship Police Department (PA)
3. Department of Homeland Security
4. Central Intelligence Agency
5. Honolulu Police Department
6. Secret Service
7. Department of Education - Navy Seal Trainer, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program trainer
8. U.S. Navy & NCIS
9. USAF OSI (since my birth)

None of these agencies allow for me the requirement of safety that under the Vienna Convention I am not required to appear in court for any matter. Obviously this is due to EXIM political security. Most agencies threaten my arrest, even as a victim of lethal intentions within the USA and by any individual employed by the above listed government agencies.

Me & EXIM - 5 points

1. In 1986, Japan changed its nationality requirements and I was a born citizen of Japan (jus sanguis, by blood). My biological mother was still a citizen of Japan until the late 1980's. And despite her naturalization to the usa, I retained Japanese citizenship rights beyond her becoming a citizen of the USA.
2. My biological Japanese grandfather, Kikuchi, Hirokatsu was a Japanese politician with a position that does not translate to an equivalent English title. As his granddaughter, I should have had some protection under the Vienna Convention.
        A. This is in addition to my training as a classical pianist and piano teacher from the European tradition Of Classical art music. The USA is no longer providing safe and secure enough platdorm for me to continue my art form. Something that was decided in order to forgo the foreign agents act due to my blood relation in Japan.
3.  Ill intentions of United States of America towards Japan and my position in life when I was still in elementary school. At age 7, my USA biological father (prior Usaf OSI 4th district) repeatedly told me I would grow up and have to be a thief or a terrorist in order to survive in the USA.
4. In 2001, the Patriot Act was passed. It adversely affected my 1st generation USA status and made me unemployable. In part due to the fact that I was given an English name and am a woman of mixed Asian and European ethnicities. In addition to normal racism, USA employers refused to hire me due to enforced racism and nationalism and decided to label me as a terrorist on their own terms for simply not being white.
5. In 2011 I attended APEC as a representative of the USA for a shipping meeting. This was due to international EXIM contacts held by my Japanese relatives who also support the Japanese government through their work.

From 2001-present The internal USA racism towards me and forced separation from my decent and respectable living affected many international perceptions within the EXIM connected business world. I did everything I could to support my life in the USA to this point considering the multiple attempts made by USA military, CIA,  & independent citizens to kill me. Since my USA father was USAF OSI he told me in 2006 that he could not protect me any longer since those who directly threatened my life were in CIA and did not agree with peaceable EXIM efforts. Additionally, USA racists and white supremacists as well as European and Rowse crucians made several attempts to murder me from 2005-2009 in Pennsylvania and New York.
I made every effort to preserve my life and spent all my available resources in order to do so.

I made it to Hawaii in 2009 and Japan in 2010. I stayed in Hawaii with intention of returning to the east coast of USA by 2012 after attending APEC Honolulu. I have remained in Hawaii for 5 years since APEC to see the finalizatio of the TPP. Everything in my life on hold taking a great amount of patience and frustration.

Currently with the New President, it seems the last 12 years of my life in the USA has been a futile effort. I currently have no income that provides safety and security as a private individual.

Most USA citizens seem to think that I and my EXIM role and relation to my grandfather, aunt, and uncles is something they can be substitute for. And that the immense danger that input myself in to work even a basic retail job or other common work is what I should do. The USA also seems to think that I am to behave and act as a typical USA status quo female and have admonished the safety and security that I require in order to live.

I am exhausted from the lack of valuable business colleagues. That is aside from the modern day American public acting as terrorists in relation to my Japanese heritage, with or without knowledge. That is also I addition to others of Japanese or Asian descent actively misinforming others in order to deliberately cause harm to my life. 

My EXIM life demolished by the USA

You don't realize how sensitive things have been for the past 1/2 century.
Hawaii and its corrupt people and govt. added a new dimension of security issues to my life. I did do everything that I could within reasonable legal limits to maintain peaceable relations.
I hope to make a short video soon. just to unpack the amount of damage that has been done by Hawaii as well as the East coast USA. It may take some time to sift through the international legalities that most Americans are oblivious to. Regardless, its no longer a childish game of the American bully hurting our international families and business connections. They have done so much damage, its time to have a zero tolerance policy across the globe.

I literally am pushed to my limit. And need some option In order to continue my life here in the States. American Blacks & whites as well as their arse kissing Asians and Latinos think Japan is there to be robbed financially and spiritually. and, they may be correct that Japan does it have the backbone to defend Japan's own people in front of an international audience.

The slander and ridicule from Hawaii govt. And its property owners and inhabitants is beyond facing a tsunami of diversified racism and sophomoric behaviors directed at an international platform of people. Even terrorists are more predictable and adept at international political negotiations.

Black clothes= work clothes

After half a decade in the Hawaiian islands, now 2 new malls;-  black clothes are making up the new world of worker ants. Black clothing and formal wear is not incognito or chic. It is clearly a sign of poor worker ants, people going out to party after work, and those still seeking modelling gigs. Ugh... It looks horrible like worker ants have infested Hawaii.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

OkO_ne. ....2017

I think that it is more polite for me to say to someone, "you aren't my species". After all, if I were to say, "...because you are inbred" is not something that is recognized without severe denial.
There is truth to both.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

DHS harsh in Cities, confiscate property

Philadelphia, PA - tightened security over a decade ago to compete with terrorist actions. Everyone who DJ were talking about the severity of having audience members carrying drugs into concerts and losing everything to unrelated strangers. in Honolulu, HI - they say that different syndicate members hold the properties where smuggled narcotics that infiltrate Hawaii are sold. Despite the open fact that there is a high percentage of new construction going on;- it remains a party favor of Aloha to the imported  construction workers from different parts of the USA.
wondering how the current Honolulu behaviors affect the following:
-Building Construction integrity-
-U.S. Gov. Not possessing the properties
-Terrorism with an open gateway from Asians
-is Hawaii syndicate the same as US Feds?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Allowance for my dead body?

