Sunday, August 14, 2016


Angela Kneale is a survivor of Toxic Mold aka Mycotoxin poisoning. What is contained in this page and blog is my personal experiences in living with and reducing symptoms of the Toxic mold strains in MY body and in my belongings. This is my personal journal as many have asked me questions about how I was able to get healthy from Mold Mycotoxin poisoning experiences. Also, I have a resurrection gene. 8/28/2016
Though the United States is beautiful because the USA has outsourced toxic manufacturing to China. I do agree that the WORLD needs to start making adjustments in a better direction.  USA importing oil and use of private, personal automobiles and the heavy use of Lightbulbs and dryers is enough energy drain and byproducts to change the PH of rainfall to being ACID. Though a conversation with the last generation of major importers to the USA;- putting an end to the importation of OIL for public use would change life on this planet for the better.

1. Use of cars that pollute the environment and lead to Acid Rain
2. Consumes diets high in grains, sugars, and acid forming foods.

If toxic Mold is designed to and wants to rid the planet of a large number of humans;- the United States and China have created a formula for certain population deterioration. It only takes 6-8hours for mold to form a significant layer on an acid coffee drink with some sugar/ non dairy creamer in Hawaii.

I suppose this is just a slight nudge, if anyone is reading this. It's a slight nudge to think about the consequences of how deadly toxic mold is.
Even a master cleanse diet of maple syrup water has too many carbs that are easy for the mold to use, in competition with my body's digestive process kicking in to use those fast carbs. Fast Carbs vs. Slow Carbs is something that makes quite a bit of difference with functioning with this toxic mold.

Even here in Hawaii;- Living in a tent is cleaner. I have met several people who have developed tumors from toxic mold more recently. Some people have gone perceptibly insane from toxic mold, exhibiting no cognitive control whatsoever.

I keep finding mold varieties growing in public places. And, I wonder if my own battle with toxic mold that started 2 years ago is only "bringing it up" as I'm on the fringe of not eating anything.

Just a thought;- the USA diet on average is too acidic.