Sunday, August 14, 2016

Water H20 and Vegan Toxic Mold Detox

Angela Kneale is a survivor of Toxic Mold aka Mycotoxin poisoning. What is contained in this page and blog is my personal experiences in living with and reducing symptoms of the Toxic mold strains in MY body and in my belongings. This is my personal journal as many have asked me questions about how I was able to get healthy from Mold Mycotoxin poisoning experiences. Also, I have a resurrection gene. 8/28/2016
I got a reminder of the importance water has in our daily lives yesterday. A friend recently reached out because of flooding in their living space. And, in conversation, I wonder if anyone really processes the crippling effect of toxic mold that can lead to death.

I needed to adopt a protocol for where I'd get my water.
These were the rules I had about water, especially here in Hawaii.
  1. Bottled water that is purified 
  2. A water filter on the personal water bottle
  3. Do not drink anything from any restaurant's soda hose.
  4. I do not drink anything  Local with a blue cap on it as I got a sediment contaminated bottle of Hawaii sourced water.
Water. We do take it for granted. 
When I was told that toxic mold was in my bloodstream without candida (I've been very vegan for most of 30 some years), they told me that it probably entered through a water source. Although alkaline, water is a carrier for mold (yes the Acid Rain lightbulb should go off in your head and do the math if you can). I decided to alkalize more with minerals (almost too much and not on any one's advice) because of this fact to try and drop my blood PH.  I also did it because I felt better from the mold symptoms. I alkalize heavily when I have times where I may be more likely to be contaminated with the toxic mold spores. 

So, in the mold stricken environment look around;- 
1. Shower heads can be contaminated with toxic mold
2. Ice box systems at home can be contaminated with toxic mold
3. Restaurant Ice can be contaminated with toxic mold (especially in Hawaii) - new or old.
4. Water drippings off awnings
5. Local grown fruit definitely harbors a variety of mold.
6. Mold in random spots like the Soap container at the gym, mold & dust in vents above shower stalls

In any case, during this time and having moved out immediately;- I showered at places that seemed mold free. And, the interesting learning part I experienced was an eye opener. There were several Hawaii homeowners who shower at the gym and bring a barrage of products. They sometimes have apologized (I take shorter civilian showers) for hogging the area because they have a bathroom they can't use at home. It's not just one or two people, the numbers are much higher. Homeowners who have neglected Water damage, tile damage, or plumbing issues that signal MOLD issue to me.

Purchasing water for drinking (I didn't do much of any cooking during the Detox) and can be a hefty bill. So, there are water filtration systems like LifeStraw that are proven to filter out the most possible.