Monday, September 26, 2016

Differences MK Delta to MK Uktra

There seems to be a generational difference that is noticible between the more recent and natural MK Ultra and the drug submerged MK DELTAs.
The MK Deltas seem to have had more active and criminal past in drug use and distribution. They seem more accustomed to the doors being held open for them and their indulgences met as long as they complied. Some MK Deltas did literally go insane with the LSD and or PCP taking them to a restful suicide. Others survived the drugs and programming with proud stories to tell. 

MK Ultra isn't the same, at least not from my perspective. MK ultra isn't just about  the loud, willing, and compliant slew of USA monarch celebrities who draw public sympathy. Some lesser known MK Ultra subjects have been groomed for civilian Intel collection and have family profiles with clout outside the USA. Some of these MK Ultra types have been put through the Alice protocol. I know this one is in my past, definately. 
One unique feature of the Alice protocol is the use of the MK subject's mother in administering physical abuse. I am uncertain how many Mind Kontrol protocols use the mother rather than another adult. Sometimes the mother is also a victim having undergone Nazi-like surgeries to disturb the brain stem. Some cases, the mother is left the widow of an intelligence agent. The violence the mother inflicts is more psychologically binding a relationship than normal. And, the Alice protocol inflicts and exposes its subjects to timed deaths of companion animals, loved ones, and many other atrocities against human rights. There were only two paths to succeed the Alice protocol. The most common and expected path was for the Alice protocol subject to die from inflicted physical injuries, or by suicide from depression of continual and regular assaults. The other is that the MK subject is able to overcome the emotional and mental states of the assaults and to attain a hyper-vigilante persona. And even if this hyper-vigilante persona is achieved past puberty, a resulting factor with the Alice protocol is a suicide command at age 26 or 27 for some.