Thursday, August 11, 2016

Spirituality; Thinking of Grain

If one approaches eating from a spiritual and/ or ethical point of view, eating grain, eating animals, and eating fruit & root crops are the top three contenders for spiritual reflection.

Most of modern civilization came into being from the incorporation of grain that was grown through agriculture. The pyramid building Egyptians initiated the circle of slavery enforce while they indulged themselves on breads and grain based foods more than any other previously known society.
The Olympians, had a diet of mineral drink (from ash), grains, and veggies too. The incorporation of grain into the human diet early on in human history is spiritually attached to the development and implementation of human slaves. This human slave mentality has evolved over thousands of years to include the manipulation of the grain to what we now call Genetically Modified (GMO), This recent manipulation of the grain causes health issues in worker slaves. Worker slaves are those we consider normal and not existing as the slaves referred to in brutal ancient Egypt. 

Attuning ourselves with foods that are not vibrating on this plane with millenniums of slave energy is possibly a way to steer clear of the spiritual manipulation of the human race. This is regardless of the particular qualities of God that one believes in. Like frequency with like frequency;- 
  • the spirituality of grain is seated in slave labor
  • to eat grain is to attract the frequency of slave labor to ones self
  • not eating grain is in exit to the mentality of being in the circle of slavery

Eating Grain-Fed Animals
As the Mystic Bruno Groening said, "you don't know what kind of souls animals have within them." It is not fair to the souls who inhabit animal bodies that humans employ them for human concerns.

From perspective of spiritual well being on the planet;- The number of slaves on earth has a set of fibonacci numbers that pervades all species and has grown like a cancer. It is similar to the collateral damage of the meat industry and the environmental atrocities that are attached. However, it is about the slave mindset that the human race has imposed on the planet and it is out of control. This isn't just a matter of it being immoral to kill another being, human or otherwise. This isn't about survival as in early paleolithic humans or Ghengas Khan's women hunters killing one wooly mammoth or an elephant to feed 900 people (a small army). 

Eating an animal, particularly one raised in captivity and fed with grain (GMO) as well as BGH and other particulars is the magnified embodiment of humanity's need to express control over another being while in the circle of slavery. It is not logically motivated to sustain life as we are seeing with the population growth of humans on the planet.  It is a spiritual sickness of cruelty that has enslaved many, many souls. The act of eating any modern meat is a spiritual Communion of Cruelty.

Eating Fruits & Rootcrops
In respect for the bodies of plants, and any souls their physical structures may contain, eating fruits and roots are the children and very life of those plants. They are frequently the most starchy or carbohydrate drenched foods when ripened to capacity. The fruit that falls to the ground has micro-organisms which grow and infuse the soil with their energy. These things are necessary for the groves to thrive. And, obviously taking the root of the plant in entirety;- such as a potato or sweet potato or the Taro is immediate death of the plant. This is a sensitive matter especially when the micro-organisms that fertilize the soil and interact on the microscopic level are deeply affected. It in fact effects the entire ecosystem and has a long term impact also affecting the aerial pollinators as well as other organisms living in the soil. It seems most humans have spiritually distanced themselves from dirt, soil, and earth itself as containing multiple instances of spiritual beings that exist as a spiritual community. This community of the Earth soil itself is networked well beyond human population numbers.