Sunday, September 11, 2016

9.7 California

In 2014, I already had walked through and dreamed version of the State of the World;- most likely 2017.
I was in California, most likely southern California. The earthquake toppled almost everything.
There was little left standing, except some walls attached to exposed steel structure appx 3 stories high.
There was alot of rubble everywhere. And, it seemed that things had dried up after an additional tsunami. Trying to find even the mexican blanket that we found was an "accomplishment" for a day of scavenging.  Some of us attempted to put back together, some sense of normalcy.
We did have a rugged topless jeep with thick tires, and were able to secure some fuel.
There were few vehicles that survived the toppling of cities.
There was even less left, in sense of food and survival goods.
Many of us, lived well outside the boundaries of major civilization.
Going into these destroyed cities and places was like a way to heal, to remember what civilization was.