Today, I was paying for a Japanese my diet plan --Tofu,
on sale for $1.39/lb. A grey haired Local man and a younger woman barged by me in about 2 ft. Of space including where I stood at the checkout station. I reacted by yelling because I was startled. And since the door they came through was an exit where more than a dozen registers were located with small 2" wide aisles, it was enough to cause concern that they may have intended to harm me. When I yelled, they stopped.  They apologized.

I screamed something to the affect about how rude people are in Hawaii and if everyone is this way its no wonder we had so many m-16's at the meeting.

As I left, unbeknownst to them and many people who think I should be college aged late 20's... I went to APEC in 2011 for EXIM a representing the USA. I vent here on this blog about my Hawaii experiences and security perceptions.

During the 2011 meeting in Honolulu a lot of fun, honest, and some criminal minded  partiers left the area and their apartments temporarily due to the presence of m-16's and security.  One local & Hawaii man was shot at a famous American fast food restaurant. Many local Hawaii residents were upset. While the trial was still in public eye,  a sniper/lawyer introduced himself to me as an attorney working kon the shooter's case. I never thought it was right, but the risk of international incidents being put on USA ground is serious.

In hindsight, the sniper/lawyer had his own business plans and really never intended to assist me. Especially since the issues that held me up and  had me crawling in to the  meeting instead of being 110% are too much for me to handle alone while still being barrages daily with local torture. So a sniper took down a local

  However, it makes me realize something about security, why is it ok for Hawaii State to allow such ill behaved local residents on a daily basis?

I felt very threatened by the couple at the checkout line. It felt  like they planned a dry run to kill me. I typically stay out of main public areas and it leaves for a dull an unproductive life in Hawaii. There have already been 3 attempts on my life that the immensely corrupt Honolulu Police Department didn't investigate properly to protect the local & military men involved. That does not include the 2009 abduction report that I need to file since I have low confidence in the HPD and have seen how they handled and assisted my assailants. I'm tempted to handle it in a more social way, not to air dirty laundry.

I'm writing not just because I'm upset, 6years after the 2011 APEC meeting I was prepped for in 2005/2006. But because Hawaii is clearly bent on controlling the world by being socially askew at every corner. Including the "couple doing a dry run" scenario at the checkout intending to slash my guts out.

Ugh... More stress, for me everyday.
I did come to Hawaii to vacation. I came to see if I could live here and "blend" a little more. I just absolutely hate a lot about how the people decide to be here. I now face an additional set back of  about 8years and more than politics have changed. I am fearing for my life, for my future, because I have played out this farce for 12 years in the USA. A lot needs to change in Hawaii State and the USA to ensure security. Its virtually impossible to demands that from the USA.
Just in my own immediate USA family - the hospital killed my sister, several attempts on my brothers life from kids breaking his leg at church to hit &run to his university mates dosing him, to his whites girlfriends coaxing him into gettinf jumped and beaten up by their white brothers and friends. Some days it would be the black neighborhoods and he would return home with bruises on his throat and face. Then there was his white Quakertown employer at Valley Precisio  telling my father my brother is "best off dead", a conversation I will never forget.

I am blogging this today, because I see the state of the world and USA. If I do wind up dead soon, as racist and nationalistic hostilities are becoming more prevalent from whites in Honolulu... I hope someone gets a small glimpse. I'm trying to survive the onslaught, while providing my viewpoint without pay or reward.
I have always believed that NOONE should have to live through these things like we did with my Mother being from a Japanese national security family from the Emporer's house. My parents ran the real rule book of legalities. I got noone who loves me my entire life...and all those who try to offer solace are weaker for not looking at what USA does and Change it to make it safer for more people.

Complete and utter emptiness as I read about the North Korean Nuclear threat.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Liability Security on EXIM Hawaii

If I were to give a general assessment of Hawaii, and the liability of having EXIM shipping company staffed here:--
🔼 Displayed Anti-American behavior with violence or weapons.
      Even humanitarian volunteers are politically biased and harbor personal angst. They knowingly enjoy the American freedom of criminal justice system and can exploit situations without significant repercussions even if caught. This adds to untrustworthy human support services after an attack on an individual in Hawaii on all levels.  Many favor certain groups, collectives, or gangs and harm individuals on a no-questions-asked basis. The prices to harm individuals ranges @ $50 to $3,000 USA on oahu. Due to island economics and preservation of existing business groups, it seems there is little to discourage the behavior of the The State.

🔼Lack of educated & clear English speaking immigrants and minorities in many employment positions.
   Creates unsafe environment from
Zero food labeling in Asian restaraunts to thefts of all and any personal and business data and information.

🔼No top notch NGO University or College with boarding school housing- ivy league
Lack of Ivy League higher education in the State of Hawaii does not bring the global intellectual culture to the island.

🔼After targeted attack, Hawaii agencies attempt to obtain sensitive contact information & location of EXIM family.

🔼Intended violation of professional women's Human Rights WITH COERCION AND FORCE from Federal, State, and local security/law employees.

🔼Most serious: Severe lack of political maturity or intent to do political harm to EXIM agent:- High number of service based immigrants view thise who visit the islands with EXIM contacts or family connections as an individual Cash cow  for their use. Group participation in extortion/ abduction/ blackmail are employed by the community after the person has been robbed or entrapment is en force. With dismay, individuals employed in Law enforcement or military are typically heads of small teams that cooperate in this manner where Immigrants and under educated can participate and retain social favor.

