Monday, August 01, 2016

Semi-auto addicted Cops on Sunday Morning

3+ years of Police Harassment in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
For the handful of years I tried to stay with my parents after college graduation, I was harassed frequently by officers of the Richlandtown and Quakertown Police Department. This particulary worsened @ 2002-2005 when they would arrive and start shooting semi-automatic weapons on Sunday mornings in our family field. Later they would harass me pulling me over on the country roads. They also forced my parents to throw me out without most of my piano studio belongings, or clothes. I was also abducted 2x between 2002 and 2006. They threated to arrest me when I attempted to obtain records for court, they said I wasn't white, wasn't a land owner, and was a mongrel dog to them.
They did on occasion escort me to my parent's home, allow me to put some things into a storage unit which was broken into.