Wednesday, November 02, 2016

affecting international market with PEACE

1. United Nations POLICING: Make violations especially against women (of Asian descent) connected to larger EX-IM punishable as Attempted murder charge rather than local police categorization of common domestic violence incidents.

2.  Kill all shipments not connected directly a person of dual-nationality, Asian descent (biz USA).

3. Eliminate the rule of Foreign Agency ( Foreign  Agents act) in the USA when EXPORT-IMPORT shipment is concerned. 

  • USA clouds the issue and manipulates the EX-IM scene by requiring a 3rd party intermediary
  • USA admonishes the potential Foreign Agent due to USA lack of cooperation and USA actions that total international security agreement breaches and cumulative acts of war. 
    • Some of these actions are taken against the Agent as private interest under USA politicians where other individual is seeking to cause reason to retain employment.
    • Some of these actions are taken against the Agent as private interest for other than USA nation.
    • Some of these actions taken against the Agent are acts of domestic terrorism;- particularly personal agendas hidden within the U.S. Military officers & enlisted person's private creed.
    • Allow dual-national persons with exceptional families to receive funds directly without confiscation of funds and unquestionable jail time;-  as USA has assassinated my family members of Japanese nationality through local policing. And USA has created easy fail financial systems in event of such personal tragedy.
      •  -provide: secured joint USA federal and Foreign Nations banking option. 
3. Stop chain of command enforce (no questions asked);- that creates "impression management scenarios" by temporary secret services workers and other high level security officers with access to manipulate such private/personal information.   &;/;Or white  majority  (with understanding that all people of primary European descent qualify as 'White" ie., case of American Italians & Jews), --revision needed--