 🔼Military assailant attacks political target physically & or legally (with group of supportive military members)
🔼 Honolulu Police department allows the attack to happen while witnessing the event in entirety and without attempted intervention. Iowa they guard the door from any security help for EXIM agent.
🔼Honolulu police department threatens arrest of victim/ political target if they do not comply and fill out police report verbatim as dictated from police and then force victim to afford huge expense of unnecessary medical team.
🔼Hawaii Hospital attempted to extort relatives of adult  victim/ political target for payment of hospital bills.( extortion of other adult legal entities after obtaini g private contact information.)
Additionally hospital wanted life insurance policy of victim in full upon Emergency Room admission.
🔼🔼🔼🔼Victim is left out of investigative process and plaintiff is left to walk despite attempted felony offense of murder. 🔼🔼🔼🔼

✈Security officer has access to flight information of EXIM target arriving in Hawaii.

✈EXIM target is contacted prior to arrival in Hawaii by security officer & law enforcement.

✈🚅🚗Hawaii police/feds/law enforcement contact other organized crime groups in Hawaii to participate in harming EXIM agent/representative.

✈🚅🚗Further coercion of EXIM agent by HPD and connected individuals who stalk/ Entrap EXIM agent to be arrested if leaving Hawaii State to attend business matters.

✈🚨Social devastation and humiliation of female EXIM agent in front of international community through being forced out of legitimate work and steered towards strip clubs and coercion by local pimps and Madame who have legitimate contacts and properties in the Honolulu Community.

Local Hawaii State Residents approach:
Because Hawaii is a diverse community, many able bodied residents expect money to speak louder than anything. They want fast money constantly and use people, tourists, incoming business people as a means to their financial end to maintain life outside their otherwise legitimate means including security clearances.

There is immense sexism and high disrespect of professional women from outside of Hawaii.
USA Strip clubs would often enable a woman to afford to leave the island. They do not actually enforce the liquor commission laws and do not care the emotional and psychological damage that women who are trapped in Hawaii encur. Rather, it is a mix of drug afflicted American strip clubs, used to politically humiliate some women, and coerced prostitution due to punishment of the women rather than maintaining any sexual assault and harassment boundaries (not only in the strip clubs, but island wide in public & private)

Local Hawaii law enforcement supports of the local people who are anti-American and are involved in breaking Hawaii & US Federal laws that goes all the way to the court judges who attempt to enforce unconstitutional laws.

On the flip side, the law enforcement from the mainland and who are Caucasian, exhibit racist/ nationalistic bias due to EXIM agent/ business representative.

Drug Testing is a farce:-
In forming a company, the Hawaiian islands has educated me that the cocaine and drug use is hidden by both US military and local residents. This is due to the ease of paying off the drug labs in order to maintain their employment. Shipping employees from accounting to docks express the ease of life if they participate in drug use in the shipping & island industry. They claim it makes them trustworthy.

Court System
I have had issues with federal security secret service agent divulging my family connections to the Hawaii Organized Crime families. Near 2013  the US military prompted me with security to file a Temporary Restraining Order. Over 6 months the secret service agent fought the TRO due to employment conflict. In that 6 months the secret service agent filed lawsuit against my attorney for a name change when she married. Hawaii State family court judge refused to close the TRO unless I signed an unconstitutional document against my 1st amendment rights as an American born citizen.
Due to the severity of the Secret Service agent and financial devastation caused without reparations paid to me;- Hawaii State, its law enforcement and international organized crime forced me to be completely indigent. I have mostly survived from assistance of those from the East Coast USA.  I was no longer function as a decent Japanese woman due to the security conflict they caused collectively, starting 2009. My 1st call to police in May 2009.
Instead they have pushed me to the fringe where I undergo unwanted daily assaults in order to make minimal payments for my bills and food.
The open social humiliation has angered some in the Japanese Navy and other business and military who know my relation to modern Japan. They have made it clear to me, and as a result of other intervention I have been physically  attacked by others at the last places I have had to make money with some safety on Oahu without being forced off grid into Honolulu prostitution, which is illegal and intensely damaging to any EXIM position in future.

It is not that I survive to anger my family. I survive and Hawaii enjoys to humiliate me and try to force me into other unsuitable social/ political relationship with its legitimized crime members or those too inept to allow me to regain any EXIM business standing as I once acted as Expeditor as a step to my future role.
Since Donald Trump has been elected, and the most recent events since March 1st 2017;- I do not have secure basic housing that is clear of known biological agents.
Rules: maintain visual contact, etc...still hold since 2015 warning about attacks on my life from USA or Asia to affect the future EXIM politics.

The maturity of those around me in general public lends itself to elementary school politics rather than suitable business contacts. Hawaii state actually does not create a positive environment that I require for EXIM for me to live in any capacity.
It is known that my more engaged relatives are pushing to end Human trafficking in EXIM at a high level to protect Shipping liabilities due to terrorist concerns. Hawaii State and its private individuals have shown me they collectively refuse to participate at this level to prevent acts of  terrorism & prevent import or export of weapons of mass destruction.

