Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Caucasian security dillemma

Disclaimer: I was raised in a very objective household. That is Being that there is no time for lawsuits and the USA attorneys are incompetent to handle the multiple attacks made against me as a lucid family member of the Japanese Imperial Security House. It also came with a duty to kill myself when things are so bad for me in The USA. My family never estimated a good outcome since USA prefers to do business with Japanese gangsters. This has held true with the death of my brother and sister. I still do not feel that a suicide on American soil is meaningful. Though, life here is not meaningful either as I can only witness those around me & their attitudes. I do not expect my life to continue much longer in Hawaii and it is why I write this.

 The point was that regardless of my 2 born blood nationalities, I had to learn to live with the surrounding community. That meant attending the churches they attended and making some, minimal friends due to the heavy racism and hatred of Japanese people I experienced. I went to school in a small town, for the American school year in a town that had helped hide the Liberty Bell that is a United States icon.

United States Citizens do not identify citizenship by blood;- rather, they identify by land, because they are American and want more land in other countries.

United States Citizens do not have respect for people, like me, who are born with an American parent and on USA soil especially while living on land that was in the American family for 3 generations.
This is not about Hawaii, which is a special case due to higher rate of the Asian-descent minorities who are 3rd and 4th generation Americans.

So, Americans have little exposure to multiple religions in Church, public school, or in any religious or World Cultures class. The amount of misinformation is huge and stagnates because Americans are rewarded by laziness and being easily controlled. This is why many of the Hate crimes that occur go unreported (also due to racially and nationally biased police forces). The hate crimes only insure that the old Caucasian cultural norms are maintained in the USA. Aside from US businessmen and military members hiring hookers, prostitutes of varying levels of intimacy, and "saving money" by shopping in other nations;- there is not much to be liked about mainstream USA men and the women who uphold and enable them generation after generation. The Caucasian American women as I have learned, teach their children to harm other girls who are not Caucasian as a method of promoting Caucasian hate crimes. Legally, the Caucasian hate families loose less by having a child do this because 1. they are supported by the rest of the Caucasian majority community and 2. even if anyone chose to tell them its wrong, a delinquent child would have less of a sentence than the parent.

Modern America still thinks INTER-RACIAL people aren't appropriate role models.
I have met many inter-racial (IR) couples who have fled cities like Philadelphia and their smaller hometowns in various states due to mass culture enforcing hate crimes on IR families. Many IR couples flee to New York City. So, this tells me that there are additional issues within the African-American community. A community that I have minimal interaction with because they have constantly expressed to me that they don't see me,
a half-Japanese woman as an appropriate role model when I was a Piano instructor at a Conservatory. The other reason being they send very large black men at me towering over 6' to try and force me into prostitution in the USA. I have had some African-American friends whose presence has allowed me to have some protection from this.

Donald Trump is like a maddened Diva or Buddha of some sense. What I have seen of his speech and behavior is in part a representation of different USA domestic mindsets from many different levels. He has been outspoken. He is only one person;- of the millions who have different facets and mindsets that he has portrayed in various speeches.

Another issue, is that people act offended if I choose not to respond to them in public. Typically they start by asking questions that are too personal to me and have security issues attached to them. They ask where I'm from, where I live, what part of the Island;- all of which have resulted in a barrage of thefts over the 7 years in Oahu;- not including numerous issues of Caucasian people stealing everything down to my college textbooks, music on CD's, and anything I needed for daily use such as shampoo and makeup when I was attending Ithaca College for Music.

From my point of view, most USA caucasian men are rapists and the women are enablers. Because they have a high opinion of themselves they mentally shield themselves from the fact that I do not even have a friendship with them. At Ithaca College, I was asked to be a speaker for a women's event for survivors of sexual assault on campus. "Loving and Surviving" had many posters up with speaker and contributor names. At that point I had survived over 26 on campus mandatory dormitory sexual assaults that the private college effectively hid from outside police enforcement. The president JJ Whalen was known for slandering Japanese women as even Professor Miecowski and his Japanese wife filed a lawsuit against the President for slander at a professional event.    I was unable to retain an attorney because the attorneys viewed me as a worthless minority in their social sphere and still a Japanese and USA citizen at the time before the Patriot Act.
I was 17 when I entered college, and had to beg to have a new dormitory that was not Co-ed. I was sexually assaulted many times before I turned 18 at Ithaca College. I was dragged by my hair across the boys side floor, dragged by my feet sometimes. One of my assailants was from Hawaii and told me i look like the scum he grew up with so I deserve it. Sometimes, my older roommates would just let guys in the room when I was trying to sleep. I was failing my 1st semester on Academic probation and begged my father to let me leave by the 1st fall break at the College. I was supposed to be one of the top 3 students at the Music School.