Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why Racism is an inbred battle.

In comparison to my numerous HVR1 mutations, 98% of the World has Inbred classic Homo Sapiens. It's no wonder I'm single and physically repulsed by most humans;- though I try to be accepting (I am genetically overwhelmed) The numbers on the Global population have been done for at least the next generation.
And, the majority of humans on the planet have an average of 4 HVR1 mutations. This number is offset by those of us, including yours truly, who are categorized as another Humanoid species;- We possess over 8 HVR1 mutations which puts us at over 80-90% different than the average 4 HVR. A person with 8+ HVR1 mutations is in the 5% of the entire human genus on the planet. And, since we aren't an example of the most common human, scientists have denoted us as another species. So it's safe to say that a healthy & modern, not inbred, human being of the last species on the planet has between 6-8 HVR1 mutations. This describes a human who is hypothetically, not inbred after 100,000 years of the last human species.