I strongly believe that the old Hawaii State way of doing things has created numerous bad habits that are terrorist concerns. Despite my love of freedom of association, employing an independent  U.N. police force and some military force with immigration may assist in reducing terrorist threats and weapons of mass destruction from exit or entry through Hawaii State. Additionally suitable housing structure or accountability for the large number of homeless or displaced people due to biological agents in their homes who camp in tent communities near the shipping docks.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ohashi taste bad

今日、私が使った使い捨てのレストランの箸は、有毒物質が入っているように味わいました。 彼らはサラダ酢とココナッツミルクスープから濡れた後、非常に悪い味でした。 私は豆腐を少し食べたが、豆腐のほとんどをスープから取り除いた。 私は可能なgmoを食べるはずがありません。
Today, the disposable restaurant chopsticks I used tasted like they have toxic substance on them. It tasted very bad after they became wet from salad vinegar & coconut milk soup. I ate a few bites of tofu, but removed most of the tofu from the soup. I am not supposed to eat possible gmo.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Crazier than dog....&!,:

Musudan being only confirmed missile launched to make the flight path -- a secure alaska or remote Canadian post would be beneficial to north Korea without much challenge. An ample submarine fleet could provide the security. Needed for the transport and base launch pad for executing  more accurate North American targets.

Even with Thaad and over decade long missile development program that was underway... north Korea would benefit from being a more mobile force. Mobile, securing launch pads and being more hostile with more resources nearby.


They have African American Navy employees &/or contractors stalking Asian women in Hawaii. recently Simone inroduced one to me and I learned a few days later that they are also involved in sex trafficking & extremely dangerous.

Eliminate all unnecessary apps on phone
🔼use tracking through phone apps
Also may run down battery due to open apps from remote hack (even i-phone)
🔼hack stored messages
🔼Track through phones of contact
🔼use other women to spy, follow, isolate their target

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Get Hawahi out of Shipping

7 years of being abused by Hawaii state doesn't go unnoticed. To even thibgd out or to level the playing field;- play Hawaii local rules in Japan and beat them up, throw them in Job to negate their shipping and EXIM related employment.
issue felonies to those who have any connection to Hawaii and support those who are encouraged hurtful practices and create complications for those in Hawaii.
Hawaiian like to be America's pet to wreck Asia.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Banking Security issue USA

My - banking security issue
🔺Physical address in bank database ok
🔺Bank Teller requests new physical address to find out real residence = physical security threat
🔺Bank Teller creates issue with account to further flag my account. If not shut down account.
🔺 Bank calls to settle $2 difference created by teller. Instigates issue.
🔺Bank Teller = security threat due to supply of information at teller window

Monday, March 13, 2017

Asian American Business leader- in Hawaii

In 2011 I attended a conference for Asia related Business leaders in And or for the USA. 
It took me everything to walk through that door as there was such heightened security threats on my life to that point.
Today, most every American I meet-- Military, Civilian, corporate, or housewife continue to undermine and disrespect me in, Especially in Hawaii.
The list is a long one;- 
1. Military members who drink excessively and are dependent on or sell illegal natcotixs.
2. Civilians who exert opposing political force at their workplace.
3. Aggressive men and women who are misguided politically, yet have trust in whoever it is they are listening. To.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Japan on High Red alert

Just a note: with the events of past 7 days on island, as well as most recent NoKo missle scored at Japan.  I no longer have a place to live- I vacated the residence on Feb 28.
Starting March 1st 2017:-My car- lock compromised Monday, tire was compromised Tuesday, and engine compromised Tuesday night.

Trying not to post due to ground situation in States around the international Japanese related events. Some of my relatives in Japan working through war negotiations with China in the past decade. Personal NoKo issue was from when I was abducted @ Philadelphia area. In December 2002. My Japanese cousin abducted by NOKo from a Japanese beach in the 90's. The issues emerged due to the Patriot act and foul play by anti-Japanese employees of CIA.
My father ex-OSI told me he could not protect me any longer in 2006. 
Life in America/USA is nearly finished as there are few viable options to live.
Members ofJapanese Navy fleet have made it clear to me that the type of work that is available to me in Hawaii is disrespectful to Japan and angers Japan. however, they offer no money or way for me to live in the States. I understand & acknowledge instructions are as Agent of my Imperial Family.

Oahu &Honolulu- landownership by Korean, Filipino, Chinese, and Hawaiians has added to the issue of safe housing. That is Inaddition to environmental sensitivities to toxic mold and other related environmental factors.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Paranoia or Police use of Frequency weapon?

Today, March 6, 2017,  I was driving in Honolulu on Hobron Road and a cop car (civilian car with blue lights) crept up in back of me. I felt noticeable body temperature rise heat in two places, like a Sound frequency weapon was aimed at my head as well as specifically the back of my heart. 
Could it be that those in the vehicle are targeting me, or just the run of mill unsuspecting citizen?

This was not the 1st time this week high frequency of any type affected me. While at a movie theatre, similar pain & body heat rise to the brain near my ear. 

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Toxic mold x4- Oahu March 1 rainfall

Intense rainfall and Flooding happened March 1st. The place where I had lived till March 1 was already waterlogged with a collapsing ceiling over the kitchen sink. I moved out. When I took my things to storage March 1 there was a puddle forming in the storage warehouse. I looked up and there was a ballon of water formed at one of the taped up pipes. 
Though normally the driest sports on the island @ North Shore;- I heard friends' places  were flooded on ground floor definately from Turtle Bay to Sunset Beach with about 3 feet of water. My entire 6mo winter plan was already snafu from late October...
I had been paying rent  in Waikiki an under construction remodelling condo that had also been plagued with toxic mold in the kitchen vent from upstairs water damage.
The toxic mold is pervasive...
Pauoa Valley
Pacific Heights
Waikiki Condo building (lowrise)/high rise
Kualoa (may be next?) 
Top of the North Shore possible in the next weeks

Monday, February 27, 2017

Debris today

Washed up on beach piece of another one & monk seal area

Thursday, February 23, 2017

No hierarchical Structure, Genesis

The United States itself has never directly gone to war or battle with China. I don't see how Japan intends to rely on the USA as any type of ally. 

