Thursday, September 01, 2016

Almost Free, way to test for Toxic Mold

I couldn't afford a paycheck or half a paycheck to casually test for Mold in my body. I figured out a cheap way, though not foolproof,method to check for microscopic mold invaders. I did this to find out if I had mold or not. I collected a urine sample in a mold free environment. I wasn't sitting under a dusty air vent, near bathroom mold spot, or fan.  I used a simple and contaminant free container I pulled from a sealed package that I wiped off with Sol-u-guard. I  Collected the urine/pee sample and put it in a dark place undisturbed for a day or two. It's warmer here in Hawaii 80-90F on average. I checked to see if there was mold growth. I threw away the container, or have the mold tested.
Then, I booked my appointment with the naturopath who does dark field microscope work.