Saturday, December 24, 2016

Reflection:- My Sakah line

The Americans are infatuated with the trivial monetary cost of Asian cultures. And, they hype as well as rave about those areas where they have spent time. To them, there is value in setting an American flag in their birthing in foreign lands, largely despite nationality laws, as a further American Spiritual war on the world. 
Today is The Christian Christmas Eve as I sit alone in Hawaii. I'm reflecting on the losses that I have incurred and on the sanctity of thought the infinite timeline gives me in knowing at some point in time, I became stateless with my Sakah genetics mixed with many Asian genetics. I always treated myself in the way that my DNA is a frequency modulator where I feel more in tune with others along my self contained person. 
Most Americans and their foreign contingents like to make a spectacle of their visual imagination and "race" impressions while making light of me as an individual. Very few Americans care to even engage me at a reasonable friendship level of conversation before delving into stereo types that their large egos need to have compliance with,- compliance from numb parties nearby.
So today, I further deepened my understanding of my role to my family and related DNA this life time.
I have a deeper appreciation of Asia, and Sakah-muni Buddha a genetically possible distant ancestry to my existance. 
I also understand: 
the volitility of the United States public and mass opinion. 
The carefully threaded sound/homonym type associations that splatter through USA media culture.
 How, the French impressionists Dada movement distorted the visual mass medium. Distorted it conciously so that modern race and human political issues can be admonished to a space for multiple realities rather than the actuality of the present plane.
How volatile adding information to an entire nation of Christians who like to believe a NaZi fantasy version of Jesus their savior, whose God is infinitely forgiving of all misdeeds.
How, US Americans who came from slavery mindsets, immigrant mindsets,&  lackadaisical White privledge only serves them to gain footing collectively of accessible mindsets for waging mental wars abroad and to bend the socio-economic game play interaction between nations.

It's difficult for me to believe that I am alone today. That I have humbled myself so much with the brutal US American and Hawaiian attitudes that want to own Asia. 
Yesterday I really thought about Buddha. How communist workers were used in China to make a toxic industry that supports the "American beer gut Buddha  who quells about owning the Asian spirit of a warrior deep within them. How Asia doesn't deserve to exist except as servants places well beneath their African-American counterparts. This mind reel that has come to my mental forefront only angers me. 
To be edited...fresh from the heart💔:this Sakah mix Asia Buddha protector with tears flowing freely.