If there is no hierarchical structure, merely an atom that changes placement of orbitals....I mean as a species, as a socio-political mindset-- why do people in diverse professions continue to refer to a top down or pyramid structure? 
Each species on the planet/ type of people is encoded with the same information- yet due to the circumstance surrounding them;- one format allows life. Another format would ensure sooner death and opportunity and space for the predecessor. 
With human sacrifices in the past;- why is God not most compassionate to eliminate the most greedy, gluttonous, hate mongering offspring?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pyramids are like notes.

Pyramids...focus a sound beam to go though the pyramids. Sound beam to have laser light programmed to change angle/wave frequency. Created a signature that is focuses from the tops of pyramids-- for a multi layered "designer sound"
Pyramids create multiple waves/tone or notes....pyramids create a rhythm sound reflects ....long distance locator.
how are sound particles attracted to light particles?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Racist Asians

Hawaii has been a melting pot for Asians from South Pacific, China, &Japan for centuries. Only recently it's become more lucrative to the southeast Asian women who were trafficked in prior to 2015 or voluntarily arrived with green cards or tourist visas to work for cash in Honolulu's city licensed  buy-me-drinkie and full on contact sex club scene.
It's no longer the Old Hawaii, or the mixed American-Asian women it once was. Most of the Asians come from entirely Asian backgrounds and seething lay use the "mixed race" Asians as "bait" for men to show up looking for the Hawaiian mixed and Hapa women who once were plentiful around the surfing community. 
Many of these women are racist and look down on on the mixed race women. Yet, because the cost of peroxide is less than what they can make in a night and pretend they are a Hapa woman, they stick wth the locals as long as the women can tolerate the Asian fresh off boat presence.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Grain free / Keto Japanese

Today craving Protein/mineral/oil-
1lb mung bean sprouts
7oz enoki mushroom
4-5tbsp soy sauce/tamari/aminos
1tbsp soy free earth balance
2tbsp sake

Melt margarine, then add sauce & sake, Stir fry 6-8min...leftovers 1/2 lb container for another day.

2days ago- Japanese Yasai & mung bean noodles with daikon konbu pickle.
3oz Sake (sho chiku bai )
2oz Japanese plum cooking wine (to taste) 
4-5oz Soy sauce/tamari/liquid aminos
9 Donko (shiitake) - soaked 12hrs (save liquid)
Potatoes diced to 1/3" or eighths 
1small Kabocha cut to 1/3" cubes
4med organic carrots 1/3" pieces
3-4tbsp dry Nori
4 packs mung bean noodle dry (put in liquid after strained off cooked Yasai.)

Mix liquids sake, soy sauce, shiitake broth appx 1qt, leave plum wine to add to taste. Bring to boil. Add potato,carrots, Kabocha, shiitake and cook until slightly softened. Strain off  broth into 2qt casserole and add mung bean noodles to soak till soft. Add plum wine to taste. 
Once noodles are softened, mix noodles with Yasai. Add some of the liquid. Do not cook much more unless desire very soft noodles and Yasai.
Let cool and serve with sliced daikon-konbu pickles

USA owns Taiwan

There is no long term stable relationship for me with anyone USA based/ citizen. Confirmation. 
latest Rumor:- It seems USA has more confidence To Secure Asian funds through Taiwan, than to continue to do business military or ngo through Japan.
Americans believe in real money-- translation is arms deals and ATF related industry. 
Americans feel they profit from deliberately circumventing Japan. Japan is not admired. Also influenced by Vietnamese green card & American & US military DLI  /special forces 

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Salt & Free ways to clear Entities

RGS notes on Entity Clearing in English
  1. Most practices across the Earth use Salt to repel entities.
However, by methodology, there is some disagreement about entity clearing. Some have made entity clearing a daily religious practice unto itself. Some individuals make money from more immediate practises of entity removal. Western practises refer to entities as blobs and non-demonic spirits.  Eastern practises use the word Entity to refer to an attaching spirit.
  • Kona & some Hawaiian sea salt is closer to the body's natural PH. 
  • Celtic Sea Salt - some Spiritual singers preference 
  • Black Sea Salt - sea salt covered in activated charcoal can absorb spiritual toxins/ negativity.
  • Pink or Colored Salt (I no longer use) has less bio-available minerals & is naturally pigmented. It is slightly toxic to the body when digested (most pigments from minerals are toxic). Human blood samples have been show to exhibit signs of pigment poisoning with regular use.
2. Clearing entities by giving light to Entities
Entity as a spiritual attachment, lost soul, wandering relative.
One form of  giving light (Jp. Okiyome) stems from Japanese-Ainu shamanic tradition. 
The theory behind giving Okiyome holds fast in that the entity is not "removed" immediately as the entity has attached itself to the person for a reason. For the person to receive Okiyome, is also allowing the entity to receive Okiyome. Then, in a less harmful way to the spiritual attachment, the spiritual attachment departs when it has received enough light.

*Some New Age spiritual organizational practises intertwined Okiyome shamanic tradition with  spiritual figurehead ego and practises of Chinese Dao shape shifting wizardry. This can also include belief in Alien pendants/ technology needed in order to facilitate the process of light giving.


