Sunday, December 04, 2016

Feng Shui & Christianity

Feng Shui in a Christian world, came up during my I visit to a local Honolulu Feng Shui Master's shop today. The Master mentioned something about bringing Feng Shui to the USA. I had inquired about the religion link to differnt Feng Shui practices and Schools.
In short, I boiled my experience of Christian Mindset on the East Coast to:
 Christianity = Infinate Vengful acts that are Infinately Forgiven by the Christian God & Jesus

This is quite different than having a Loving heart and Compassionate intents. As a 1st generation USA & Japanese citizen I learned cross culturally that Most American Christians don't translate Love and Compassion to anything they perceptibly interpret as not having "pure Christian origins."
The version of Christianity I was exposed to was inundated with an unsatiable vengance from Americans who hate Asia. Also, coupled with an infinate amount of Godly forgiveness for every destructive action the Christians take.

So, again, it seems that some things are ineffible & perpetually dumbfounding to me.