Thursday, September 15, 2016

Call to HPD- nonviolence in police reporting not an option.

HPD requires guns and armed officers when taking a police report from an unarmed citizen, who may be a victim of other law enforcement agents on the island of Oahu.

I contacted HPd and since they have lost and erased and misplaced police reports I filed since arriving in 2009. The dispatch officer was angry with me and told me that the HPD officer who will take my report must have a weapon on him. He said there is no way a Honolulu Police Department officer will accept my police report if not made in person. Because my report and others I have made were literally lost and or renumbered and not able to be found by HPD since my arrival in 2009, they have aided criminals to freedom without any due process.
The dispatch also said "as long as I don't do anything to wrong the officer", which is vague and broad when reporting ther law enforcement agents on the island;- the officer should not shoot me.