Entities in room
1. Set a bowl of rice mixed with sea salt in the room. Toss the salt & rice outside. Do this daily.
                                                            - Suggested by spiritual woman from Bhutan, Buddhist tradition

2. Set a bowl of salt in the room. Toss the salt daily. Repeat.

3. Call upon a great master healer who now works on the quantum level (Master Serapis Bey, Oset, Jesus, Buddha, Bruno Groening) and who is willing to remove the Entities or clear the Entities from your room/ aura in a peaceful way. Make a statement no longer allow such entities to remain with you and they are not welcome.

Attached Personal Entities
1. Learn a mystic tradition protective geometric meditation;- have pyramid, diamond, merkaba to tell the entities they are not welcome and only positivity is welcome.

2. Learn a protective Psy-Ops meditation as a basic form to keep entities from attaching. ie., reinforced aura, and other meditations 

3. Receive light (Jp., Okiyome) at Sukyomahikari or from a member- you may call the spiritual training centre to arrange a time as well. This is becoming a common way to bless food and give light to anyone of any religion as it's members span various religions across the globe. It is free to non-members,  the spiritual organization asks for donations from its members to cover the costly Hawaii overhead. This type of light is considered a heightened level from any Reiki light from the practitioner. Also, the spiritual toxins are removed by a spiritual practice using meridians similiar in Chinese acupressure to the skull point.

3. See 3) under Entities in Room

4.  (1.5-2 hrs) Saltwater spiritual flush- length & duration of spiritual entity removal cure can vary greatly. Highly reccomended to have a private toilet nearby. May want doctor's approval for this spiritual practice.
I personally am in great health and do this some mornings before a full moon. I make a point not to eat solid food for at least 12 hours prior. I mix and drink about 1/4 cup Hawaiian sea salt  dissolved in 750ml/ 25.36oz room temperature H20. 
  • Natural sea salt or Kona sea salt is closer to the body's natural PH. 
  • Black Sea Salt - sea salt covered in activated charcoal can absorb spiritual toxins/ negativity.

 Today is a Full Lunar Eclipse day.


When the Smoke has cleared

RGS experience:

Sometimes extended use of Sage is a spiritual symptom. Heavy use or daily use of smudge sage will uncover a strong entity or demon in an otherwise heavily used business or home. If this is the case at the location, then it is wise to bring in appropriate spiritual consultant or ceremony in order to make the living or work area more habitable and peaceful. This may need to be performed annually at some locations by the priest/exorcist, kahuna, or shaman.

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as 
  • Serve food each day for the spirit at a small altar (as is common in many Asian cultures). 
  • Plant Ti at a property is for the spiritual energy traffick - sometimes very clear dark matter forms from past or recent present time.
  • sprinkle black sea salt (sea salt covered with activated charcoal)

A few "quiet" negative energy locations:
  • Kuualoa, HI:  Ancient whale dying ground/ graveyard.
  • Pauoa Valley, Honolulu, HI : - Very strong infra sound outlet for underground movement. Mana, Hawaiian warrior spirits from battle, Toxic Mold.
  • Doylestown, PA Historic Mansion 181 E. Court Street:- Demon & entity presence.

About use of smudge Sage -  Burning smudge sage has been scientifically proven to create positive ions. Sage is commonly burned to clear the negative ions generated from human interaction and thoughts. Using Sage is typical if there is heavy negative thought pattern present in a space; in schools, bars, after arguments at home, when someone lingers in a room with depression or anger.

There are stronger herbs or incense that are burned for energy clearing and may include pieces of mica or silica or quartz. These can be made or ordered online for weekly to monthly use.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Hawaii Tourists- Immigration, ID, Safety, Financial cards, Trump

Day of the Mark of the Beast is here.
Generally the public has complied with many of the requests to see ID from noted law enforcement.
Foreign tourists, travellers, and even 1st generation US citizens face a threat. Damaged Documents and missing credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of payment.

I lived in Waikiki near the bars and restaurants that are difficult to get away from. Since I don't take anyone of US military rank as "coincidental" in my life, recently for 2 months I lived at the home of an 0-6 USMC Colonel and livid Trump supporter. One day we had gone for breakfast and he told me that he saw a car with a Hillary Clinton sticker on it. When he saw the sticker on the vehicle he wanted to ram into the vehicle. Now this is what I call extreme & violent thinking.  I took his throwing dirty laundry over my Kalachakra as a signal that his hatred and Colorado white conservatism runs much deeper. That is aside from a comment he made to me stating "a bunch of us at Pentagon would have gone to jail if Hillary made it ."

Just before the immigration ban I started having complications with things around the off-duty? USMC Colonel that have not happened for over a couple of years.  Strange enough, my perfect condition Driver's license holographic plastic was sticking out of my purse and peeled back enough to render it "illegal" and tampered with. My financial cards, that take 10-30 days for ordering and shipment to Hawaii state were missing long enough for me to have to re-order.

In Hawaii: There are no in-bank cards that can be issued in Hawaii. It is not the Mainland USA here. Documentation of all sorts is difficult or time consuming to arrive in Hawaii. Even overnight priority shipping does not exist. Overnight priority is more like 2 day shipping if it works at all.

Because I moved out of the situation with the Colonel, yesterday morning I woke to a mother nearby screaming at someone because an important document had a misspelling on it. Her Energy was so intense some friends called me, even texts me "are you ok? are you alive?"

I think I should just say, that be careful when coming to Waikiki, HI. There are still High level military men who can take action against any of us. Many of them frequent the TRUMP hotel restaurant. And the Security issues can be created by anyone of any nationality or American agenda. For instance, this Colonel frequents the Waikiki bars, seems to be unmarried, an definitely carries an ugly personality under his cool exterior.

