Friday, December 30, 2016

DEc 2016 Update Hawaii Nightclub- Syndicate

Hawaii Night Club scene becoming increasingly unsafe 
The notorious Hawaii Syndicate and any related US military and US Military veterans are rampantly pushing cocaine in the open with Honolulu Liquor Commission seeming to turn a blind eye to any illegal activities as well as  and drug sales in their nightclubs. 
It has become unbearable to even attempt being in the Honolulu night scene for me. It's almost like it's a horribly flagrant  backlash to the Phillipine Dictator Duarte's executions of drug dealers. 
One nighttime patron, stated an EX-IM shipping accountant recounted the vast amounts of cocaine that the Dock workers/ Hawaii Syndicate bring in through Honolulu. Additionally, how that despite some bender partying, that drug tests for Shipping & EX-IM conveniently came up negative when tested for the drug during regular employee screenings. 
Additionally noted is the US military personnel have bragging rights to pay off the drug-test labs in exchange for a clean drug-test in order to maintain rank, security clearance, and employment. 
Granted, the night clubs have not shut down as they are maintained as "helping people in need" from all walks of life.
One anonomous person who is more familiar said;- Once the Hawaii Syndicate hates you, you won't be able to work or drink anywhere in Hawaii.