Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Japan Nationals in USA

The problem with Americans is that they don't acknowledge actual born nationality laws of Japan. Also, they allow other new American and Non-American nationals of Korea, Vietnam, and China to pass as Japanese. In 1992, there were only 150,000 of us Japanese nationals who lived outside of Japan. 150,000 Japanese who lived in countries across the Globe.
I personally have found most 3rd and 4th generation Americans with some Japanese descent to be spiteful towards most Japanese. The spiteful sentiment is largely due to a perception that Japanese nationals are easy to take money from. And,  being resentful created an emotional/psychological need for Japanese to give money to them. 
Even in Hawaii, the actual news of crime against Japanese nationals is very severe. Most local born Hawaii state residents laugh because the Japanese tourists are the easiest people for them to steal from, drug, and harm.
One night I even saw a petite Japanese woman who was left laying on the sidewalk by the blaisdale with a very nervous Caucasian man who would not let me do anything to see if she was ok, even make a call to a nearby hospital...