I was born a dual National of Japan and the United States, and he found me at a time  May 2016 when he claims the Pentagon was in need to downsize in Japan. Though I personally also feel the USA should be pushed out of Japan (expedited) since they are going about change in a very rude fashion.

Standing Wolf

Even eyes of black wolf starving
Hold compassion
Empty iced white man stare
Tries to prove they need no other
the white man eradicates other life

I hope, black wolf takes mine
last breath of love & compassion
Will lightning, return for Wolf
last white man dies
Sees wolves standing

L8 Nite Keto Tea

Hawaiian Tumeric 2 small roots
1qt Boiling water
Juice of 1.5 lemons 
1-2 Tbsp MCT oil

---Boil water
---thinly slice the Tumeric root and add to boiling water
---turn off heat after 1 min
---add MCT oil
--- let steep 10-15min
Strain out roots and add liquid to the fresh squeezed lemon juice (use citrus juicer)

let cool or drink hot, slowly.

Galactic Shaman Crystals

My first crystals/ rocks that I was attracted to were those iron ore meteorites that I used to find daily and hang onto as a kid. However, after realizing they fell from outerspace and burnt up into small craterous chunks no bigger than a raisin. I was told they were just like me when brown in the summer, a kid dual national of several ethnicities Chinese, Sakha/Siberian, J. Ainu, Japanese, & British Isles descent.

I decided to leave them on the ground, though always looked for them from a distance. As a child, I guessed they were here for a reason just like me. 

 It took a couple decades, until one day  a few years ago, I saw the flash of laborodite in my my mind's eye. For a 1st time I went into a "new age" shop and looked around. I heard this high frequency sound, as I had been diagnosed with hyperacusis that allows me to perceive sound at higher decibal level. I took a look around, and hiding in the bottom of a locked case behind scrying stones was a tiny pendant. It wasn't on blatant display. It was hidden 4 shelves down from the pieces of laborodite that i saw in my minds eye. It was a piece of meteorite, a thin slice, encased in resin.
That was my concious return to the world of respectful earth conciousness.

It would be better for the earth, if these "unattractive" meteoric stones would be more popular. They can't be mined.

Galactic Shaman out...

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Pali Entity & Orbs in daylight

Self painted rough illustration of Daytime Yellow orbs & magenta orb I saw at the Pali outlook.
Just a quick rough  illustration of what I saw at the Pali during Daylight. Later I learned that the entity who spoke with me was probably a Hawaiian Mo'o The energy was peaceful that day, however the wind was so strong I could lean back on my heels and it kept me from falling. The reddish orb was actually more magenta color and more floaty feel like a rainbow light intense deep magenta color cloud. The yellow orbs were over the walkway as well as beyond the railing and over the cliff floating. It was where I had previously seen Hawaiian warriors pushing each other during a pre-dawn darkness exploration at the Pali.

Galactic Shaman crystals

Depending on how you arrive at my site, I have a multi-faceted existence on the planet.
I do things my own way so to speak with an untrained perception that is inherent knowledge from my DNA profile.  I frequently walk with my own energy, which means not to wear/carry little gems and metal jewelry.

Springtime experience of 2015 - One of the Mo'o at the Pali told me there is too much jewelry on the planet. The Mo'o got my attention by nearly ripping a sign off the trail post with wind, and then spoke with me after swiping the sunglasses off my face into a secluded edge of the forest. The Mo'o described jewelry as inclusive of many human made industrial items as well as personal adornments. Understanding is that this includes metal street signs, guard rails, indoor metallic plumbing to everything unnatural from Source light (sun) that can affect the natural earth's magnetic flows. ie., We rarely use bamboo for pipes.

Many souls have three major divisions of their life in congruence with the progression. I can only compare these divisions to the difficulty level on a treadmill or pre-core machine, and we all get a different spiritual workout. The easy part of life for one is a high difficulty level for another. The toughest spiritual setting in life is immovable to some, or on the reverse is a galactic shaman's normal daily setting. If you view the earth and your progressed astrological chart as a "workout plan" you can look around at others on this big blue-green sphere and as a spiritual gym. It is important to add or omit the use of earth crystals when the period in life shifts. Early, Mid, Advanced life.

The following is a short list of the Earth Crystals that I keep within my aura on path of
Galactic Shaman.  (This is a list of crystals/stones that I have used and have withstood this path - some stones/crystals simply burn out on me. They crackle in my hands and I return them to the earth I reserve other crystals/stones for ritual use)

Earth Crystals
Level early life :
Black onyx

Mid Life :
Garnet - (smaller than a dime - daily wear)
Moonstone - (1 pendant daily wear)
green jade - mala
red jasper - 1 piece

Advanced Life :
Blue Kyanite
Black Onyx
Blue Sapphire
Natural Obsidian
Tourmalinated Quartz
Raspberry Tourmaline
Spinel (dark spinal)

 Non-Earth Crystals - ie., meteorite
Gibeon type Meteorite
*Singing meteorite- Muonionalusta

Various Amulets and talismens have entered my life at different times as well.
My first one, a gift from my  Christian Godparents  was a  heart with my initials AMK and my birthday engraved. I believe it was there, to teach me to love myself and I always thought of it that way.
Mid life, I wore a spider with a garnet in it.
Advanced life;- Things are getting complicated as I don't subscribe to a singular human cult based way of spirituality and wear the amulets to define the soul's fequency/belief system. As a galactic shaman, I walk between two worlds where most in human form cannot see the forms beyond aura. I do make use of the symbols and glyphs that comprise the spiritual language of the earth's beings AFTER I have had encounters or communications with specific entities.

This is part of what has been my way on the path of a Galactic Shaman.

