Monday, October 10, 2016

One Thing

One thing that I have noticed in the European and American special interest and community groups, as well as spiritual places to worship;- is that the Japanese are outnumbered by the huge numbers of Koreans, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian and other Asiatic groups. This give Japan a very very fine line of measure as the discrimination is not just about the country the Asian person of descent or racial group. It is very much about the Caucasian, African-American, Latino, and other European & Americans lumping the totality of Asians together as One representational group.
What I have found, is that Japan carries a fake sense of prestige that is disrespected by many Caucasian- Americans, and Europeans. They disrespect it because the "human slave power" is low in numbers. So, many of them use Japan for the money they would not be able to obtain safely in their home countries in a similar way. Japan has little to no human power, and is viewed as no longer having a backbone or strength of unified national image.
Even here in Hawaii, there are latina women who whiten their skin, and while younger and not putting on the typical weight of an elder woman in her 30's;- they pass themselves as Japanese to the American European crowd. Obviously this is a different type of impression management to the international community that can later effect opinions.