Thursday, October 20, 2016

USA Business for Japanese relation

  • Recommend Japan limit USA tourist spending to Vacation packages and meals.
  • I have been experiencing heightened violence from some USA citizens with particular hatred of JAPAN. And, there has not been ANY assistance from the USA government programs.

The USA has not given anything to support business for ABAC size or larger.
Rather, since 1996, there has been direct interference with my personal life from the Clinton Boys as well as the Bush business elite. This includes, directly preventing me from leaving the USA to return to my home Country of Japan after completing college. In Hawaii 2009+ I was met at the Honolulu airport by a member of Obama's local Hawaiian secret services team;- He prevented my vacation on my own terms and returning to my life. Local Honolulu police department cooperated with him and guaranteed my abduction.

They, meaning the higher level individuals; - committed identity theft and destroyed my financial integrity as well as much of my work integrity (as I am unable to return to work on the mainland).
Since I have been in Hawaii;- I have attempted to document the issues that the Americans/ US GI's/ and Other USA citizens have created to cause more political rifts with Japan.