Stones/ Earth Crystals for Ritual Use
Clear Quartz
Raspberry Tourmaline & Watermelon Tourmaline

Galactic Shaman's open Portal from Nuumite Obalisk 2015
 One short story of mine;- In Honolulu, HI 2015 I purchased a high priced Nuumite Obalisk with a rainbow band on it. After I used it for ritual that night where it realigned my chakras and made my body sweat out toxins, - The next day I took it to the beach while seeing a person/psychiatrist who meditated seemingly Tibetan style. The Nuumite obalisk vanished on the beach in our vicinity (or it got snuck away to someone's bag). In anycase, someone else told me that I had inadvertently opened a Portal. Though my silent intention was definately a trust test. Shortly after this incident, Annubis visited me in form the next time I saw this friend. And, all within a week and a half, he called me to tell me of his mother being on the brink. He was asked to make a decision to pull the plug or not. So, one night about a week and a half later, he called me to tell me he pulled the plug on her. And, that he had no regrets and was relieved of the pain. After hearing this and the conversation ended I gave him a I never heard from him again. I immediately met another person within a few minutes who also has an interesting spiritual background.
Coincidentally, I saw the movie "Aloha" and there was a scene showing a grave. On top of the grave was a very similar Nuumite Obalisk. I had seen Bradley Cooper (from near my PA hometown) at a couple of bars and around the spiritual dojo where i had been participating in the local Japanese spiritual dojo practice (which I had issues with). I wonder if that was the same Nuumite stone

Though, I don't encourage anyone to tamper with anything of a Galactic Shaman. I'm certain someone will. Just be prepared for the best or the worst spiritual challenges.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

My Giza Crystals grew!!!

My Giza Crystals From Lavandar after I received them November? 2015. Today is February 1, 2017

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Though there is controversy about the existence of Stargate by some in the "non-entertainment world";-I have a few things to say from direct personal Experience. 
1. I got to train on the mat for a little with a retired US Navy veteran of 25years who judged the Stargate & CSI TV series screenplays. 

2. My childhood home was a riddled with stargates and everything from large spiders that watched over me in the sky. It was 20 min outside of Willow Grove Naval airbase and I was able to pick up on illegal Us military use of subsonic aircraft at the onset of a kid and  In all fairness, small trainer fighters would breeze atop the tree line and I could wave to the pilot waving at me on my bicycle. In my l8r years 29-32 I could drive on a local highway and see the stealth bomber flying in just over head.

3. U know that movie "Signs" with the fields and aliens-- that was within the area Where I grew up.

Happy 2017!!! Rooster year

Om as one symbol/glyph 
Kalachakra to some
Time wheel
Tibetan Buddhist Art

Monday, January 30, 2017

Japan:-USA MK Ultra Hawaii

The events of the past few months have put me in close quarters with an aryan US Marine Corps Colonel, who recently transplanted to Hawaii from the Pentagon. And, a practicing Krishna person who claims to be a victim of direct Rothschild gemstone programming in Oaklahoma, and approached me with hope to share knowledge of their family involvement in Aritchoke & Doormouse. I have to say it has been a grueling 3 months for me.
It's really difficult to try to exist for me here in Hawaii with the onslaught of MK program victims.
The Colonel, wouldn't communicate with me directly and instead took to hiding at least a handful of my personal belongings rather than returning them to me directly. Odd behavior for someone with a higher rank. The practicing Krishna is one of many who gaze onward at the Ford legacy. Both are mostly self motivated and not worldly motivated. Both have deeply insulted me as a woman of born Japanese nationality and descent. Both have admonished my Buddhist family history with repugnance of being equal to Satan worshipers. One deliberately placed dirty laundry over my Kalachakra (time Wheel or representation of OM in one glyph). The other again trying to force me into belonging to the Krishna cult and mindset (not the 1st time for ISKON in Hawaii).
I'm still lacking a safe home for myself as renting solo is extremely difficult, and is coupled with the plethora of Delta altar US military personnel and contractors, as well as the trained snipers and assassins that the USA MK Ultra Program has left on the Hawaiian islands. The islands seem to be a catch all for MK Ultra and related Mind Kontrol program victims whose families were promised some sanctuary for submitting their children (now encroaching on 50 years old). Most of the Mind Kontrol victims or participants I have met are approximately 50 years old, give or take a few years.

Some of them have definative altar changes and lack control and composure to stop and engage in a 2 way conversation. Others simply submerge themselves in their work at times, yet do not live normal family life and opt for partying daily on US military pay.

These programmed individuals do not claim responsibility for their actions. They do not show any remorse for their offensive actions. Rather, they make immediate attachment to the Rothschilds and the Military as excuse and refute their own individual freedoms as a form of denial. These people are very unlike those who are not programmed. Or, for those who were programmed and choose to make public through interviews the societal impact of the research that was conducted on them.

Regardless of any involvement my family may or may not have had. Most of the USA MK victims are quick to attach a "satanic" attribute to the program. They refuse to seperate the US military installation from the Rothschilds agenda.    They also remain defensive of their family members particularly if they feel that they have a "special"  or desirable European lineage that has potential to carry white Aryan (blonde hair, blue eyes, or light colored eyes & light hair as a dissapointing second). The use of India's Krishna religion is just one place where the tortured women reside, yet I am still uncertain if it is a choice or if it is the only religion that will give these women independent sanctuary and breeding partners (as it seems there are no marriages yet more "unfortunate children").

Seperate issue from the above and my living situation;- is that the USAF Stargate program is set to be a business and military industry standard acceptable conciousness (remote viewing & personal safety intuition) in 10-15 years.