Monday, August 01, 2016

USA Security Measures Failed

The United States of America prohibited my American identity from having any indication of Asian nationality. This posed a huge problem once the Patriot Act was implemented. Those who are more racist, as we know now with the racially charged speeches of presidential candidate Donald Trump. The immediate issue that was caused was those outside our small and very racist caucasian community of 3000 people accusing my brother and I of being terrorists.
This is despite attending elementary school, middle school, and high school in our other Home country of the United States.

They killed my brother in conjunction with the publication of photos of murdered terrorists in the Gentleman's Quarterly magazine in 2005. My life was constantly threatened, attacked, abducted, and assaulted by police as well as federal agents in Pennsylvania. I left and found some refuge in Ithaca, NY until I was told they tried to burn down my newly started piano studio. They missed and burned down the Ithaca Ballet Studio that was in the adjacent building.