Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Toxic Mold re-exposure & Detox today

Where are the Breatharians? I'm getting nervous with my most recent re-exposure to a Toxic-mold laden environment. As a Keto-Alkaline-Vegan who has already recovered from Toxic mold contamination, this 2nd exposure is very concerning.
It felt internally like I was being blackmailed by the Toxic Mold to feed it sugar or it would cause me to feel intense pain.
On a windy day, After going to the beautiful Pacific Heights home a few times where the person I know rented a large apartment, i know I was re-exposed to the mold, outside the home. It took me last week to get out of the Chronic Fatigue mode enough to do normal things. I definately was out of control eating grains. But, I reestablished control over the mold growth.
It's important for me to remind myself, that the mold is an organism that wants me to feed it.
It has the ability with the toxins it emits to change my brain chemistry so that I feed it.
This time though, even with minor exposure to it, I noticed that I am much more sensitive.
And, I feel like the toxic mold is smarter this time as a prisoner in my body.
This time My exposure was by wind and rain that fell at the Pacific Heights location;- which overlooks the rainforest valley where I first came in contact with the mold.
Last week;- I was having difficulty staying in Ketosis. I don't mean a little difficulty, I mean alot. It was like I lost my brain to a happy elated out of control carb consuming state. And, in between was severely painful joint pain that disappeared from my knee, to my hip, and probably rose to my brain. It felt internally like I was being blackmailed by the Toxic Mold to feed it sugar or it would cause me to feel intense pain.

This re-exposure is quite different than the 1st exposure Toxic mold contamination. My daily diet before my first contamination contained a low amount of grain. You know, the typical vegan on the fly diet. Oatmeal breakfast, coffee, salad during the day, with french fries nearly every other day of the week. Late night I used to grab inarazushi with some potato chips to make up for the squishy rice, or a petafied vegan T.B. burrito and coffee. The first time, I did not feel any joint pain. I didn't even notice many severely out of the ordinary "symptoms" until it was really bad.

This second time in the past 3 weeks;- (still needs to be edited)
1st week after Toxic Mold exposure
I was drawn to the vegan oat & almond flour donuts I treat myself with infrequently ( I purchased 4 donuts last week, gave the birds most of 2 the first time in an effort to maintain self control, and I failed miserably eating 2 other donuts.) Normally;- I might have ONE donut once every 2-3 weeks. So, this was definately noticible. I don't ever load up my salad container on veganaise style potato salad either and did so this past week.

1.5-2weeks after Toxic Mold exposure
Tuesday;- I went to a wellness Center and got 1/2 hr of RIFE beam (bugs) during a free event
Fasted until after Wednesday Colonic appointment
Wednesday;- Colonic
Thursday-Sunday- Sauna & steamroom + Eating a larger amount of alkaline based raw foods.
Monday- Feeling much better can swim a handful of laps in the pool
Tuesday- Green 2o & Go! in morning;- Gave blood - in Ketosis; lunch Raw Salad & dinner vegetable Curry soup, then felt too tired and had to sleep.
Wednesday- Slept alot, was wiped out from giving blood. Regular supplements morning.

Yesterday, I made a blood donationThe past 2 weeks, I have